paul the beatles

John seemed more cynical and brash than the others, Ringo the most endearing, Paul was cute, and George, with velvet brown eyes and dark chestnut hair, was the best-looking man I’d ever seen. At the break for lunch I found myself sitting next to him, whether by accident or design I have never been sure. We were both shy and spoke hardly a word to each other, but being close to him was electrifying.
—  Pattie Boyd on meeting The Beatles

Call Me Back Again

“In the spring of 1974, Paul stayed at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles. There he met Lennon and the two ended up at the studio for a jam session. Soon after that, McCartney wrote the track Call Me Back Again on electric piano, reportedly he intended it as an invocation to his friend, and at first he even thought to make that clear in the lyrics. During the recordings, Paul apparently changed his mind, but rumours say that he mentioned John’s name in some of the takes.” — Paul McCartney: Recording Sessions

“Eagle-eyed fans may notice and wonder about the number on the phone in the video. It has now been disconnected but had you called GAR 6922 a few years back you would have reached the McCartney residence, it being the family’s home number when Paul was growing up.“ —

Have my shameless excuse for drawing these two making out. Paul lets himself into the Ravenclaw dorm regularly to hang out with John (since the way into the house is simply riddles and I imagine Paul could easily solve those). One thing led to another one day… And well… George was less than thrilled to come back to this in his dorm after a long day of classes.