• What she says:I'm fine.
  • What she's thinking:Okay, so there's Paul and Ringo left, but why aren't all of them here? Why did John and George have to go? Anyway, I get that Paul has done more musically since The Beatles broke up, but everyone pushes Ringo to the side and dismisses him because he was the drummer. Have they even heard some of Ringo's solo work... And let us not forget his narration skills for a kids' show. I mean, his narration was gold. Also, Ringo is basically Dhani's uncle and that it adorable. Like the time when he went to go and teach Dhani the drums and Dhani got scared because the drums were so loud. Side note, we haven't seen Ringo's eyes in forever and he spreads peace, love and positivity everywhere he goes. His selfies are so precious. So yeah, Ringo has done stuff too! Also Paul is so adorable and talented, I love him. I love all of them to be honest.