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After a week off to go to a conference, Vinyl Appreciation Club is back! Great turnout this week, even though no one brought me any records so we all had to pick out of what I brought.

Arrival music: Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, 1st Movement, Bruno Walter and the Columbia Orchestra; Andrew Hill, Point of Departure

The Playlist: (listen on Spotify)
Al Green, The Letter*
Joni Mitchell, In France They Kiss on Main Street*
Alabama Shakes, Don’t Wanna Fight (such nice clear vinyl)
Pink Floyd, Another Brick in the Wall Pt. I (on 45!)
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, The Good Son*
Pixies, Caribou
Queen, You’re My Best Friend (50 cents at Half Price Books with the skips to prove it)
The Beatles, Happiness is a Warm Gun
Paul Simon, You Can Call Me Al*
  *Teacher picks–or, rather, exclusively teacher picks, since all the records this week were mine.

Graceland is a damned miracle, I swear it gets better every single time I listen to it.

And look, I made our playlist into a Spotify playlist! Let me know if you like that and I’ll keep doing it maybe.

Week 1 <3 - Orientation & Hairstyling

OMG soooooo much happened
& I will not tell you everything because I am a very tired lady :(

First off, I would like to announce that I have the best core class in the UNIVERSE.
I <3 everyone in the class because they are all so sweet and hilarious and talented and pretty and AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I feel like we’re a fam already and I <3 it.


The first day was BRUTAL… the same 3 points made long




We got our kits on wednesday and learned a lot about the paul mitchell culture (which I adore) . We got our numbers and learned how to clock in and out with our wrists.

We also watched “The Secret” which honestly …… is one of the most intense things I’ve ever seen. I had no prior knowledge of the law of attraction but now that I know how it works, I’m in there like swimwear.

In the past week, I’ve learned more about life than I have in the past two years. I think that this is the perfect time to enter this school. This is my time. I was too young at 18 and 19 to do this. I needed to go through the heartache and sad times to appreciate what my future has in store for me. 

Anyways, thursday was the french twist aka my mortal enemy.

Friday was shot in the arm…..intense and definitely eye-opening. Practical was braids and pin curls, both of which I am monstrous at; besides the french braid, which I mastered today after like 3 hours of determination, repetition and aggravation. The pin curls were the basis behind the friendly updo competition on saturday.

saturday …… shit… every sat for the next year 


but we had a FUN time. basically all practical. We did roller sets which piss me off on curly hair and did the competition. I didn’t win but everyone who did, deserved it. It was SUCH a close competition and everyone did awesome ! The other students and learning leaders were impressed.

I’m soo happy to be a part of the paul mitchell family and even more privileged to be taking this journey with my best friend of forever years 

next week is COLOR WEEK yayyyy :)
and we have to dress colorful all week!!! 

My piece of advice for future beauty school students:

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEAAASSSEEEE for the love of god research the school you are going to go to.

I cannot stress this enough to any of you, please look into the school you’re gonna try and go to. A LOT of schools are set up to only teach you the BARE MINIMUM of hairdressing in order to get you to pass your boards. They are not obligated to actually teach you how to do hair. It’s disgusting to me how the majority of hair schools in this country only teach you to pass your boards, and nothing else. So, what are your options?

Choose a beauty school that is backed by a major hairdressing corporation. The easiest way to identify these are if the schools have the brand in the name, ie. Paul Mitchell: The School, Aveda Institute, and I believe Redken and Tigi have schools as well. The reason why these schools are your best bet is because they will actually teach you to be salon ready before they teach you how to pass your particular states board. I know from experience with Paul Mitchell: The School, and my best friend went to Aveda, and several of my coworkers went to a Tigi backed hairdressing academy.

I know in Oklahoma, schools are only required to tell you how to pass your boards and nothing beyond that. If you’re wanting one of the best possible educations you can receive in this industry, go for Paul Mitchell. The Paul Mitchell education is the easiest to understand. It’s backed by/based on Vidal Sassoon, and they looooooooooove breaking everything down.  The Paul Mitchell education involves teaching multiple different ways of cutting, coloring, and styling.  I know soooo many people that came straight out of other schools that didn’t know how to do anything other than the 90* cut, perms, and roller sets.

