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Anger - Ethan Dolan

Request: OMG! Welcome back! Can I please have an ethan dolan imagine were he’s super jealous and it causes a heated arugment making u storm out and just gray having to calm him down pls xxxxxxxx

Word count: 461

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Thank you! I’ll be staying for good now ;) x

“Ugh, you are so infuriating Dolan!” I shout, turning away from him. He takes quicks steps towards me and grabs my arm, turning me around to face him.

“He was practically undressing you with his eyes!” he yells back, the veins in his neck popping out.

“That doesn’t mean you can hit him! You punched him, you could have seriously hurt him!”

“I told him to back off, I was just protecting what’s mine!” Ethan yells, backing me up into a wall.

“I’m not a piece of property, you don’t own me.” I growl, as he closes the space between us. Ethan’s breathing is heavy, he’s face is red with anger and his hair is messy from the amount of times he’s pulled it. Now, this would be a beautiful sight if I wasn’t so mad with the kid.

“I’m not dealing with your jealousy right now.” I say, climbing out of his grip and making my way towards the kitchen.

“And I’m not dealing with you wanting to fuck other guys!” he shouts loudly, causing Grayson to walk out to make sure everything’s okay.

“You okay y/n?” He questions, worry lacing his tone.

“Fuck off Grayson,” Ethan growls, “this doesn’t involve you.”

“I’m fine, thank you Grayson, I was just going.” I say, greasing Ethan off.

“Hell fucking no you aren’t.” Ethan protests causing me to let out a laugh.

“Like I said Dolan.” I pick up my bag from the floor. “You don’t own me, you can’t tell me what to do.” I make my way towards the front door, Ethan hot on my heels.

“y/n!” He shouts, “don’t just leave! We’ll take about it.” Grayson pulls Ethan back before he can grab my arm which doesn’t please Ethan at all.

“Get the fuck off me Grayson!” he yells, turning around and getting in his twins face.

“Just let her go, let her cool off.” I smile at Grayson and slam the door before Ethan could turn around.

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Graysons POV:

Before Ethan can try and convince y/n to stay, she leaves. He lets out an inhuman growl and throws a punch at the wall.

“Ethan!” I scold him. But it doesn’t stop him, he continues to throw punch after punch. I pull him away and notice the blood trickling down his knuckles.

“I can’t help but get jealous because I get so worried about losing her to someone else.” He says, breathing heavily. “You need to cool down, let her relax too.” Ethan starts pacing back and forth in the room. “She’ll come back, and if she isn’t back within the hour we’ll go looking for her and your dumbass can apologise for being a dick.” Ethan lets out a small laugh.

“Anything to get her beautiful ass back.”

Soooo first imagine back and sorry if it’s not how you wanted it or not very good I haven’t written in over a year ahahah x

He stole our hearts just like he stole his idea😭😭😂😂😂 sad but true

( plus nash broke that plate just like he broke our hearts with that mean vine but it’s all good I guess)

Here are a few of my children. Drawn very badly, poorly and messily. I’m sorry my children. They are all the main characters of their own stories.

I’ll probably change their outfits as time passes and I have a better idea on what to put them in, but I think they are fine now.

If you want to know more about them, please feel to ask.

I’ve also realised I’ve misspelled one of their last names.

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I am watching John Adams on Amazon. David Morse looks so much like portraits of George it's amazing.

Whoever was in charge of putting together the cast for HBO’s John Adams miniseries deserves a ton of credit. When I read about the Founding Fathers, I see the actors who played them in John Adams. It was perfect casting, beginning with John (Paul Giamatti) and Abigail (Laura Linney), but I absolutely loved Tom Wilkinson as Benjamin Franklin, Stephen Dillane as Thomas Jefferson (he stole almost every scene he was in), and definitely David Morse as George Washington. Morse has always been one of my favorite actors anyway and the makeup job was so good that he was a dead-ringer for Washington, but what really set things apart was the fact that Morse’s Washington carried himself in the way that we believe Washington carried himself. I would gladly donate to a Kickstarter for a biopic of Washington with Morse reprising his role. The same thing goes for Dillane’s Jefferson. 

Fantastic series. Perfect casting. Awesome acting. And HBO stuck about as close to the facts as you’ll find in a biopic or historical drama. If it was a History Channel production, they would have cast some 25-year-old dude that looks like Orlando Bloom in the role of John Adams in his 50s, and Thomas Jefferson would have been doing Jackie Chan-level martial arts moves in totally fictional fight scenes.


TODAY IN THEATRE HISTORY: In 1987, Jean Valjean begins his years of hiding from Javert as Les Misérables opens on Broadway. Alain Boublil and Claude-Michel Schonberg based their book on the novel by Victor Hugo. Music is provided by Schonberg and lyrics by Herbert Kretzmer. Trevor Nunn stages. Colm Wilkinson and Terrence Mann star as the arch enemies. It will run for 6,680 performances, and for a time become the second longest running show in Broadway history.

For more on the original Broadway production of Les Misérables, including additional Playbill covers and a look inside the opening night Playbill, visit