paul x charlie


Hope I remembered your favorite couple from 2016 ;)

I can’t wait for the Paul Briggs’ fall out. Don’t get me wrong. I love him, he’s intriguing, fascinating and so complex. But it’s because I really care about him that I need him to stop being so selfish. People need to know what he did and what he keeps doing for so many reasons:

- because of the angst. I love angst. It will give more heartache, more pain, more tears, more feels and everything that will make me mad and cry at the same time.

- because he’s acting like a coward. Charlie is bearing the guilt of Juan’s death when he’s the one who killed him. He’s also part of the reason why Whistler died and Charlie shot herself almost making her lose her job in the process. He has every right to be scared because she will kill him. That’s a fact. She will hate him. That’s also a fact. But sometimes people don’t realize that as much as you seem to be angry at somebody, you’re mostly hurting inside. I’d rather have him hurt her by telling her the truth than letting her feel guilty for something she didn’t do

- because Paul needs a reality check (just like Mike btw). You can have a double life because you are an undercover agent. And I get it: Your lies are your life. But he’s taking it on another level! There’s a problem when you live a triple life… Something is not right. I understand he’s trying to help Juan’s widow but I think that he’s making things worse. That’s one more person he’s lying to. And I hope he won’t find himself getting caught up into it but it may happen!

- because we just need him to fall hard period. It’s called character’s development. I don’t think he will ever be able to do worse than this. It can only help him to do better. He thinks he’s doing better but he keeps lying and having secrets… he can’t move on.

Jakes told him something that sounded cruel but was true. He asked him if he was going to kill and bury Charlie because she was still looking into the Juan Badillo’s case. In my opinion, it was a way to tell Briggs that in order to cover his lies he was taking the risk to go too far. This needs to stop or he will get to the point of no return and hurt the peope he cares about even more. You can’t play people for so long. It will come back to you. I really liked that line even if it was brutal. Jakes kept it real with him.

So I’m really here for this. I just want what’s best for everyone and I believe this is what’s best for him.