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How does Ash bond with the kids when they're little babies? How does Paul? Do they have different ways if bondig??

I have these three posts about Papa Paul and the baby hijinks- 1. 2. 3. But since I LOVE talking about babies, I will go a bit deeper!! :3c

Pre-Ces / (other babies!) was a really awkward, but fun time for the both of them! They would go shopping, ask around (Delia, Reggie, MAY, Dawn, Misty, BROCK) about what they would need for a baby, how to do certain things. In semi-proper terms, it’s called nesting, getting the baby’s room together, making sure you have everything single possible thing on your list checked off that you will ever need for babe. (Even if you end up not needing it.) This is when they spent the most time talking about names, Ash waking up to tummy kisses and Paul talking NONSENSE to the baby, just to get a reaction. It’s a really happy time for them.

So when Ces is there, all brand new, yawning his little baby yawn as he blinked up at Ash and Paul, it’s like the world stops to them and they, of course get emotional because… that’s their baby. And Ash just, kinda, whispers Ces’s name to him- and with that innate ability of a baby to recognize the sound of their parents voice… he just, stretches and FALLS ASLEEP. Which, by then, Ash is nodding off too as he cuddles Ces to him. And once they’re back in the room, Paul and Delia take turns holding, and changing etc, the baby before putting him back on Ash.

Babies have this… there’s scientific evidence that babies enjoy having skin to skin contact with the person who gave birth to it, and that forms a deep bond between baby and parent. So Ash and Ces already have this bond that only Delia, (and the other nurses who’ve had babies), know the feeling of having. So for Ash, it’s very easy for him to begin bonding with Ces. He’ll get home from the hospital and jump into a groove, being with his baby at all times. And while it takes Paul a few more tries before he gets used to the baby, he’s also gotten into a rhythm. [Especially since Delia comes home with them.]

Ash will like, just, be staring at him while he feeds him, ample (but not too much!!!) kisses and cuddling. [You can’t kiss babies too much or they can get rashes etc!!!!!! :( You’re arms, sadly, aren’t always the safest places for your baby. ;-;] And he’ll talk to him, play with him and just… be around him all the time. While Paul takes some time to get used to baby, he is always around, watching.. yearning to hold him but still a bit too stupidly afraid of hurting his baby. But once he gets used to Ces, he never leaves his side and when he does he feels a bit empty.

For Tessa, the routine has changed!!! Delia stays for longer, Paul is DEFINITELY more up for the challenge of another baby. They ADORE her!!! They’ll make her laugh and see that she’s never bored. (Which is rare as a baby, but, eh. Some babies get bored.) She’s easily entertained, and keeps to herself a little. But they soon find that Tessa’s a bit……. different from Ces… if they make her laugh too hard, glasses, light bulbs, objects will crack, smash and fall. If she cries (which is RARE) the power will short out.

But, over time they just.. get used to it, keeping candles around her only. They’ll play with her, always run when she calls. Bonds are established through the baby KNOWING someone cares, and is around, and that’s how it works mostly for Tessa. [Though there is lots of Paul blowing tummy bubbles and tickling, feeding.] Bath time is her favorite thing as a baby. She grows out of it but, as a baby??? That’s HER SHIT. Basically, it’s Ces all over again except Paul isn’t afraid of hurting her by accident.

And Niklaus…. oh man…. he was a rowdy™ baby. Ash… being kicked in the ribs, and NIK MISSING HIS DUE DATE. OH MAN. Ash and Paul are like, relieved to be handed their [final] baby, grateful that Nik’s just like his older sister and brother.

Except Nik isn’t.

Niklaus, is a storm. He’s a screamer, and only sleeps for most of the day, will scream unless he’s not with Ash or Paul.. sometimes REFUSES TO EAT. After having such calm, sweet babies, Ash and Paul are like, fighting to not throw the towel in. It’s such a weird experience for them, having to learn how to deal with Nik since he is such a spontaneous baby. But once they do manage to get Nik on a schedule to where he is a happy baby, and giggling, it’s all gravy! Paul likes to SING to the babies, and Ash loves telling stories he knows they can’t understand. The one he loves telling the most is how he met Paul, occasionally moving to give the baby a kiss and nuzzle him.

They’re kinda the same on bonding with the babies!!!!!


The Bone Street Krew

Everyone who’s followed professional wrestling as closely as one could for many years has, at the very least, heard about The Kliq. If you haven’t, it was essentially a group of wrestlers (consisting of Shawn Michaels, Diesel, Razor Ramon, Hunter Hearst-Helmsley, The 1-2-3 Kid, and Aldo Montoya) who watched each other’s backs and essentially rolled together to ensure each other’s safety. Not just in the world, you know, from psycho fans or anything, but genuinely to help keep themselves on top.

Well, there was another group that existed that may not have been as prominent in terms of keeping themselves on top, but watched out for each other and were generally seen with other members. This group was known as The Bone Street Krew (shortened to B.S.K.).

The Bone Street Krew consisted of Yokozuna (the founder), The Undertaker, Paul Bearer, Savio Vega, The Godfather, Henry Godwinn, Phineas Godwinn (aka Mideon), Rikishi, Brian Adams (aka Crush), Rikishi, and Mr. Fuji. A random assortment, sure, but one that makes sense if you consider the possible relationships between them. For example, Savio and Godfather were both in The Nation Of Domination, Crush and The Undertaker are both bikers, Rikishi and Yokozuna are cousins (and Mr. Fuji was Yoko’s manager), Phineas Godwinn has been known to be longtime friends with The Undertaker, etc.

