paul with george


Ok, so I’m gonna do the ask about group names that I’ve reblogged a while ago. This time requested by @apvxoxo (go check the site, good stuff in there) with The Beatles.

1. Song I like the most.

As I said with The Who and The Stones… when you like a band too much it’s impossible to pick a single song from them… BUT, I’m gonna say just “Helter Skelter” ‘cause that was the one that impacted me the most. It’s really good, you can feel the roots of metal music there, in 1968. I think that song was ahead of its time.

2. Album cover I like the most.

I know, they’re just dork doing stupid poses. That’s why I like it. Any beatlemaniac can distinguish The Beatles just with their silhouette of “Help!”. It’s iconic in its own stupidity.

3. Song that makes me wanna dance.

“Hey Jude”… I mean… it’s not really a danceable song but I get emotional while singing it so I end up raising my hands in the air and weird stuff like that so…

4. Song that made me cry.

“Here Comes The Sun”, ‘cause George Harrison was a beautiful soul that should have been protected at all costs and I think he had a special sensibility to write music. This was released just a year before they broke up… and that’s sad. I also remember a lot of bad things and personal struggles with it… So yeah, it made me cry once at least.

5. Member I feel the closest connection with.

I guess George, ‘cause he was like the quiet one who didn’t seem to need attention. But with silences there’re people who say more than thousands of fools talking.

6. Hottest/most beautiful member.

7. Most entertaining member.

8. Merchandise I own.

I have a cute wallet that I bought in London, with their faces of “A Hard Day’s Night” album cover (unfortunately I don’t have it where I’m living now so I can’t post a pic)… and of course I’m planning on go buying their discography on vinyl (little by little due to my moneyless ass).

9. If I had seen them live and where.

Yeah, I’ve seen them in my dreams. All of them together, alive and young again. *proceeds to cry in a corner*

10. Memories involving the band.

- Despised Yoko Ono a little.

- Ask for more recognition with Ringo.

- Losing faith in humanity with the “Faul Theory”.

- Mclennon.

- Cry over George.

- Cry over John.

- Cry again ‘cause I’m in the Classic Rock Fandom so that’s our thing.