paul mcgann feels

What if during the Christmas special…After a tearful farewell and after a long battle and fight, Matt Smith, our Eleventh Doctor regenerates…and after the blinding flash of light…THIS MAN APPEARS…Paul McGann appears, something has gone wrong with the regeneration process, making Eleven regenerate into the same form as the Eighth Doctor.

Making for an AWESOME twist, and giving Paul McGann/Eight (who only had one onscreen appearance in the 1996 Movie) the series he DESERVED.

MY fucking heart would explode with joy. Anyone else have any theories/desires for Eleven’s regeneration?

reiseioni replied to your photohand porn.gif

Captain, nooo~ Not this, not before bed asdfsgasdfasg. And am I crazy or does he look *younger* in this film?!

oh my god

suddenly I know what’s wrong with me

you see Paul McGann is the TARDIS of attractiveness

and I looked into his eyes through my computer screen

and his eyes looked into me

I have the entire vortex of attractive energy running through my head

and it has given me the insatiable need to inject this fandom with crack

both a blessing and a curse