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Helena Bertinelli/Huntress

Lucius Fox
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Maggie Sawyer
Holly Robinson
Harvey Bullock
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Vicki Vale
Talia al-Ghul
Leslie Thompkins
and anyone I may have missed!

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anon; Can i have one where frat boy jack falls for nerdy you and makes everyone in the school know how much he likes u?

You paced down the corridor of your huge college. You were racing to get back to your dorm room to get some kind of sleep. Staying up last night to study was definitely not a very bright idea on your part. Your neck craned to the side slightly as you heard your name being called in the distance.

“Y/N wait!” You turned around to where the yelling was coming from and saw a boy in a red snapback and blue flannel running in your direction. Jack Gilinsky? You recognized him instantly. He was apart of a huge frat house. they kept you up most nights with their loud music and drunken students coming back in the middle of the night. “You forgot this,” Jack said as he finally reached you. He handed you your physcology book which you were thankful for. You hadn’t even noticed you had forgot it in class. you didn’t even notice Jack was in that class. He smirked at you as you took it from his hand and added it to the many books in your arms. 

“Thank you,” you smiled slightly before turning on your heels and walking away. “Hey wait!” Jack caught up to your fast pace and you looked at him questionably. “What is it?” You asked and rose an eyebrow to the taller boy. “Um, well there’s a party tonight and I was wondering if you wanted to come, as my date?” He smirked down at you as you stopped walking and stared at him through your eyelashes. 

“You’re joking right?” You huffed. Why would he want to take out the smartest girl in college to a frat party? Is he out of his mind?! His smirk soon vanished as he recalled what he said, “…well no.” 

“What makes you think I would want to go on a date with you? And even if I did want to go on a date with you why the hell would it be at some frat party where young adults grind on each other and make out while drinking and myabe even smoking illegal substance. What the fuck is wrong with you?” You spat at him, many people started listening in as your voice rose in anger. When he didn’t say anything you just rolled your eyes and started walking back to the direction of your dorm room. What an asshole of him to think that you’d actually consider going to a scandalous party with him. 


“Hey Y/N, someone’s at the door for you.” It was the day after you had yelled at Jack and you still couldn’t get him out of your mind. Did he really want to go on a date with you? Or just get in your pants? You looked up from where you sat on your bed and closed your laptop when you saw him walk in. “I’ll just leave you two,” your roommate grabbed her purse before shuffling out of the room and shutting the door behind her.

“What now? How did you know this is my dorm room?” You stood up from the bed and walked towards him as he smiled at you. “I know a lot about you, I can tell you all about how I know about you if you come on a date with me, tonight,” he smirked. 

“I already told you I’m not going to some stupid frat party, now leave!” You tried to push him towards the door, but your hand just stayed put on his muscled chest as he grabbed onto it and left it there. “I’m taking you out to eat, wear something nice. I’m not taking no for an answer Y/N,” he cooed. He let go of your hand and winked at you before turning towards the door and leaving. “What the hell,” you whispered.

There will be a part 2 to this don’t worry anon! I hope I did your justice :)! 

 - Emily ☁️