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Paul Babeu is an Arizona sheriff and Republican congressional candidate best known for hissupport for harsh immigration policies and a bizarre scandal involving his Mexican former boyfriend that eventually led to Babeu coming out of the closet as a gay man. Before Babeu became Pinal County Sheriff, however, he served as headmaster of a Massachusetts boarding school for troubled teens that was allegedly a hotbed of child abuse. And a newly unearthed video shows him admitting that the school used abusive tactics against students in his care.


• Republican Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu ran for Congress on an anti-illegal immigration platform, his Mexican lover outed him as a gay man and accused him of blackmail, Babeu had threatened to have him deported unless he signed a contract swearing him to secrecy.

Can Paul Babeu weather the storm?

From today’s Arena:

It’s been almost a week since congressional hopeful Sheriff Paul Babeu’s campaign was nearly derailed by a story annoucing that he is gay and that he threatened an ex-lover with deportation.

Now, supporters see the Pinal County, Ariz. sherrif’s House bid as a test of whether an openly gay Republican can win in a deeply conservative district. However, some experts say that Babeu’s sexual orientation and dating life could haunt him in the heavily conservative district where he is challenging freshman Rep. Paul Gosar, also a Republican.

Is Babeu’s House bid a sign that voters are becoming more accepting of openly gay candidates? Or will details about his ex-lover wound his campaign regardless of his sexual orientation?

The White House Sanctioned Invasion of America

The White House Sanctioned Invasion of America

They come up from Sasabe, AZ a little border town following the Gunsight wash of lowland that parallels Route 86 North. It’s called the “Cocaine Corridor” where thousands of drug traffickers use their “mules” (human drug smugglers) to move the illegal substance from Mexico deep into the states. Despite the efforts of US Customs agents and border patrol officers a huge volume of illicit drugs such…

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Romney's Ariz. co-chair resigns amid allegations he threatened to deport gay lover

Immigration hard-liner Paul Babeu is out as a Romney co-chairman, but denied allegations he tried to have an ex-gay lover deported. (Flickr: Gage Skidmore)

Channel: Politics

Pinal County (Ariz.) Sheriff Paul Babeu on Saturday abruptly stepped down as an Arizona co-chairman for Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign as he faces allegations that he threatened to deport a Mexican man who was his ex-lover.

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Sheriff Paul Babeu:
Is a Republican Congressional candidate.
Is associated with the Romney campaign.
Is said to have dated a Mexican immigrant.
Is accused of threatening to deport said immigrant.
Is anti-illegal immigration.
Is gay. 

Contradiction much?
I wonder what his stance on DOMA is…

So grossed out by reactions to the Paul Babeu scandal

If you don’t know, Babeu is the sheriff of Pinal County, AZ, originally from North Adams, MA (weirdly enough, Joe Arpaio is originally from Springfield, so apologies to the state of Arizona on behalf of Western Massachusetts); he’s also looking into running for Congress, I believe to fill Gabby Giffords’ seat.

This all has been threatened recently when the story broke that Babeu had threatened (oh, okay, allegedly threatened) a former lover with deportation to Mexico if the man revealed they’d been involved. So of course the big shocking scandal threatening to jeopardize his (and possibly Mitt Romney’s, since he had endorsed him) political career is that because of this he’s come out as gay. Because that’s the terrible part. Not the, you know, threatening to have someone deported part. Or the “appeared on a white supremacist radio show” part. Those are apparently totally fine.

I know that it’s not exactly shocking but really, what the fuck.
Fox News, The Preferred Anti-Immigrant Network For Anti-Immigrant Sheriff Paul Babeu

On Tuesday, in the first of three appearances on Fox in two days, Fox News’ Fox & Friends hosted Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu to promote his probable run for Congress. The Pinal County sheriff, a fervent supporter of Arizona’s controversial immigration law, announced Monday that he has formed an exploratory committee for a potential run in Arizona’s newly formed 4th Congressional District. It’s fitting that Fox would be the national news network to promote Babeu’s run, seeing as he is the network’s favorite Arizona sheriff.

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Indeed, a new study by Media Matters finds that Fox hosted Babeu at least 30 times within a 14-month span, including 18 times between April 22, 2010, and July 9, 2010. And it wasn’t only Babeu, an anti-immigrant activist with questionable ties who has been spreading fears that the Southern border is “out of control.” Our study found that of the guests chosen to discuss immigration issues, more than 60 percent took anti-immigrant positions or held anti-immigrant views. Anti-immigrant guests outnumbered those with a pro-immigrant point of view by a whopping 3-to-1 margin, according to our data.

