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“I need a place to stay.” - Conor Maynard

 It was nearly midnight when his doorbell rang. Conor, who had been casually watching some Netflix on his couch, had not been expecting anybody to come around, but answered the door nevertheless. To say that he was surprised as he saw (Y/N) standing in front of him, her cheeks tear-stained and her eyes puffy, was an understatement. He had not seen her for a solid two months, although they had been talking everyday before that. But she left, not leaving any clue where she had gone, taking the half of his heart with her. She must have been unaware of that, but it still had hurt Conor to a point where he didn’t even want to get up anymore. It had been better than, but anybody who knew him could say that he wasn’t himself since she had been gone.

Little did he know that she left because of him. She had fallen for him, hard. But she was never a person to commit, so she took the chance and ran, choosing to get away from him. She thought that maybe she might feel different if there was space between them, so she went. It hurt her to leave him, but she couldn’t think of anything else. Confessing was not an option she was fond of. So she went away, attempting to start all over. And she found another job, another boy who could make her feel great, but she knew that Conor could make her feel better and he didn’t even need to touch her for that. She knew she wouldn’t stay with that boy for long, but for the moment she was okay with it. That was until she caught him with another girl in bed, and she ran away again. Where to, she didn’t know. But she found herself near London a couple of hours later. Her heart must have taken the lead as she let her guard slip for just a tiny moment. And here she was, standing in front of his door, making him feel like she was ripping out his heart all over again.

“I need a place to stay.”

The way she said this really got to him, the way her voice cracked in the end kind of cracked his heart, too.

“Come in.”

He closed the door behind her and turned around, expecting her to put her bag down and her shoes off, but she didn’t. She hardly ever did what he expected her to do.

As he looked into her eyes, he had to be cautious not to get lost in them the way he always used to, but it was hard for him, seeing her in person after what felt like an eternity for him.

“I’m sorry”, she said. “I shouldn’t have left like this.”

“Yeah”, Conor said and he hated how his voice cracked. She loved it, it made the butterflies in her stomach fly like a mad swarm of bees.

And as she looked in his eyes, she realized what she had done to him. She could see all of the hurt and the pain and she couldn’t take it. Before she knew it, more tears fell from her eyes. And before Conor knew it, he was brushing a tear from her face away with his thumb. She flinched at his touch, not much, but he noticed it nonetheless.

“Sorry”, Conor mumbled and was about to put his hand away, but she stopped him. Conor wondered why the warmth of her touch still felt so familiar, but he couldn’t care less as she cupped his face with her small hands.

“I’m sorry, I really am”, she said and he could see it in her eyes that she meant it.

He couldn’t wait anymore. He pulled her close to his body and hugged her, pouring all of the longing that he had for her in this hug and she felt it. She still cried silently, her tears staining his shirt, but he didn’t mind. He had her close to him again, and he couldn’t care less about anything else.

“Just don’t do it again, will you?”, he said. He buried his face in her neck, inhaling her delicate scent, waiting for her reaction.

She took a deep breath and said those three words that she should have gotten out months ago.

“I love you”, she whispered. But he still heard it.

“You do?”, he asked in disbelief and pulled slightly away so he could see her face.

“Yes.” This time, her voice was that much stronger. “I love you, Conor. And I’m so sorry for running away.”

“I love you too, so much.” Conor couldn’t believe that this was finally happening. Before the both of them could comprehend what was happening, their lips were brushing against each other’s, finally.

Chill » Conor Maynard

Requests: Can you do an imagine where you’re dating Conor and get on well with the boys. You’re all round Conor’s, the boys are watching footie and you’re feet are up on the couch and up over jacks lap as you’re leaned up against Conor with his arm wrapped around you. And you’re all screaming at the game and eating pop corn. Fluff. Fluffy sheet.

Can you write something about Conor fracturing his ankle and y/n looking after him?

You had been seeing Conor for around six months now, and his friends and family had only found out two months ago, as the both of you had decided to keep your relationship a secret for a while. Gradually, you were introduced to his brother, his friends, his parents and his sister but you had yet to be introduced to his fans. You were so glad that you got on well with the people Conor had chosen to surround himself with, albeit not getting along with his brother at first because it meant that you could hang out whenever you wanted.

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Period Sass |Conor Maynard|

|Word Count - 294|

|Request - Yes|

“Conor Paul Maynard, it hurt’s so much. Someone kill me now.” You muttered pressing a pillow to your face to silence your moans of pain. Conor gave a sigh of sympathy from the other side of the couch as he continued playing on his console. 

“It can’t be that bad (Y/N).” Jack said from the floor across the room, he was also playing with Conor. You took the pillow off of your face flashing Jack a frown. 

“Shut up Jack, my eyelashes are longer than your dick.” Conor stifled a laugh as Jack grabbed his heart in mock shock and pain.

“Anything else while you’re at it?” Jack asked pausing the game to look at you. Conor also watched you waiting for you to roast his brother. 

