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George Harrison and Paul McCartney, with Peter Brown and Börje Eriksson, at Tunneln Restaurant, Malmö, Sweden, 14 October 1967. Photos © Torbjörn Carlsson/Sydsvenskan.

More from George and Paul’s two-day visit to Sweden to visit the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s Meditation Center here.

“Malika Browne’s father, Stephen Browne, far right, in Rishikesh, northern India. Also present, left to right: George Harrison, Pattie Boyd, John Lennon, Nick Nugent and music teacher Ajit Singh.” - The Guardian, 27 October 2012

This fan story took place during The Beatles’ 1968 stay in Rishikesh, India, and is posted courtesy of The Guardian:

“Snapshot: My father and the Beatles

This is a picture of my father, Stephen Browne (far right), taken in Rishikesh in northern India with John Lennon, George Harrison and Pattie Boyd in 1968. He was on a gap year, teaching at two schools, before going to university.

The Beatles were in Rishikesh for much of that year, learning Transcendental Meditation with their guru, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, and experimenting for their next album, which by my calculations might have been Abbey Road [sic - The Beatles, aka the White Album].

My father took up the dilruba (half sarangi, half sitar) while he was in India. On the day this was taken, his dilruba teacher had asked my father and his friend, Nick Nugent, whether they would like to come along to present an instrument to Pattie Boyd for her birthday. The picture was probably taken by the Beatles’ official photographer.

This photograph is a prized family possession and is tinged with bittersweet emotion. A few years ago, when we lived in New York, my parents, siblings and I trudged through the snow to Kinko’s copy shop on Christmas Eve to photocopy and scan the picture for safekeeping, and so that we could each have a copy.

Nobody remembers who was responsible for removing the original from the photocopying machine – but whoever it was forgot.

We returned to Kinko’s on 78th Street many times over the next few days in the vain hope that somebody would hand it in, as they might have in the snowy, Christmassy New York of the movies, but they never did.

At least we’re left with this facsimile. The dilruba is still in the attic.

Malika Browne” - The Guardian, 27 October 2012 [x]

George Harrison, Paul McCartney, Ken Brown and John Lennon performing at the opening night of Mona Best’s Casbah Club, West Derby, Liverpool, 29 August 1959. Photo © David Hughs.

“[Les Stewart] felt that Ken [Brown] had been neglecting the group; he had not made all of the rehearsals. He was always with the Bests, all he spoke about was the Casbah and Sheila [Les Stewart’s girlfriend] didn’t like Peter and Rory. They were rockers, a bad influence. Ken tried to talk Les round. If he got to know the Bests he would like them. Yes, he admitted he had missed some rehearsals, but never a show. He had spent time at the Casbah for the good of the group, the residency. And he’d never been paid tp help.
Ken’s heartfelt plea was met with a disgruntled look from Les and the occasional snort from Sheila. George Harrison sat quietly listening. Ken finished by saying that he had made a promise to Mrs Best and he was going to keep it. But Les would not budge. He was not playing the Casbah and The Lest Stuart [sic] Quartet was not playing the Casbah, and that was final. Ken felt he was left with no other course of action. He told Les he would leave the band and form a group to play at the Casbah for the opening night. Then George Harrison spoke up: if Ken left, he would go too. He was as good as his word.
When Ken and George were outside, the reality hit them: they had to form a group and have it ready in three weeks. George said he had a couple of friends he he played with in a band before and he was sure they were doing nothing. […] ‘George spoke to his mates, who turned out to be John Lennon and Paul McCartney,’ [Ken Brown recalled].” - The Beatles The True Beginnings [x]