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Every time I watch this episode or movie, I end up balling my eyes out😭 I don’t know why but when I see guys starting to cry and Im like in love with the character I tend to get very emotional

Summer end’s fair- Stefan Salvatore

Request: ‘Can you please write an imagine about Stefan Salvatore where y/n goes with him to the county fair and it’s all cute and romantic?’

prompt: You’re helping at the summer end’s fair while you’re stressing about everything going on in your life right now. Your boyfriend Stefan notices and helps you to relax and enjoy the fair.

pairing: stefan x reader

A/N: FINALLY back, sorry for letting you wait for so long but I’m pretty stressed about school rn. Anyways hope you’ll like it! Love you always xx


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Summer end’s fair. Something you have always looked forward to. But this year, it was different. Once Stefan had come into your life, everything got different and sometimes difficult. From the beginning, you knew Stefan was different. 

You soon found out he was a vampire and although that changed absolutely nothing about your love for him, you knew people of his past would be a problem. And it was.You felt as if you were drowning in problems. And the whole city wanting to kill every vampire didn’t add much to you being relaxed. 

You sighed as you helped to refill some boxes with ice cream, your mind spinning around thoughts you could not let go of. It was so stressful to now know all about the world so few people knew about. But you knew you wouldn’t treat it for the world, because Stefan was everything you ever wanted. 

He loved you for the person you were, he knew all about how crazy you could sometimes be and he even adored this part of personality of yours. The slightest smile creeped up your lips as you thought about him. The moment you saw him for the first time, there was this feeling deep inside of you. It was as if you had known that he was going to be the one for you. 

The breath hitched in your throat as you felt two hands on your hips from behind, but you knew it was Stefan so you leaned into his body. “What’s wrong baby?”, he whispered into your ear, his arms now gripping around your arms to pull you even closer to him. You sighed and closed your eyes as you comfortably leaned your head on his chest, relaxing into his steady breath and warm figure. 

“You know, I’m just..”, you hesitated for a second. “stressed.”, you quietly breathed but you knew he could hear you anyway. “About what?”, he asked and you turned in his grip, now facing him and your chest pressed to his. “About everything.”, you slightly laughed. Your gaze fell upon a child happily receiving some sweets and you didn’t want to meet your boyfriend’s gaze.

“Hey,”, he quietly said and made you turn your head towards him. “Everything is alright. Okay?”, he said, glancing calmly into your eyes but you knew as well as he did that nothing was okay. You slightly shook your head in disapproval. “Nothing’s okay, Stefan. Not when I’m constantly worried that someone will find out what you are and is going to kill you. Because I can’t- I can’t even stand the thought of it.”, you admitted, staring into the eyes you fall for every day. 

Stefan’s calm expression changed into a worried one as he cupped your face gently with his hands. “Listen, Y/N,”, he began, his eyebrows furrowed. “I know why you’re scared, and it’s okay. But nothing is going to happen to me, I promise. You don’t have to imagine a life without me because I’m never going to leave you and I’m never going to let anything happen to you. I love you so much, Y/N. You’re the first person in my 145 years that I ever loved that much. We’re going to get through this, alright? I know we will.”, he said calmly. 

His gentle words calmed you down and you leaned intohis touch,nodding in response. “Okay.”, you breathed and soon a small smile was drawn onto the lips of the both of you. “Are you done here?”, he asked and pointed at the ice cream you just refilled. You nodded in response. “Yeah, why?”, you asked back. “You have to look at the summer end’s fair, when you organised it in the first place.” You smiled and nodded. 

Stefan and you walked along everything the fair had to show you and it was so relaxing, you didn’t think about anything that bothered you anymore. You met your friends Elena, Bonnie and Caroline and you watched them as they tried to shoot a rose at one of the stands. When they finally got one, they gave it to you and you hugged all of them, being more than happy to see them having fun and being well. 

With the rose of your friends in one hand, and Stefan’s hand in your other, you walked along the fair and enjoyed the evening. It was night, everyone was already gone and Stefan and you carried the last things away, when Stefan brought you to the Ferris wheel, now standing still and being dark without the many lights that usually covered it. 

“What are we doing here?”, you asked quietly as you stared up to the Ferris wheel. “I wanna show you something.”, he answered. He pulled an arm around your body and you immediately leaned into his touch. “Do you trust me?”, he asked you. You turned your head and your gaze met his loving one. 

“Yes.”, you answered truthfully. In the next second, Stefan jumped and the both of you landed in one of the wagons of the wheel. Your mouth was gaping open as you realised what he just did. He amusingly watched your reaction and quietly chuckled. “That was so cool.”, you admitted and he smiled widely. You cuddled into his side and enjoyed the view over the city you had up there.

“I love you, Stefan,”, you told him as you pulled away from him just enough to look him in the eyes. “so much.”, you whispered. Stefan brought one of his hands up to cup your cheek and then slowly leaned in. The moment his lips met yours, you had that feeling in your stomach again. That feeling of happiness, that feeling of love where you knew he was the one you were going to love for the rest of your life. 

Your lips moved in sync as one of your hands reached for his other one and squeezed it tightly. Stefan pulled away after a few minutes and kissed your forehead right afterwards. “You have no idea of how much I love you, Y/N, believe me.”,he whispered. 

You cuddled into his warm body again and together you looked over the city. You enjoyed the view, you enjoyed being with each other and you enjoyed being in love.


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