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'Paw and Elisa' by Ravyn LaRue

I am so giddy and happy

For strangers

But beautiful strangers in love

I know they say don’t get too attached to celebrities

But I can’t help it

I’m invested emotionally beyond all reason

And I blame you both

In the best possible way

You both are so sweet and cute and kind

And the fandom wishes you the best

We plan parties with cake and fangirling

But you guys were the first couple my heart melted for in a while

The last was Fraulein Schneider and Herr Schultz

And you guys are musical people, so you know how depressingly that turned out.

And before that and forever more was Jack and Sally

And I hope you two are like the latter

Because you’re simply meant to be

You make our fangirl hearts flutter about

Because it’s the joy when people you love love each other

Like Sondheim and Hammerstein

Burton and Depp

Palmer and Gaiman

It’s as perfect as perfect can be

You make me believe that schmaltzy romance can exist in real life

Love at first sight may be silly

But you of all people show that silly is wonderful and needed in this world

Ahh, you guys

You’re turning me into my alter ego

When I ought to focus on things

But you both are wonderful, and you deserve each other so much

As Tesla says,

I’m a clusterfuck of happy emotions for a couple I’ve never met who are having a wedding I was not invited to, but it is SO LOVELY.

And it is.

You two are so lovely!

And for me, it insures that loveliness like what you share still exists.

And that is sweeter than all the vampire wedding cake in the world.