The BSK was rumored to have been founded in order to protect said wrestlers from the tyranny of The Kliq, but it has never been confirmed, nor denied. Wrestlers who WEREN’T members of The BSK have claimed that the group was simply a group of friends that didn’t fuck with The Kliq, but members of The BSK haven’t confirmed nor denied that rumor.

We were a bunch of guys that hung out together, rode together, listened to the same type of music, did the same things at night … and we played dominoes. The Godwinns didn’t play dominoes. Savio played. But the ones that definitely played were me, Rikishi, Yoko and Undertaker.“ - The Godfather

We all hung out at the same places, anyway. We were friendly. At some point, the rumor started that The BSK started because of The Kliq, but I don’t know who started the stirring of the pot that we didn’t get along.“ - Shawn Michaels

When my contract ended, I went to Taker and said, “Bro, I’m finished.” He said, “What do you mean finished? Let me talk to them and get you two more years.” I said, “No, we’ve got something we’re going to do in Puerto Rico.” So he asked, “You sure? Come on, two more years.” But that was it for me. I appreciate him trying to help me.“ - Savio Vega

Many of the members of The BSK sport tattoos from the group, as they genuinely appreciated each other’s company. In professional wrestling, it’s easy to be a loner and to feel very singled out, especially due to politics and rumors, so for a group of pro wrestling friends to exist is an admirable thing.

[[ I had an older headcanon, and I just witnessed this firsthand which made me think about it again. ]]

Ces is such a sweet child who is mildly afraid of things before he understands what they are, so there’s a day when Ash, Pikachu and Paul are sitting out front with him, drawing with chalk or something and Ces gets up and he sees his shadow and he goes so /still/ and he just watches it as he slowly walks over to Ash. And Ash and Paul just kinda notice him while Pikachu goes into defense mode while he can’t /hear/ anything, the baby’s scared and he HAS to protect him. There’s a few moments that pass by as Ces takes the slowest steps (and by now they all know what he’s starting at) and he just starts screaming and running away while Pikachu runs after him because his shadow is following after him. That’s what tells Ash and Paul to pick up the chalk and put it back into it’s container and Ash heads to take it inside while Ces clings so tight to Paul. The day ends with Ces being fed his favorite ice cream while Ash wipes his face clean from the tears.

Wanda: *Floats to #TeamCap*

Vision: *Goes to follow her*

Tony: *Steps in front of him* Son no–

Vision: ….


child, i’m afraid for your soul

I am weak-willed and made a Don’t Starve playlist whOOPS

track list
1 Eat You Alive - The Oh Hellos
2 Exile Vilify - The National
3 Hey, Little Songbird - Anaïs Mitchell & Greg Brown
4 Jericho - The Stone Foxes
5 Black Eyes - Radical Face
6 Friend of the Devil - Lalla Rookh
7 Mercy Street - Leaving the Ozone
8 In the Pines - Janel Drewis
9 Bury Me Under the Weeping Willow - Antique Persuasion
10 Dead & Gone - Brother Dege
11 Georgia on My Mind - Ray Charles
12 Cotton-Eyed Joe - Hobart Crabtree
13 Jerusalem Ridge - Erik Paquette
14 Samson - Regina Spektor
15 The Prince - The Silent Comedy
16 No Children - Mountain Goats
17 Slow Train Drag - The Sleepwater Band
18 The Girl Who Wept Stones - Brother Dege
19 Run Daddy Run - Miranda Lambert fea. Pistol Annies
20 Pluto - Sleeping At Last
21 You Gotta Move - Scott H Biram
22 Papa Hobo - Paul Simon
23 Black Water - Of Monsters and Men
24 Hello - Adele
25 I Am Just A Pilgrim - The Chestnut Grove Quartet
IBM: you need a personalised customer experience to breach real and digital worlds (Wired UK)

Systems such as AI computer Watson will help companies bridge the gap between the real and digital world, says IBM’s Paul Papas, bringing a new kind of personalisation to customer service.

Speaking at the Ignite conference at London’s Millbank Tower, where was in attendance, the global leader for IBM’s Digital Front Office noted that customers will have to be at the centre of any business strategy as they increasingly come to expect more from their services. A Global C-Suite study IBM recently conducted, found that 55 percent of 4,183 CEOs interviewed cited customers as the biggest single influence on strategy. Forty-four percent of CEOs expected to open up their organisations “to empower individuals” in the 2012 survey; that figure increased by 27 percent in 2013. According to the IBM study, a one percent increase in customer satisfaction engenders, on average, 4.6 percent of market value

Paul Spragg:

“Yes, we gave you a later call time, yet you arrived bright and early with Jake [who plays the Doctor’s great-grandson Alex] in tow… ”

Paul McGann:

“Because I was his chauffeur! The only guarantee of his getting here was if I got him up and gave him a poached egg and sausages and put him in the car and drove him here. I’m a father first, Time Lord second.

—  Interview in Big Finish Vortex Magazine August 2010

How Social is Transforming Patient Care

Watching a website for golf enthusiasts sparked the epiphany that convinced Dr. Jeffrey Burns to ask IBM Interactive for help in creating OpenPediatrics, a global community where practitioners share knowledge and skills to advance pediatric healthcare worldwide. 

(via A Smarter Planet Blog)


IBM Smarter Commerce Press Conference, from the IBM Impact Conference, featuring Paul Papas, Smarter Commerce Global Leader, Craig Hayman, General Manager, IBM Industry Solutions