paul abrahamian

Big Brother exposed video created by yours truly. Spread it everywhere and tag everyone. Allison Grodner & Co. tend to think they’re slick but they’re not slick enough. Without us giving them ratings and paying $6 a month to watch the feeds, there is no Big Brother. If they’re not going to keep it clean and unbiased, we’re not going to fight clean neither.

paul: broke janelle & dani’s record for most pov wins in a season

paul: broke janelle & james’ record for most days in the BB house

paul: will most likely tie with janelle, vanessa, rachel, and others for most hoh wins in a season

paul: will most likely tie with janelle for most competition wins in a season

paul: made it the whole season without being nominated like danielle, jason, and derrick

paul: will most likely be the first houseguest ever to never be nominated if you include final 3 hoh

paul: will most likely tie with dan gheesling for being the most successful two-time big brother player

paul: isn’t actually a good player, had this whole season handed to him by dumb players and production, doesn’t deserve to have his name next to these legends

You know what’s HILARIOUS about Josh’s “Being in the business industry, one of the biggest tips I learned is-” answer to cody’s question??? Paul is in the business industry as well and he didn’t even THINK to use his knowledge of customer service and partnership to manage jury correctly. Looks like we know who the superior business man destined for longevity is

THR: You had a huge following last season. Do you think you have that same support?
Paul:  I was painted as the villain.
THR: Painted as the villain, or were you the villain? 
Paul: I wasn’t the villain. I just came back to play a game. I don’t know what you guys expected me to do. Did you want me to come back as the only vet and just hold hands with everybody? In order to beat them, I had to beat them. I came here to play a game. My fans would be more upset with me if I threw away my game than play the way I did. To all the alumni talking shit, I highly suggest you go on a season being the only vet. I’m pretty sure almost all of you who are talking shit have never made it to the final two. Check the stats, bro! (Laughs.) I don’t know why they don’t like me, but I don’t really care.