Again, please please please try to research the education that you’re wanting to get, and if anyone sees this and has questions on the Paul Mitchell education specifically, drop me a line.

The Future Professional

I go by Cindy. 

This blog is basically going to be focused around my time at Paul Mitchell the School and my experiences as a cosmetology student overall. Updates will be either daily or weekly depending on my moods, the information you guys want, and the things I find important. I will be making specific links for certain types of post that you’ll be able to find on my sidebar.

I will try to make this as professional as I can, but keep in mind I am a 21 year old woman so sometimes I can be a little vent and ramble crazy. 

Leave me questions on anything you’d like to know and I’ll do my best to answer those questions!

Paul Mitchell The School Pro Tips: Acrylic nails.

How to get your acrylic nails done 100x faster.

  1. Go to Sally’s.
  2. Purchase nail polish art wheels. Pack of 200 for $5.99 As shown here ——->,default,pd.html?cgid=Nail09  
  3. Sculpt nails on top of art wheel instead of dowels with no need for tips.
  4. Benefit. 

Congratulations. You are now 100% more efficient. This works SO much better than the dowels and makes it easy for you to rack them. If a learning leader wants you to do another set, they just break off the set you just did. EASY.

Coconut Oil in your hair.....

As a cosmetology student I don’t claim to know everything. I’m still learning & plan on learning even more once I’m in a salon. I also plan on continuing my education after I graduate from PMTS. But the one thing I know and have learned first hand due to working on live guests, slathering your hair in coconut oil isn’t always a good thing. Many people don’t realize that coconut oil will build up in your hair & emulsify when you try to wash it. Case in point: one of my live guests was a teenage girl. Her mother use to put coconut oil in her hair twice a week, & wouldn’t always wash it out afterwards. The day she came in to see me, we washed her hair like normal, & when we went to dry it there were white beads everywhere. I asked if she’d been using anything at home & she said no. I spoke with my learning leader & I took the guest back to the wash bowl. In total we ended up washing her hair about 6 times. We even put in our clarifying shampoo, put a processing cap on her, stuck her under the dryer for 10 minutes to break up the coconut oil & still nothing. At this point we got as much out as we could but you could still see the oil in the water as we washed her hair. Eventually I just had to continue the service & when her mother came back to get her, I explained what happened, & that’s when I found out she had been putting coconut oil in her hair. I told her that less is more & to try & wash her hair shortly after using the coconut oil.
So just be careful when using all these at home treatments. Make sure you aren’t over doing it & doing more damage than good.
This also goes for mayo & egg treatments. If you don’t get all that out of your hair, it will breed bacteria so please be careful!

I LOVE the fact that the people on Tumblr, that go to Paul Mitchell all around the US, post stuff on here. & that you guys like don’t mind me asking questions and getting advice from you gals(; Like I find it cool that ya’ all post pictures and post stuff about how you’re day was. I actually have Paul Mitchell tagged on the side of my dashboard. I get excited when it show’s one or two people who blogged about OUR school. & I honestly read EVERYTHING. I am so excited to always share my learning experiences with you guys. :) I LOVE PAUL MITCHELL. 

anonymous asked:

Hey since you go to PM the school can I get your advice? I really want to apply one in my city but I'm afraid it's quite far. It's 30 mins by car. I mean I already went to the tour and I fell in LOVE with the school. By train it will take me abt. 45 mins to get there and will cost me $10/ $15. I don't know what to do because ppl are suggesting me I should look up other beauty schools that are nearer. I don't want to go anywhere else because I KNOW this is the right school for me.What'd u think?

Do you have a car you can take for the commute? Is gas money going to be a problem? Because taking a train every day at that cost will get expensive :/
I actually had to move 3 hours away from my hometown to be closer to school and even then it’s a 40 minute drive every morning.
I think that if you really want it, you can always find a way to make it happen. PM is a really amazing school to go to and your training is much different from any other cosmetology school. It doesn’t work on only your beauty skills, but your people skills. There’s a wonderful culture behind the Paul Mitchell name and it is an amazing thing to be apart of.
Personally, I highly recommend it. If you know in your heart this is the school for you, go for it. I wish you the best and hope you are nothing but happy with whatever decision you make. No regrets<3


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