paul salva

NATASHA: And why are you here?
CAROL: I was tracking a suspected terrorist. Well, let me amend that. A terrorist, definitely.
NATASHA: How so?
CAROL: I lost track of him about two hours before he drove the truck into that building.
CAROL: Yeah, I’m trying not to think about it. Let’s change the subject. Why have you been following me?
NATASHA: You knew?
CAROL: I knew. Look. You’re probably a very talented spy, but you’re too accustomed to dealing with people who can’t fly. You don’t look up enough. I spotted your trail and was able to soar above you and–
NATASHA: You look down too much.
CAROL: What? How so?
NATASHA: I let you see me three times. Wanted to gauge your reaction. The modern espionage game has much to do with such gadgets as these.
CAROL: And those are…?
NATASHA: Video cameras. I had seven of them in the skies, patrolling. Would you like to see recorded footage of yourself?
CAROL: Uh…not necessary.

Carol, darlin’, not even you can come out on top every time.

From BLACK WIDOW & THE MARVEL GIRLS (2010), story by Paul Tobin, art by Salva Espin.

And here we see the Danvers in her natural habitat, engaging in the favorite behavior of high-speed airborne scare-play. Some suggest this is the method by which she assesses the suitability of potential partners, but others believe her occasional efforts to startle her pack-mates serve no practical purpose, and in fact may only be indulgent attempts at self-amusement. 

CAROL: Have to say…I’m a little surprised. Thought you might squall when I picked you up.
NATASHA: It’s faster this way.

From BLACK WIDOW & THE MARVEL GIRLS (2010), script by Paul Tobin, pencils by Salva Espin.