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So you see, I’ve learned many things at Degrassi.. but not from the classes, they were too easy. They say it is the journey and not the destination. Well, they are wrong. It is not our mistakes along the journey that matter, it’s where we end up that counts. Carl Sagan said “Somewhere something incredible is waiting to be known.” And I wish you all good luck in finding the destination in which you encounter the incredible. Thank you.

Another student has just passed away today at Maracaibo, after getting ran over while manning a roadblock in an avenue called Fuerzas Armadas, somewhat close to college.

His name was Paul Moreno, his last picture alive, while getting rushed to the hospital in critical condition, is being circulated over whatsapp, Venezuela’s main tool against the regime’s misinformation and propaganda. 

With him, there’s 4 dead in a bit over 24 hours just in Maracaibo alone due to the ongoing protests, all of them students, and in response, my college has decided not to open up tomorrow as well.

There’s also an ongoing gasoline shortage, in the country with the biggest oil reserves in the word no less, alongside problems with natural gas distribution, although so far water is still arriving home every two days or so, and the electric grid has been working normally, with not blackouts nor malfunctions. 

My neighborhood remains calm, but a trip to downtown earlier in the day showed me that the roadblocks seems to be getting closer, so this might change in a few days.

I did what I had to do, and I’m ready to face whatever it comes, as no one home want to leave Venezuela yet, but if the time comes, our family in Colombia is more than ready to welcome us back. 

The future is grim, but at the same time, hopeful, as for the first time since I live here, it finally seems like people finally got fed up with our socialist regime.

So remember my friends, don’t believe the socialist lies, don’t believe the communist lies, Venezuela, like many other countries before her, is proof that it hasn’t, doesn’t, and will never work.


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