Babeu, who has risen to prominence thanks to Fox News, his hard-line stance against illegal immigration, and his zealous opposition to the Obama administration, reportedly stated on Monday:

“Arizona is ground zero in the fight against drug and human smuggling. … Rather than secure our border and enforce the law, what did we see from our Federal government? Signs in my county warning Americans to stay away, because the cartels were in control; a lawsuit against the people of Arizona; a declaration that the border is more secure than ever. Meanwhile, 400,000 people unlawfully enter our state every year, tens of thousands with criminal records, some from nations that sponsor terrorism.”

On Fox & Friends, Babeu claimed that “I know a little bit more about border security and what it takes to secure that border than Janet Napolitano.” Responding to criticism from the Arizona Democratic Party, which stated that “[i]t looks like Paul Babeu hopes to spend even less time as sheriff and even more time on TV than he already does,” Babeu said:

BABEU: Well, I don’t think they like Fox News. But we love Fox News. We’re going to continue to watch and be great fans of yours out here in Arizona. We’re standing up for not just the rule of law but for America. And I’m an unabashed patriot. I believe in American exceptionalism, and it’s about time we have leaders in America that say that – that we’re proud of our country, we’re gonna put America first.

We’ve got soldiers all over the world, from Germany, Japan, 28,000 soldiers in Korea, protecting, guarding, defending their border. Why don’t we protect and guard and defend our border for once?

Steve Doocy replied: “No kidding.” This is, of course, the oft-repeated Fox myth that the Obama administration hasn’t increased border security.

Fox seems to love Babeu as ardently as Babeu loves Fox. This month alone, Babeu has been on Fox at least once every week – four times on Fox News and four on Fox Business.

In an appearance last week on Fox Business, on Eric Bolling’s Follow the Money, Babeu accused Attorney General Eric Holder of lying about Operation Fast and Furious, a failed ATF initiative currently under review by the Justice Department’s Inspector General and by the Oversight Committee.

Babeu was on Fox twice on Tuesday, on Fox & Friends, and again on Bolling’s Fox Business show, and once on Wednesday, on Fox News’ America Live. During his appearance on Fox Business, Bolling gushed: “So you’re looking at an exploratory committee. Listen, I’ll be your committee. You’re right for the job. I say go for it.” Bolling continued: “I listened to that interview this morning on Fox & Friends and you had some really cogent ideas for the economy.”

Bolling then invited Babeu to repeat his campaign ideas on air while images from his campaign website flashed on screen. Predictably, footage of what appeared to be border crossers clambering over fences and being arrested by border patrol was also shown.

On Wednesday’s America Live, Fox was kind enough to air an excerpt from Babeu’s video announcing his exploratory committee. In the video, Babeu says: “Everyone needs to get up on their feet and fight for our republic.” During his America Live interview, Babeu again slammed the Obama administration because it supposedly “doesn’t want” to enforce immigration law. He went on to repeat the right-wing talking point that with new deportation orders, Obama “has undermined the rule of law.”

Babeu also reiterated his love for Fox, saying, “I am” a “fan” of Fox News.

Fox has given Babeu its own stamp of approval, crowning him “America’s Sheriff.”

If you’ll recall, Babeu is the same sheriff who appeared on a “pro-white” radio station, then tried to disavow the station’s ideology. The radio station later countered that it “made specifically clear” to Babeu “the nature of our paleoconservative radio program.” Babeu has also appeared on conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’ radio show.

Babeu also spoke and was honored at the Federation for American Immigration Reform’s (FAIR) Hold Their Feet to the Fire gathering earlier this year. FAIR is, of course, the noted anti-immigrant “hate group,” which is part of John Tanton’s controversial network. A few weeks ago, he was invited to speak again by FAIR, this time at its national advisory board meeting. During the talk, Babeu ridiculed the Obama administration’s claim that “the border is more secure than ever,” which, as it happens, is the truth.

But Babeu has repeatedly spread fears about the Southern border, saying it is “out of control” [LOOKS LIKE ARPAIO SAID THIS] and suggesting there is “quite a direct link” between “the unsecured border with Mexico” and the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. Several Arizona mayors were so fed up with Babeu that they wrote a letter admonishing him for his claims. They wrote:

As Mayors of border communities from Arizona, we would appreciate it if you would not cultivate a culture of fear in our state and start being accurate about border security. While your misstatements about efforts to keep communities along the U.S.-Mexico border may keep national media coming to Arizona, your consistent inaccuracies also hurt cities and towns like ours by causing those who live and travel to the border to fear for their safety when in our communities.


