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Look at that badass bae. Scene-stealer. Adorable af. U r killing me. I AM OF COURSE TALKING ABOUT THE DARLING MULE

This pure cinnamon has been shared by obviiii (The Revenant first assistant director Scott Robertson) on Instagram.

Here’s me with some fur trappers in the early 19th century after we escaped from an Indian attack. It’s a great movie, I’m very proud, go see it. #therevenantmovie

Some of you really piss me off. 

AJ Styles has zero reason to “kiss Roman’s ass” because he doesn’t need WWE. They searched him out. If Styles wanted to leave today or tomorrow he could, and still be paid because that’s how good he is. 

AJ has absolutely NOTHING to gain from “kissing ass.” He’s a seasoned veteran and I’m pretty sure he knows when he’s been in the ring with someone talented. 

Daniel Bryan has said how talented Roman was when he had nothing to gain from it, Samoa fuckin’ Joe has said it (And that was before he was even in WWE), Lance Storm, Mick Foley, Triple H, Bret Hart, Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels, Steve Austin, Razor Ramon,  Paul goddamn Heyman…and the list goes on. Guys who have actually been there and done it all know how good Roman is, so who are ANY of you to discredit a man when you’ve never been there yourselves? Take a seat. 

If AJ had said that about Dean or Seth, you’d be praising the ground he walks on. But god forbid he give Roman credit for putting on one hell of a match last night. God fuckin’ forbid he put a young guy over like everyone constantly complains WWE never does.

“Now we were truly professional, we could do something we had been toying with for a long time, which was to change our names to real showbiz names. I became Paul Ramon, which I thought was suitably exotic. I remember the Scottish girls saying, ‘Is that his real name? That’s great.’ It’s French, Ramon. Ra-mon, that’s how you pronounce it. Stuart became Stuart de Staël after the painter. George became Carl Harrison after Carl Perkins…. John was Long John. People have since said, 'Ah, John didn’t change his name, that was very suave.’ Let me tell you: he was Long John. There was none of that 'he didn’t change his name’: we all changed our names.”

Paul McCartney, from The Beatles Anthology