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The Future Professional

I go by Cindy. 

This blog is basically going to be focused around my time at Paul Mitchell the School and my experiences as a cosmetology student overall. Updates will be either daily or weekly depending on my moods, the information you guys want, and the things I find important. I will be making specific links for certain types of post that you’ll be able to find on my sidebar.

I will try to make this as professional as I can, but keep in mind I am a 21 year old woman so sometimes I can be a little vent and ramble crazy. 

Leave me questions on anything you’d like to know and I’ll do my best to answer those questions!

Tonight was my fourth day of school at Paul Mitchell. And all day at work I couldn’t wait to get out so I could go to school. You know you’re doing something right when you literally can’t wait to get to class. That’s the first time in my life I think I can say that. I loved my art classes in college of course, but they were always offset by the awful classes I’d have to attend before or after. I love this school and finally feel like I’ve found my place. This is what I was meant to do guys. I always thought it was. But now I know. It feels so nice loving what I’m doing.

I LOVE the fact that the people on Tumblr, that go to Paul Mitchell all around the US, post stuff on here. & that you guys like don’t mind me asking questions and getting advice from you gals(; Like I find it cool that ya’ all post pictures and post stuff about how you’re day was. I actually have Paul Mitchell tagged on the side of my dashboard. I get excited when it show’s one or two people who blogged about OUR school. & I honestly read EVERYTHING. I am so excited to always share my learning experiences with you guys. :) I LOVE PAUL MITCHELL. 

Upcomingsssss <3

I’ve decided to take a year off from college and attend cosmetology school. 

The beauty industry is one that I’ve loved for a long time and I feel that if I didn’t pursue it, I would always wonder “what-if?”

At 22, I feel as if maybe I waited longer than I should have to pursue my dreams but better late than never. 

For the longest time, I’ve used this blog to reblog pictures that I liked, without really giving an insight to who I am OR to release any feelings I have.

Since I’m finally following my dreams, I will be going through a complete life cleanse. That includes

  • graduating at my goal weight
  • cutting off all dead-end friends
  • raising standards with men and sticking to them
  • developing closer bonds with my friends and family
  • develop daily positive affirmations
  • either vlog or blog about my life daily
  • improve organizational skills
  • listen/watch positive media

I feel like getting very intimate because I don’t really share my life openly. I’m normally a private person because I feel no one will listen. I’m realizing that no one should have to listen but if they choose to, that’s awesome.

I’m thoroughly excited about what these new changes will bring to my overall quality of life. I want to be much happier and it starts with me !! 

toooooodles babes

J. Nicole

*also thinking about changing the tumblr url* 

Cosmetology School...

I decided I wanted to become a cosmetologist. I narrowed my decision down to 2 schools: Empire Beauty School and Paul Mitchell. I’m really leaning towards Paul Mitchell (it’s like my dream school) but the price is way out of my budget. Hopefully after my visit with them on Saturday, my worries will go away and I can start pursuing my dream of being a cosmetologist.

Guess what guys? I went to my individual appointment at Paul Mitchell the school today and got to look at the financial aspect of everything and student loans and my pelle grant actually covered everything. So basically as soon as I write up an essay and fill out my application I can turn it in and reserve my spot. So I’ll officially be starting cosmetology school there September 16th and I’m so excited. I’m finally doing something I love and starting a career as well. I couldn’t be more excited, I’m freaking out.