We know and understand that there is more work to do. We have seen significant progress being made every day. We trust that the federal government will continue to strengthen the ways it protects our citizens from the violence we see in Mexico.

What our communities do need, is for Sheriffs like you to focus on building strong relationships and partnerships with local, state and federal governments and law enforcement agencies to help the efforts on strengthening security on our border.

We say as one voice, “Creating panic where only vigilance is warranted helps nobody.”

But those claims, “frequently” built on “slippery figures based on extrapolations of descriptions by federal agencies,” have only seemed to help his cause. In a May 2010 article, the Arizona Daily Star described Babeu as “a politician turned sheriff” and reported that Babeu’s goal has always been higher office. From the Daily Star:

Babeu considers himself qualified to speak on border issues due to his position as sheriff in a smuggling corridor and his leadership in the Arizona Army National Guard during Operation Jump Start, which sent National Guard troops to the Southwest border in support of the Border Patrol.

In 2006-2007, Babeu spent 17 months as commander of Task Force Yuma supervising 700 soldiers, and the unit was credited with major reductions in illegal crossings.

Babeu knows, he said, “how to secure this border here. I’ve seen it work. I’ve been a part of helping make it work.”

He advised [Sen. John] McCain and [Sen. Jon] Kyl on their 10-step border security plan and took some credit for McCain’s hardened border stance.

“I’ve worked to convince him (McCain) that this is the way to go. To his great credit, he has seen that and shown great leadership,” Babeu said last week.

But to some, including longtime Arizona law enforcement officials, Babeu is a pretender. Many officers question how 3 ½ years spent patrolling Chandler’s streets, plus a border deployment, qualify him as a national expert on border security, said Bill Richardson, a retired Mesa police officer who also worked for 10 years on a Drug Enforcement Administration task force in Pima, Pinal and other counties.

“It would be like a college freshman pre-med student who’s had one anatomy class telling a veteran pathologist how to do an autopsy,” said Richardson, who has followed Babeu closely since 2008.

Smuggling has long occurred in western Pinal County, but Babeu’s claims of soaring violence have more to do with his own political aspirations than reality, Richardson said.

“What he’s very skillfully doing, much like (Joe) Arpaio and (State Sen. Russell) Pearce, is he’s creating fear or fanning the flames of fear, that the undocumented are the root cause of crime in Arizona,” Richardson said. “In fact, they are not.”

Figures from the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office show major crimes in the county have either decreased or remained steady over the past three years. However, Babeu and Lt. Tamatha Villar said the information for this year is preliminary and does not provide a complete picture of crimes – such as bodies found in suspicious circumstances – likely linked to the border.

“I’m not making these things up,” Babeu said. “There is more than enough stuff that’s going on here, and the threat is real.”


However Babeu’s performance is judged, many people think his time as sheriff will be short because he will run for higher office. Ever the politician, Babeu said, “My goal is to serve an entire four-year term here and run for re-election in 2012. I love being the sheriff.”

Babeu does damage control over gay lover allegations, but questions still remain

Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu, an immigration policy hardliner, dealt with the issue differently in his personal life. (Flickr: Gage Skidmore)

Channel: Politics

Last week, Pinal County (Ariz.) Sheriff Paul Babeu was riding high: a state co-chairman for Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign, he was also a favorite to win a seat in Congress as a Republican.

But all of that changed this weekend, when explosive allegations came out that the immigration hardliner threatened to have a former gay lover – a Mexican immigrant who doubled as a campaign volunteer – deported after their relationship fell apart.

Babeu stepped down from his position on the Romney campaign, but he continued to face pressure from friends and foes alike. Maricopa County (Ariz.) Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a fellow immigration hawk, distanced himself from Babeu. One Latino group pressured the Justice Department to open an investigation of the sheriff for abuse of power and a Latino Republican group called on him to drop out of his congressional race.

But Babeu has remained defiant. He has denied the allegations made by his ex-lover, a man named “Jose” (other than the fact he is gay and they had a relationship). He went on the offensive on Monday, appearing on CNN to accuse his political opponents of planting the story. And he’s made it abundantly clear he’s not dropping out of the congressional race. He even went as far as to endorse same-sex marriage, even though he’s running in a very conservative district.

While Babeu’s sexual orientation has understandably grabbed the headlines (there are no openly gay GOP members of Congress), the sheriff has yet to square his beliefs on immigration policy with his personal conduct.

