paul mcdamn


Just in case anyone needs a sweet Paul McGann voice hit after my post about his lovely vocals. Yes, yes, I know this is technically Eleven’s speech, but it’s sooooooooooo much lovelier (and scarier) coming from Eight.


More about the impostor he would be chosen to play:

“Like a spy or some ambassador that ends up being a murderer,
or the one you trust all the way through only to find that at the end HE did it.
That’s me.”


And when you think he couldn’t be more awesome, he says that his hero is your hero.

Q: If you are in GoT, how would you like to die?
A: I’d like to die like Socrates, drinking the hemlock of my choice.
I would. He’s my hero, Socrates.


Fridge Moment after re-listening: it’s Durian and Eight all over again, right?