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Josh and Cher in Clueless

Oh my god! I love Josh. I’m majorly, totally butt-crazy in love with Josh. But now I don’t know how to act around him. I mean, ordinarily I would strut around in my cutest little outfits and send myself flowers and candy, but I couldn’t do that stuff with Josh.

  • Bobby: "Why did you guys post that video of me man? I mean it didn't make me feel good. It was mean. You guys are mean."
  • Leslie: "Well we used your own ad so I don't think it was mean."
  • Bobby: "All right, let me lay it out for you, my friends keep sending me links to that video and they just make fun of me...just stop running, okay...just stop."
  • Leslie: "Stop running the ad?
  • Bobby: "No stop running the campaign."
  • Leslie: "What?"
  • Bobby: "Just quit. It would be so cool of you if you just quit. Then I can win the election and I'll have a big party and I'll put you both on the guest list, plus one. Plus I'm going to have a guy who does magic, not cheesy magic, really good magic."
  • Leslie: "We're not going to quit the campaign. Why would we do that?"
  • Bobby: "Because I want it. C'mon gimme it. Gimme it. Gimme it. C'mon gimme it. Just give me the election. I'm sorry. Please. Please."
  • Ben: "Well he does make a compelling argument."

I mean what?


And it´s makes any sense cuz he kiddnaped her brothers but then he realized she is a strong independet woman that need no men and he likes that and he wants to protecte her from the bastard (I totally love my Arthur and I mean Merlin’s one) and she smiled at him so he just smiled back but in a shy way and he said “My queen”.

So i am totally blaming Ouat for this. 

I am blaming ouat for me, scrolling my tumblr like a crazy lil bastard cuz I need more merintosh fics cuz I don’t even now if he is returning to the show. 

why i ship them? I don’t even know but this is totally me:

and this: (Even knowing what Amy Manson said about Merida’s love life)

What happend to me? Is my mind searching for relief because all the captain swan pain? I don’t even know.

But Merida look at me you little red devil, did you just look at this bloody bastard? 

I know you did

Legion of Leia: I’d love to know what you envision as Merida‘s happy ending.

Amy Manson: That’s a good question! Yes, Merida‘s happy ending – well, I guess, the thing is, it’s always about others with Merida. It’s about how to follow in her father’s footsteps. And she’s got the crown now, but it’s not about having the crown on her head. It’s about looking out for her people and her land. But I guess that’s a big tick off her list. I guess now it would be to find a partner. That would be great. There was something in the last scene between her and Macintosh, that nod. That respect, I guess. The respect that he gives to her in that final scene. That nod to say I respect you as a woman and you clearly can do this. I take my hat off to you and I’m sorry that I didn’t believe you initially. And I think that’s all Merida needs. I don’t think she’s a character to hold grudges. She just says it as it is, gets out and deals with it. That’s her spirit and what I love about her. So yeah, I guess having a partner.

—  Legion of Leia

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