“I like my coffee how I like myself. Dark, bitter, and too hot for you.” You could’ve sworn Conor’s face twisted into a stifled as Jack fell back onto the floor pretending to have a heart attack. 

“Enough with the sass!” Jack mumbled from the floor making you smirk. You emitted another moan as another cramp hit you. 

“I’m so sorry Love. I wish I could help yo-”

“Jesus, you’re acting like you don’t even want to touch me!” You whined making Conor smile at you. Jack continued to lay on the floor staring at the both of you. 

“Don’t blame it on me, you hate being touched during this time. Remember that time you tried biting my fingers because I traced your collarbone? Not so pleasant.” You frowned remembering that moment. Jack laughed at his brother thinking about that. 

“Sorry, I can’t help with the sass.” You mumbled offering a half smile. Conor accepted before continuing to play his game with Jack. Period Sass ultimately sucked. 

Conor Maynard Imagine - You know it

“We are not just friends, and you fucking know it”

Everyone has that little thing that helps them feel better when they’re down, that makes them forget. Yours was alcohol. You had never been particularly good when it came to managing your feelings, which eventually always led you to a certain kind of beverage. But you were okay with it.

 As you and two of your friends stepped out of the Uber and made your way into the club, you got a funny feeling on your stomach. 

You had seen the pictures of Conor kissing a random girl on the cheek a few days before “You’re jealous” your friend had told you, as she smirked at the look on your face.

“No, I’m not” you thought you sounded convincing, but the look on your friend’s face told you otherwise.

Conor and you had been something along the lines of best friends for the past year. You had never had a male best friend before, and he had never had a female best friend before, so it was still to this day that it felt weird to be together, but not together.

He had appeared in a few of your YouTube videos, and your audience seemed to approve your friendship, although quite a lot of them wanted you to become more than that. Conor and you had never talked about it. Sure, he let a few jokes slip about  what it’d be like to date each other, but you had shrugged it off quickly.

But now, as you made your way to the end of the club to grab yourself a well-deserved drink, you started questioning your feelings once more. 

“Hey, Y/N?” Conor walked casually into your living room on his way out of the bathroom. It wasn’t strange that you took showers in each other’s apartments, or that you spent the night with one another.

You rose your head from your phone to look at him. His torso was uncovered, as his t-shirt was on his hands. His sweatpants were losely hanging from his hips, and his hair was still wet. You let out an unconscious sigh.

“As you know, I’m flying to Paris next month” he said, finally putting his t-shirt back on. You mentally cursed him for doing so.

“I do know” you smirked, not sure of where he was going with it, but you were definetly enjoying it. 

He looked at you, smirking back. There was just something so mysterious about him, that made your stomach tickle “What about it?” you asked “Change of plans? Have you realized already that you won’t be able to live without me for a week?” you joked, hoping he would say yes and stay in London.

Conor, being an international pop artist and all, travelled quite a lot. He had been in London for the past two months straight without going away a single day, and you already were in the habit of seeing him every day.

“Kind of” he said, smiling again “I was wondering if you would want to come with me?” as he dropped the question, your heart skipped a beat and then sank.

“Are you being serious right now?” you asked, and he laughed at the look on your face.

“Yeah” he assured you as you jumped into his arms. He laughed as he picked you up and planted a small kiss on the side of your head “They said I could bring someone with me, and I thought of Jack but you’re more fun to be around. Fuck him” he said, making you burst out laughing.

With your arms still wrapped around his neck, his hands on your back, you looked directly into his eyes “I would love to, Conor”.

So there you were, drinking your heart out while trying to figure out how the hell you were going to get into a plane with him in a week when you couldn’t even look at him without having your heart broken into a million pieces.

Your glass went to your lips again when you noticed that there was no liquid on it anymore “I’m gonna get me another drink” you told one of your friends, tapping her on the shoulder. She was chatting with some random guy “Do you want something?”

“Yeah” she said, getting closer to your ear “For you to stop trying to forget Conor by intoxicating yourself” 

You laughed. You weren’t even drunk and you had had three drinks already. As you walked away without saying a word, you thought it would take more than alcohol to forget him.

Once you got another drink, you were ready to go back to your friends when you saw that they were surrounded by a group of quite drunk and loud guys, and you were just not in the mood. So you stood by the counter instead, taking a sip of whatever thing they had mixed for you.

You felt someone tapping on your shoulder “Excuse me” a male voice said, and you turned around to see a tall blonde guy smiling excitely at you “Are you Y/N, from YouTube?” he asked.

Your heart melted “Yes!” you said, far too excitedly, the alcohol suddenly kicking in “I mean, yeah, that’s me” you repeated, trying to look cooler this time.

The man laughed “Cool, I’m Jared, big fan” he extended his hand for you to shake, and so you did. He had a firm grip.

“Thank you” you said “You really changed my mood. I was feeling so damn shitty, you have no idea” you vented out as you raised your glass and drank the rest of your drink.