Immigration enforcement, not gay rights, has been the defining issue of Babeu’s political career. He is a staunch supporter of his state’s SB 1070 immigration crackdown law, which requires law enforcement officials to verify an individual’s immigration status during a lawful stop or arrest if it is suspected the person is in the U.S. illegally.

On CNN, the sheriff accused “Jose,” who has not revealed his identity for fear of reprisals, of committing “several crimes … against me and my campaign,” alleging he engaged in identity theft by hacking websites and social media tools associated with his congressional campaign.

But Babeu never filed charges against “Jose” and he never asked about his immigration status because he assumed he was in the country legally, something that “Jose” also says is true.

“One, he’s legal. He has said that. I have said that. And then, in addition, this whole thing about deportation, we all know I don’t have deportation authority. I have the authority to arrest,” Babeu said.

It’s true that Babeu cannot deport anyone unilaterally. But under 1070, he would have the authority to arrest and check “Jose’s” immigration status, which could have initiated immigration proceedings at the federal level if it turned out he was in the country illegally.

And as CNN reported, there appear to be some questions about “Jose’s” immigration status. The network’s Miguel Marquez reported that he is in the U.S. legally on a ten-year, multiple-entry tourist visa and was also running a business.

“But it doesn’t add up,” said Marquez. “Immigration experts say you can’t come and go for months at a time on a tourist visa and you can only run a business in a very limited way.”

Babeu’s own attorney allegedly had suspicions about the immigration status of “Jose,” whose attorney told CNN that Babeu’s lawyer accused the former volunteer of being in the U.S. illegally on an expired student visa.

Marquez noted that even though “Jose” did not produce a passport for CNN, he would likely not be talking to a television network if he was not in the country legally.

“He may be legal now, but the big question here is whether he was legal all the way along?” said Marquez.

The saga has also presented a serious question for Babeu: how could a politician who believes in staunch immigration enforcement be so casual about the issue in his personal life?

What, if anything, does it say about the viability of Arizona’s immigration law?

Though Babeu and “Jose” are looking to put the incident behind them, there are still more questions that need to be answered.


Why??? Why champion a party that essentially hates you? Let’s, for a moment, put aside the fact that the GOP pursues horrendous, inhumane, and patently unjust policies.  

Each of these people strongly advocate for a party that openly hates and discriminates against women, lgbt, marriage equality, immigrants, and black people/minorities. However, as you can see, they are women, lgbt, black, or immigrants (or children thereof) themselves.

I just don’t get it. It shouldn’t vex me so much, and yet…
Local Sheriff, Paul Babeu, threatens to deport gay lover

We have a sheriff problem here in Arizona. Everybody knows Maricopa county sheriff Joe Arpaio….America’s toughest sheriff. A media whore like no other who has cashed in on the hatred so many of our fine citizens have for the brown people.
Lesser know (you might recall him as the sheriff in John McCain’s “build the dang fence” ads), but nearly as whorish,  is Paul Babieu.

Babeu makes regular appearances on Fox “News”. In a Media Matters story his pandering is well documented.

Well, it seems that America’s second toughest sheriff has a little problem.
It’s now being reported that he has threatened a man with deportation if he goes public with their relationship.  He is using his power as sheriff to threaten his lover, in other words. It is a story breaking in The New Times and, considering he was the leading candidate in the newly created Arizona congressional district, this will have major electoral ramifications here in Arizona.
The story has the added wrinkle of being able to print some messages back and forth between the two men.

Jose shared text messages between him and Babeu with New Times. A September 4, 2011, text from the sheriff reads: “You can never have business after this and you will harm me and many others in the process … including yourself & your family.”

A couple of minutes later, Babeu followed with: “And you say you have loved me? Papi … this is no good.”

Jose responded: “Good threats. Wont work. Im already hurt me … and you didn’t care.”

They exchanged more texts on September 6.

Jose: “Dont threat me. Thats illegal. Im just speaking … true.”

Babeu: “You have crossed the line. Better get an attorney. You brother will also be contacted.”

The following day, on September 7, DeRose sent an e-mail directly to Jose ordering him to “cease and desist.”

Paul for Congress is the good sheriff’s website. It will be interesting to see the site traffic over the next few days.

Wingnut hypocrisy at its best.

h/t: truthhurtsaz at Daily Kos

Finally - after his texting pics to other men and posting them on gay websites became public, Babeu comes out, but denies allegations

Arizona GOP congressional candidate Paul Babeu acknowledged Saturday he is gay but forcefully denied charges he threatened an ex-lover with deportation after their relationship soured.

