paul panfer


I got a package from Veronika today, and it was my Boosh and Luxury Comedy ornaments! Which was reason enough to celebrate in itself, but they are even MORE beautiful than I ever could have imagined, more than I can show you in these photos. You cannot imagine how exquisite they are! The thoughtfulness and artistry is astounding; we just keep staring and marveling.

And as you can see, they’re fitting in beautifully on the tree. I thought about putting Howard and Vince right next to each other, but then I decided that they need the narrative arc of trying to find their way back to each other.

(And you should ABSOLUTELY check out Veronika’s shop in the future and seek her out for commission work and special requests, because I am now convinced she is made of magic and can do damn near anything. She’s taking a very well-earned break now for the holidays, but if you haven’t bought anything from her yet… you really should make that your resolution for 2015!)

Merry Booshmas! Booshy Holidays!