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stefan & elena || many shades of epic {8x16}

I’ve been building up to this vid since the finale, after reading the interview about how entwined the TVD sentiment of “epic” is with SE relationship. I wanted to make a video that shows the many different ways SE were epic as well as include every mention of the word epic in relation to their love.

I’m excited about it so I’m tagging people: @stefan4president @humbu-bumbu @kissmebluesexyvioletsme @stefan-is-too-sexy-for-you @fiftyshadesofstelena @true-slytherin @tea-moonn @beverllarke @multigloria @starrystelena @stelenaliveson @emjo029 @demetrias-stelena @stelena-lover-forever @annoyinglydecadentface @denisa-diana @salvabert

Yay new 1x1 blog hitting the tags at least I hope so. As you can tell I love karamel and if anyone of you gives me that ship and I can actually play melissa I will scream in happiness. Anyways I will be listing some wanted ships so if you guys are interested in doing one of them you can just like this post or message me.. Also I am a really big fan of mumu’s so we could also end up doing a mumu..

bolded are the once i would like to play

  • Melissa Benoist && Chris Wood
  • Melissa Benoist && Grant Gustin
  • Jensen Ackles && Amber heard
  • Paul Wesley && Nina Dobrev
  • Anyone && Candice Accola
  • Dylan O’brien && Holland Roden
  • Dom Sherwood && Sarah Hyland
  • Dom Sherwood && Kat Mcnama
  • Leighton Meester && Ed Westwick

“We’ve all made terrible mistakes in our life, done things that no apology can heal, but you just have to keep going trying to find some new happiness no matter how much you’ve lost. The strange thing is, losing those people is what brought us together, it’s how we found each other, it’s what made us family.”