“All of the allegations are false except one, I am gay,” Babeu said.

The nationally renown Pinal County Sheriff called a news conference to address the explosive story by The Phoenix New Times that he pressured a man only identified as “Jose” into signing an agreement to conceal their relationship or face deportation. The piece, posted late Friday, also includes text messages Babeu exchanged with the man and pictures he posted on online gay websites.
GOP Candidate Outed, Accused of Threatening to Deport Ex-boyfriend

External image

Accused of threatening to deport his ex-boyfriend if he wouldn’t keep silent about their relationship, Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu, who is a Republican candidate for Congress in Arizona, has quit his post with the Mitt Romney campaign today.

The Arizona Republic reports that Babeu, who is infamous for his tough stance on illegal immigration, had volunteered as co-chairman of Romney’s presidential campaign in the state. But that’s all over now, “so he can focus on the allegations against him,” a Romney spokesman told the newspaper.

The truth always comes to light… and apparently, so does his underwear. Hell hath no fury like an ex-boyfriend scorned.

OK, I know this guy is a total douche, but he’s also kind of hot. #Don'tJudgeMe #YouWereThinkingItToo
Neo-Nazi Who Advocated Border Landmines Launches Run For Sheriff in Arizona | TPMMuckraker

Two years ago, he was calling for landmines to be used to stop immigrants from illegally crossing into the US from Mexico. Now, a well known Arizona neo-Nazi wants to be in charge of law enforcement in a vast swath of desert south of Phoenix.

JT Ready filed notice with elections officials in Pinal County, Ariz. last week, saying he is exploring a run for sheriff and plans to collect signatures to get on the 2012 ballot. The office is currently held by rising Republican star Paul Babeu, one of the nation’s leading border hawks. Babeu is leaving the job to run for Congress this year.

“The citizens of Pinal County are under constant threat of encountering the horrific reality of terrible violence associated with illegal immigration,” Ready wrote on his campaign website. “JT is, unquestionably, the common sense choice for sheriff when the public needs safety and security now more than ever.”

Ready is a longtime Republican and onetime precinct leader in the Arizona GOP. But elections records show he switched parties Jan. 13 and plans to run as a Democrat.

He told TPM on Monday that he respects the Democratic Party’s history, saying it was the party that brought about Jim Crow laws and Alabama’s segregationist Gov. George Wallace. He said he also has a problem with tough-talking Republican sheriffs like Joe Arpaio and Babeu.

“All these, quote, border hero sheriffs — they sit there blaming the president while they’re not doing everything they can do,” Ready said.

Ready said he’s no longer a member of the National Socialist Movement, the nationwide neo-Nazi organization he belonged to for years, but he could not remember exactly when he resigned his membership. He also said he can’t stand the term neo-Nazi, calling it “the other N-word,” and insisted he is seeking diverse support for his campaign.

However, Ready’s racist views remain on full display on his campaign Facebook page, showing his ideology hasn’t changed even if his membership status in the NSM has.

The page is sprinkled with quotes from Wallace. He also posted a photo of himself standing under a street sign that displayed the name of Malcolm X. Below the photo, he wrote that one of his priorities in office would be to get a street named after George Lincoln Rockwell, the founder of the the American Nazi Party.

External image

As the Phoenix New Times noted when it first reported on his candidacy last week, Ready also lists his campaign chairman as Harry Hughes, a longtime friend and documented member of the National Socialist Movement. Ready told TPM he is now living with Hughes in the Pinal County town of Maricopa.

“What Harry has is a big piece of property that we have turned into a compound,” Ready said, noting that they’ve surrounded it with sand bags and barbed wire. However, he added: “It’s not a militia or anything like that.”

Ready has been on the fringe of Arizona politics since at least 2006, when he came in second place in an election for city council in the Phoenix suburb of Mesa. And before he made his racist beliefs public, he was also a mentor of former state Senate President Russell Pearce, the primary sponsor of Arizona’s harsh immigration law in 2010. Pearce has since distanced himself from Ready.

In early 2010, Ready attended a Tea Party rally that Pearce and Arpaio both spoke at. He mingled in the crowd and passed out fliers for the National Socialist Movement that called for landmines to be placed along the US-Mexico border.

“We all should be actively advocating daily to mainstream America the most humane, non-racist, fair border security plan available,” the fliers said. “Namely, A MINEFIELD!”

A few weeks later, Ready announced he would lead an armed group of volunteers on missions to catch what he described as “narco terrorists” in the Pinal County desert, about 100 miles north of the border.

h/t: Nick R. Martin at TPM