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Earth 2: World’s End #17 - “Rebirth” (2015)
pencil by Scott McDaniel, Robson Rocha, Eduardo Pansica, Jorge Jimenez, & R.B. Silva
ink by Guillermo Ortego, Paul Neary, Jorge Jimenez, & Walden Wong
color by Blond

“Doc knew the likely reply, “I love him”, what else? With the unspoken footnote that the word these days was being way too overused.”

Inherent Vice, 2014

Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson

Cinematography by Robert Elswit


favourite authors + flower crowns

Jean Paul Sartre, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, Federico García Lorca, Julio Cortázar, Sylvia Plath, Jack Kerouac, Albert Camus and Thomas Mann.

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Happy Last Day to You… 

The cast of Scorpion singing “Happy Last Day to You” to Scott Porter (Tim) on his last day of filming his story arc (2x20 - 3x11) on Friday, Oct 28th, 2016

You get a glimpse of Jadyn too! Not in Happy’s Xmas outfit … just in Happy’s casual attire/her own casual wardrobe, just her…  

Also: cast pic with Scott here 

source: PKD’s insta (Elyes’  double, or in correct terms “stand in”)