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Stefan: “You’ll find somebody else!”
You: “I don’t ever want anyone else, because he doesn’t want me. Maybe I’m just not good enough.”
Damon: “Why would you even think that. You’re like an angel compared to us.”
You: “I don’t think so.”
Damon: “We’re gonna go out tomorrow and you can’t stop me. You will find a far better man than that guy.”
You: (sigh and smile) “As long as he doesn’t have your personality, Dam..”

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Better Late Than Never? TVD 8x05 Review {Spoilers}

Those of you who read my reviews know the drill, I write my thoughts in real time which means that if I say something that’s wrong it’s very possible that I will correct it by the end of the post. This review will include anti-Damon/anti-Delena/anti-Bamon/anti-Defan/anti-Steroline/anti-Bonenzo sentiments, it will also most likely include mentions of misogynoir and anti-blackness and racism, there may also be references to other tv shows. If you do not like it do not read. Ready? Let’s go.

1. First thought is that it’s good to see Alaric actually spending time with his kids and being, you know, a father and the more I think about it, the more Caroline feels like a babysitter as opposed to a co-parent.

2. I mean it doesn’t bother Alaric that he’s been running with people who literally used to be his high school students? I always thought this but there was something about this, something about “Yeah he was one of us, he was family” that makes me go … like you’re a grown ass man surrounded by people you taught when they were teens, that’s not WEIRD to you?

3. Seline reminds me of Tessa.

4. The twins are actually cute.

5. That line still bothers me . “We all owe him that.” Caroline, this was a man you loved, a man you grew up with, a man who broke every single bone in his body for you, like writers, she’s allowed to actively mourn a man who was there for such a crucial part of her life.

6. Enzo without his humanity is as boring as Enzo with it.

7. Kat and Michael have such low energy in this scene. When Stefan had his humanity off and Elena tried to get it back you felt Elena’s sense of urgency and earnestness to get him back and you felt Stefan’s decided lack of compassion and you also saw when humanity seeped through. There’s just no conviction with BE.

8. Literally no one is crying over Tyler.

9. You know why banging a tuning fork doesn’t come across as torture? Because it’s a weak fucking form of torture. At least have Sybil’s ears bleed, have her crying with pain, have her clutching her head, screaming STOP IT STOP IT STOP IT. Like OMG.

10. And of course Bonnie isn’t at Tyler’s funeral but so is no one else. It’s true that the Lockwoods are dead but they’re a founding family, you mean this town won’t mourn the loss of the last living member of such a family when the town is supposed to be big on tradition?

11. This episode is ridiculous. I won’t believe that Stefan wouldn’t be fast enough to stake Damon in the leg or to push him off Matt, Stefan vamp-sped and pushed Damon off Bonnie in season 1, he pushed Katherine off Jeremy in season 2. After being the only human in MF for how long, Matt should’ve picked up a few tricks on how to take down a vampire. Caroline is also a vampire with a history of beating the shit out of Damon, you mean two vampires can’t contain one? Whatever.

12. “Damon, enough.” Wow, Candice, could you say that with even less conviction?

13. “What’s so surprising about this? I’ve been who I’ve always been.” Exactly, though. This is the most honest piece of dialogue in like three seasons.

14. “No, you’re different.” He really fucking isn’t, Alaric. This is textbook Damon.

15. “It was awful, like Damon is desperate for us all to hate him.” But you just can’t right? For absolutely no fucking reason. I’m actually getting severely tired of Damon killing everyone, abusing everyone, making everyone’s lives worse and the show constantly protecting him with lines that distance him from taking any responsibility. It’s OK that Damon killed Tyler because he wants you all to hate him? Are you fucking serious?

16. “Dead friend problems?” I actually smiled at that.

17. “Can we agree that my humanity was a hindrance? I was angry. Depressed. A romantic poet full of darkness.”

When was this? When was ANY of this? Is that who Enzo is supposed to be?

18. Enzo is seriously BORING with no humanity.

19. Everyone is really chill about Damon killing Tyler and Damon being off the trails again and what I would be OK with is them being not chill with how chill thy are, if Caroline was like, “You know I’m not even surprised; I can’t mourn Tyler properly because I’m just like of course Damon would do something like this,siren no siren, it’s Damon and I’ve become accustomed to that and I hate it.”

20. WOOOOOOOOOOW THEY ARE REALLY TRYING TO MAKE DAMON REDEMPTIVE RIGHT NOW. Hammering it into our heads that he didn’t want to kill Tyler but he did it for Sybil, he doesn’t like that his friends hate him but he made them hate him anyway for Sybil (although legit no one looks like they hate him) and I’m fucking OVER it. Damon kills but his heart isn’t in it, so the fuck what, why the fuck do I care about that? Doesn’t MEAN anything.

