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The proper way to do a TV-MA rating.

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Your art gives me life! Can I pretty please get HamLaf just cuddling? Maybe John walks in and Lafayette gives him a death glare?

The sequel of this

I love making Laf’s hair a mess

Remember when Jessica won HOH and could’ve made a huge move with the knowledge that if her plan backfired, she couldn’t be sent home? 

Remember when she won the veto, knew a blindside was brewing and did nothing to protect one of the few allies she had?

Remember when she let her hatred for Josh blind her to the point she refused to talk game with the HOH who wanted to keep her in the house?

Whew, she was such a flop.

Tom Payne said his favorite scene he filmed was “having a sweaty Norman Reedus chase me around a field” and I think that’s beautiful.

A Cute Prompt™️ from @paulmcmuffin:

Paul in John’s lap


Clair de Lune - a film by Lexi Walicke and Amber Manoski