paul x frannie

What connects Paul to Frannie, asides the universe and everything in it!!!
  • Paul: Just give me a minute Frannie, please. Our first date when we went to see Dirty Dancing and I wanted to hold your hand but couldn’t because mine was sweating so much. Our first car that never started. Our first home in Cross street with the bath in the kitchen. Our babies being born. How amazing you were and how useless I was. Our first holiday all together. That awful night in Manchester. How you held me for days when my dad died and how I hope I looked after you when your mum went. We’ve always made each other laugh more than anyone else can. How much I love you. How much I’ll always love you. We’ve still got those things, haven’t we? They're parts of us that always will be and it is thinking about them that get me through. But you’re right; I can’t freeze time and why would I want too. How much have we changed over the years, hey? Practically grown up together. I don’t want you to stop growing. I’m just... I’m shit scared of losing you Frannie. I’m a selfish prick and I’m sorry. Frannie?”
  • Frannie: I’m here
  • Paul: I wanted to say if you give us another chance then things will be different but I’d rather just prove it. And if I don’t get that chance then that’s alright as well. Honest. It’s up to you.