paul smith ss14


Paul Smith is the little old woman who lived in a shoe. he doesn’t have a lot to give all of his children, but he does his best to love them and support them and sew them lots of cute clothes. he is proud of them all, even the Problem Children: clem, whose soul is clearly irreparably damaged, gryphon, who is rebelling by Being Disgusting, and Paul Jr., who is currently crouched on top of the refrigerator screaming and picking at an unidentified carcass with his beak. Luckily, many of his children, like tiny Jaco and little Thomas, are as sweet and gentle as kittens. Paul has needed a spa day for 17 years, but all these kids keep showing up at the door of his shoe-house and demanding warm cots and Stone Soup. Some of them aren’t even real kids, like beautiful Erik, who is a mermaid and scoots around in a mason jar full of warm water, and Yannick, who is not a person at all, but a discarded robot prototype, although he dreams of one day becoming a real boy. Paul is a good parent to all of these kids and I’m sure even the most troubled of them are going to grow up to be very good boys.