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Pre-Show Announcement
Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812

i don’t think anyone has ever posted what the pre-show sounds like before? but this is when all the ensemble members are out mingling with the crowd and segways into the prologue

(recorded during the matinee of 8/23, dave’s first show back and blaine alden krauss u/s anatole)


It seems to me
That this comet
Feels me
Feels my softened and uplifted soul
And my newly melted heart
Now blossoming
Into a new life~

The remaining watercolors in this series, that i think is finally done for now! (At least untill i get the new souvenier book tbh)
Thanks you so much for your reblogs and sharing my art! <3 

“The Twin Cities” sounds like a destination in a high fantasy novel that you can only reach by climbing a mountain and solving a dragon’s riddle but instead they’re in Minnesota


I saw Great Comet two days ago and it was honestly the best thing I have ever experienced. These are all the main drawings I did for the cast and gave to them after the show!

Bonus under the read-more: Drawings for some ensemble members + Gelsey Bell (who ended up being on vacation so I had to draw for her understudy)

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My Friends (left) and Me (right) on Sunday, September 3rd, 2017

sing to me, o muse, of juno steel and mick mercury, two nobodies taken before their time, two friends tempted into shooting one another through the heart–

i figured i could either pretend ‘lesson learned’ isn’t happening, or ….idk, embrace it? hope my sacrifice 2 the art gods keeps my kids alive? you know, coping or something,


Great Comet on Today.