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Honor Blackman The Paul O'Grady Show Oct '09
The Avengers star Honor Blackman being interviewed on the final series of The Paul O'Grady Show. Comedians Brian Conley and Patrick Monahan also guested. Enj...

Honor Blackman being adorable on The Paul O’Grady Show (O’Grady was/is a major Avengers fan, and has been for a long time). 

I like especially that he opens the whole show talking about Cathy Gale and how awesome she was, and only just glances at Goldfinger, like it’s a footnote in Blackman’s history (which, let’s face it, it really should be).


“I try to remind myself not to be ashamed of those parts of me that were embarrassing. Because I always do embarrassing things to this day. I maybe know how to put myself together in a very different way, and I know how to put on my makeup to a certain degree and wear like a leather jacket and feel kind of cool or whatever, but I might go out and trip.”