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Some Hollywood hotties – past and present – reading books.

1) Marlon Brando.

2) Benedict Cumberbatch reading Love’s Labour’s Lost.

3) Tony Perkins reading Look Homeward Angel.

4) Charlie Hunnam reading… anything.

5) Joseph Gordan-Levitt reading Kenneth Anger’s Hollywood Babylon.

6) Paul Newman reading The Garrick Year, by Margaret Drabble.

7) Gregory Peck, not surprisingly, posed with To Kill a Mockingbird.

8) Farley Granger reading The Edge of Doom, by Leo Grady. (Farley starred in the 1950 film.)

9) River Phoenix reading War and Peace.

10) James Dean reading poetry by James Whitcomb Riley.


“We’ve all selected the wrong partners, all gotten hurt, and hopefully all moved on wiser for the experience. But there are those who, even in the face of constant disappointment, continue to believe that the intensity of their desire will be rewarded by an eventual jackpot of affection. And if that’s the slot machine you’re playing, friend, you’d better leave the casino ‘cause that one don’t pay out”
-Paul Dini

Art by Bruce Timm & Rick Taylor
Words by Paul Dini


Very excited to share the announcement made at D23 that my childrens book, Catch My Breath will come out in September! It’s been a side project of mine for a while that deals with how special our breaths are and the fun idioms we say about them. Can’t wait to share the book with everyone!

It’s available for pre-order on Amazon! - Catch My Breath by Paul Briggs


Top image via Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Sir John Franklin led an ill-fated 1845 expedition of two British crews that vanished while seeking a passage through the ice over the top of the world. For decades, people have searched for some trace of Franklin or his ships, the Erebus and the Terror

Canadian researchers located one of the lost ships in 2014, almost completely intact under the ice – Paul Watson writes about the search in his new book Ice Ghosts.

Check out his conversation with Steve Inskeep here.

– Petra


social media demigod style: Percy Jackson.

kinda sad that there’s so many racist/sexist people (and also abusers) that are popular youtubers making tons of money when they don’t deserve it at all. why aren’t there more fucking “social media famous” people using their platform for IMPORTANT ISSUES