21. Dude, I thought that Sybil inserted herself in Damon’s happy Elena place and then I thought she made Elena die so it was like Damon never met her. What was the point of Sybil inserting herself in Damon’s Elena Happy Place if he just does things to make her happy but doesn’t put his heart in it, he was doing that anyway before.

22. So far Matt’s reaction is the only one that makes a modicum of sense.

23. Paul looks good in those jeans. Like really good.

24. I legit thought Stefan would kiss Caroline goodbye. And he didn’t. Wow.

25. How many fucking times are they going to make Paul and Ian say “Hello, Brother”?

26. Stefan: “It’ll take time and work but I’ll be there for you.” Damon:

27. We’ve had this conversation so many times.

28. Oh is the fact that Bonnie risking suicide to save Enzo’s life supposed to make me emotional? Because it’s not. This isn’t earned.

29. None of this is earned. This happened really quickly. It was a rushed job. And it doesn’t make sense.

30. This is what Damon won’t forgive Stefan for? THIS WAS ORIGINALLY WHAT HE DID IN SEASON 7 TO BE WITH ELENA.

31. Matt’s dad storyline is irrelevant and who gives a shit.

32. I also like how Sybil has been in the vault for how many years but she ca seamlessly integrate into current society.

33. Oh how clever, a siren ringing as a siren escapes prison.

34.Seriously if Tyler’s death wasn’t going to have that much of an impact then why kill him?

35. No but seriously Paul looks really hot in these last carnival scenes with Candice.

36. That kiss was so weak though. Like you two look SCARED to kiss each other.

37. “We have things to do” You’ve sad that from episode 1 it’s episode 5, and we don’t know what those things are.

38.Caroline you’re a fucking vampire, vamp speed around the house. You do not look like a concerned mother.

Final thoughts: Simple. The episode was bullshit.

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Paul Wesley appreciation post

It annoys me how underrated Paul is, he’s an incredible actor and puts so much effort in to the roles he plays fuck man he’s amazing -

1) He is a brilliant actor, whenever he acts out an emotional scene you can really feel what he’s feeling and it’s overwhelming

2) The fact that Paul played Ripper Stefan so good that they now make every other character Ripper speaks volume about his acting skills. Legends only!

3) Ian: “Paul is a far better director than he is an actor and he is DAMN GOOD actor” At least someone KNOWS!

4) Paul played Stefan, Silas and Tom Avery in S5. he’s also previously played ripper Stefan and no-humanity Stefan. He deserves all the awards.

5) People actually call Paul boring? DO you even know Paul? He’s literally one of the funniest actors. He’s also the sweetest and kindest.

It’s so heartbreaking to see Paul Wesley not get recognized for his incredible talent because he’s not “popular” enough. Paul Wesley’s pure talent. His acting and directing are incredible and you can feel his passion in all his works. People really need to stop sleeping on him.


Stelena Did It Better. And First.

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“Damon legit looks like a predator in 90 % of the DE scenes. This pathetic ship should never have been more than a one stand similar to Klaroline. And when you put all the scenes they tried to steal, to erase SE and shade them its just disgusting. Can you do a gifset with all the scenes DE copied and tried to make their own”

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Stefan: “You don’t have to try, (Y/N). It’s not gonna work. I don’t care about anything anymore.”
You: “But I care about you and I want the old you back.”
Stefan: “This is the old me, (Y/N). Don’t you understand?”
You: “No, I don’t understand. Because I know you’re a better person than this and I’ll do anything to get you back.”

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About This Stefonnie Sneak Peek

Going to be honest, the first thing I noticed is how green both of their eyes were in this shot and how much I would rather see them onscreen together than him and Caroline, like just tbh, that was my first thought. 

My second thought was that this scene was weirdly genderized. “No one, not Caroline, not Elena, no one knows how to fight longer or harder or better than you”, like why specify the other two female characters in his speech? I just found it odd.

My third thought was that, Stefan, honey, you know I love you, but this scene is bullshit because is Bonnie only known for her “strength”? For fighting for other people? Can’t Bonnie just be sad? Can’t Stefan be the one to pick her up instead of asking her to pull herself up from her bootstraps so he doesn’t give up hope? Can someone be hope for Bonnie instead of her always being the hope for someone else? Is Bonnie just not allowed to be human at all? Ever? She is more than the symbol, more than the engine to keep you all going, like I’m not surprised that were doing the same shit but like could we just not do the same shit?

I still got love for Stefonnie though.


“I realized that I may not be able to explain what I feel for her. But it is something. And yeah maybe all love isn’t true love in the messed up way that you and I have experienced it but I think this could turn into something even better.” - AMEN. ♥