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  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: it's been almost 2 years and i still think about how much better the doctor who 50th would have been with paul mcgann in the role of the war doctor. i just don't understand why a new incarnation played by an entirely random actor was necessary. especially when paul mcgann was so willing to return to the role of 8th doctor. are you really telling me he was only willing to do the 7 minute prequel? i don't believe it. he would have totally done the 90 minute episode. he's been playing the role for years off screen, longer than any other actor to boot, he would have totally taken up the offer to return to the screen. it would have been such a great book end to his movie as well; 7's regeneration into 8 and his regeneration into 9 both on screen. amazing. and do you know how much cooler it would have been to see the 8th doctor? To see him betray the name of the doctor, to see him become so desperate to stop the madness he throws himself into the war he tried so hard to avoid? do you know how much more heart wrenching that would have been since he's a character we actually know? why did they force a random regeneration on him when they could have actually used HIM for the episode? i just don't get it. it would have made so much more sense too. especially since in a way the 8th doctor really is the bridge between classic and new who and isn't that what the 50th was all about? celebrating the two and bridging them together? he was the first doctor to try to bring doctor who back - the bridge already existed. how does it honestly make sense to throw a man who never had anything to do with doctor who in as the bridge? that's just silly, isn't it? john hurt is a great actor and all but he's not the doctor, you feel? like we all assumed 8 was the one who fought in the war anyway, why change that? and wouldn't it just have been amazing to see paul, david and matt on screen together? like c'mon, they would have been fantastic. why didn't this happen? WHY DIDN'T WE GET PAUL MCGANN??? I DON'T UNDERSTAND.

4/15/17 - waited outside NBC studio for 4 hrs to meet all of the SNL cast (didn’t see kenan thompson and micheal che tho). met Sara Bareilles after her broadway show Waitress. and the director of the reboot of ghostbusters just happened to be at NBC studio. 

kate mckinnon is so fucking cute and talented i kept yelling we’re gay at her. cecily is so niceeeee we waited till 3am for her but it was so worth it. i kept yelling totinos at vanessa and i think she was confused af. melissa is so down to earth and humble. sasheer literally walked straight at us cuz we had the loudest cheer. aidy and leslie didn’t come over but it’s okay i still love them. i wanted to post pics of the other dudes from SNL but tumblr only allows 10 pics…oh well. best night ever tho :))))


So you had a completely beloved, completely up for it, and completely immortal judging by the whole not-ageing-a-single-day thing, Classic Doctor at your disposal, and you decided to pluck one out of your arse for the 50th instead? 

Really, Moffat? 

Look at this man! God is clearly keeping him frozen so he can reclaim his rightful role or at least get a spin-off series. 

It just baffles me why we had a brand new Doctor. A Doctor we will never see again. A Doctor that was not necessary. A Doctor that mucked up the numbering system. A Doctor that wasn’t even The Doctor in anything but name, and then got forgotten about. 

What was the point of that? Was there a point to it? 

We had Eight, who should have been ‘The War Doctor’, absolutely desperate to get back into the role again, but for some unknown reason Moffat decided John Hurt (great actor, props to John) would be better. 





Paul McGann, the glorious, talented, perfect Paul McGann was willing to get involved and instead all you gave him was a regeneration that lasted a few minutes.

I will be angry about this forever. End rant. 

Actually, speaking of Doctor Who Magazine, I’m looking at a digital version of DWM 279 (from 1999) and it’s got a really interesting interview with Russell T Davies, Steven Moffat, Mark Gatiss, Paul Cornell, Lance Parkin and Gareth Roberts on the idea of Doctor Who being revived and it’s got some of the best (and most ironic) quotes I’ve seen. Here’s just a small selection:

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On this day in 2014

Deep Breath

The newly regenerated Doctor arrives in Victorian London from the mouth of a dinosaur rampant in the Thames to discover a spate of deadly spontaneous combustions.

“I wear a veil to keep from view what many are pleased to call my disfigurement. I do not wear it as a courtesy to such people, but as a judgement on the quality of their hearts.” - Madame Vastra

reasons why i think tumblr should write for doctor who

• we wouldn’t kill as many people as Steven Moffat


Hey guys!
It’s confirmed. There won’t be another series of CUFFS. This is super upsetting, because there was a fanbase growing here on tumblr, and from looking at the viewing stats, people from across England were tuning in to watch. CUFFS presented many controversial themes, of which people could both sympathise and empathise with; homosexuality, domestic abuse, and of course, the things that police officers do and have to deal with every day. It really brought to our attention the pros and cons of being in the force. Personally, I feel that with a second series, it would only attract more viewers – so if it’s that the BBC’s worried about, I’m a little disappointed that they didn’t look at other TV series and seen that the first season is just the starting block to be built on with more seasons.

Now, there is some good news. A petition has been started to bring back CUFFS. The current goal is 10,000 signatures, and we’re at 8,000. Please, if you feel like CUFFS was an important television series for conveying the problems we face in the modern world whilst throwing in a few laughs and keeping us on our toes, sign this petition. (

If you don’t feel like signing, or just don’t have the time right now, please reblog this post to make the cause more known about.

(And anyway, who wouldn’t want to see more Paul Ready on their television screens!?)


Day 22 Doctor Who Adventure Calendar: Merry Christmas Talent Montage

This was very sweet of the cast and crew to do for the fans. We got bad news last night about a family member, so we’re in for some more heartache. I showed my mom this video and it made us both laugh and get teary. Michelle’s message was the funniest. :)

‘What’s next for the Twelfth Doctor?’ Doctor Who Magazine​ issue 484 is out today!

This month’s issue includes exclusive interviews with showrunner Steven Moffat, Eighth Doctor Paul McGann and Bonnie Langford​, who played companion Mel.

DWM #484 is available today, priced £4.99.


Peter Capaldi surprises fans (and Steven Moffat) at the Doctor Who Series 8 DVD launch event, when he reveals that he turned down an audition to play the Doctor in the 1996 TV Movie - a role that went to Paul McGann.