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A few late-night thoughts after coming home from Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

I’ve been a RE fan since the release of the first game, and I’ve been all over the movies since even the early rumours started to surface, long before the original film ever appeared in 2002. They were a big thing for me and my friends during my teens and I’m actually kind of sad that it’s all over now, but it’s been an absolute mess of a really fun journey.

Milla Jovovich is one of my favourite action actresses - there’s something genuinely compelling about her, and I think everyone can admit that it’s her who’s been carrying these movies on her back and selling the shit out of them.

I don’t enjoy Paul WS Anderson. In my opinion he doesn’t have very much talent as a director/producer/writer, and I get the impression that he spends more time watching and taking elements from other films than he does trying to create his own. I’m not saying that I think the films need to be derived from the video games, but I definitely feel like he has been trying to bait the fandom of a game he seems to know very little about. That said - the series has performed very well for what it is, and the cast and crew have managed to make some huge achievements with incredible stunt work and technical production.

They are deeply flawed movies, and I feel like with each one you do have to try and block about half of it out to really just enjoy the essence of it, but I also know them all inside-out and I really am very sad to see them go.

Some thoughts about The Final Chapter coming up - spoilers coming up.

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