paul zaloom

While I’m glad for all the Bill Nye love… It hurts me a bit that there’s no Beakman love.

Like… everybody loves the Magic School Bus and Bill Nye and Mr. Wizard and all that… but nobody loves Beakman…

Granted, I think it’s mostly because he did simple science stuff for kids, not the heavier stuff that Bill Nye dealt with… but you know, it was a good gateway, I think…

After finding out here that Bill Nye the Science Guy is on Netflix, I started to wonder if the other great early-90s Saturday Morning science show Beakman’s World was as well.

Sadly it isn’t, but it did get me on a wiki-binge about the series and that’s when I read this about Paul Zaloom - the comedian who plays Beakman:

His personal politics are liberal; he has referred to Elizabeth Dole and Margaret Thatcher as “right-wing nutjobs”. He has also been a fierce critic of U.S. foreign policy since the early 1980s, having helped to lead a disarmament march during the Cold War.

So that’s why my generation is so weird - our education influences such Bill Nye and Beakman were liberals who obviously slipped in their propaganda to warp our young minds.

I can’t thank them enough for that.