“Damn, that’s too bad” he said, taking a sip from his own drink. He gave you a cheeky smile afterwards “You’re too pretty to be sad”

You swore you blushed “Nah” you simply said, not sure how to react. Was that total stranger not only a fan of you, but also flirting with you?

“Yah” he said, mocking your response. You smiled, now feeling better “May I buy you another drink?” he offered, and you simply nodded. 

Whatever he had ordered for both of you, it was strong. But you weren’t one for turning down a good old glass of alcohol. Jared and you made your way to the dancefloor, and danced together. After a small while, his hands left his drink and travelled their way to your waist, pulling you closer until your bodies were rubbing one another’s. The friction was uncomfortable.

Your eyes instinctively moved from Jared’s collar to just behind his neck, and you locked eyes with someone. 

“I need to go say hello to somebody” you shouted into Jared’s ear, so he could hear you through the loud music. He nodded and you released yourself from his grip.

“Jack” you simply said once you reached him “What are you doing here?”

He smiled “Are you the only one who’s allowed to drink to forget, or what?” he asked you, and winked at you before walking away.

Now you found yourself standing alone in the middle of one of the biggest and most crowded clubs in London. You were about to start walking away to try to find your friends when you felt someone grabbing you by the waist with one arm and pulling you closer to his body “Were you flirting with that guy?” a familiar voice asked in your ear, his other hand moving to your waist as well.

Conor’s cologne was unmistakeable “Yeah, what about it?” you said cooly, as your heart raced so quickly you thought it would come out of your chest.

You had been avoiding Conor for the past few days, and this was not how you imagined meeting him again “Do you not love me?” he asked you in your ear again, and you couldn’t really tell if he was drunk or not.

You turned around so you were now facing him “Are you drunk?” you straight up asked him. He shook his head “Just had two shots with Jack” you knew Conor could take much more alcohol than that without getting drunk, so you believed him.

He pressed your foreheads together, and you brought your hands to his chest, as if to stop him “Conor” you said “What on Earth are you doing right now?”

He shook his head, as he hid his face on the crook of your neck “I can’t wait for Paris” he said, and you shivered. 

“You still want to go with me?” you asked, a tint of unintended jealously on your voice “What about that girl you were kissing the other day?”

He chuckled, and you wanted to punch him “I was not kissing her” he said, and laughed afterwards. You normally loved Conor’s laugh after his own comments, but now he was just pissing you off.

“Yeah, I bet she was just your friend, right?” You pushed him away, not sure what you were doing or why you were behaving like that. But you felt in charge. It took him off-guard, as his smile immediately left his lips and he frowned.

“What the hell is wrong with you, Y/N?”

“Forget it, Conor” you shook your head “I’ve got someone waiting for me” you said as you prepared yourself to turn around and leave, feeling even worse than before. But a pair of firm arms around your torso stopped you.

“Stay with me”


“Don’t go back to him” he almost pleaded.

“What is your fucking problem?” you turned around, almost shouting at his face “We are just friends and that’s it, although you probably are aware of that, so just let me go on with my fucking life” you yelled, holding back tears.


“Conor Paul Maynard!”

“Shit, Y/N” he screamed, catching you off-guard. You had never seen Conor angry, let alone rise his voice “We are not just friends, and you fucking know it”

Your heart stopped as words left his mouth. Your body relaxed in his arms, as he released a hand from your waist to rub his eyes “Are we not?” you asked, more calmly this time.

He looked right into your eyes just like he had many times before, and you finally understood what he was hiding behind them. Because you were hiding the same thing “At least not for me” he mid-whispered. You found yourself lifting your hand so it was now resting on his cheek. He was looking down, licking his lips casually. 

You chuckled “You know, you would’ve made things a lot easier if you had told me this before” you told him softly.

His eyes moved slowly from the ground until they were locked with your own. His hand travelled to your neck, grabbing it carefully as if it were to break into a million pieces. He leaned in until your lips were lost in each other’s. Your stomach did that thing again, only this time, it was far more intense. Your lips moved in perfect sync, and you suddenly realized you were kissing your best friend. But his lips felt so soft against your mouth, and his touch on your skin was so delicate it sent chills down your spine.

You pulled away a few seconds to breathe out before pressing your lips together again, more passionately this time. His hand on your waist brought you closer to his body, so close you felt the smell of his cologne filling your lungs.

He pulled apart, and looked directly into your eyes before pecking your lips shortly but sweetly. You laughed out of nervousness, hugging him so you could hide your face on his chest. He kissed the top of your head, smiling as his brother gave him a thumbs up from not so far away.

Oh, what a week in Paris was waiting for you.

Live Stream Confessions // Conor Maynard

Word Count- 1049

Summary- one slip up on camera is all it takes for two people to admit feelings


You had just returned from a weekend in Brighton. You had filmed videos with Zoe and Alfie and they were kind enough to extend your stay for the entire weekend. You walked through the door of the apartment you shared with Jack, Josh and Conor; it was too quiet.

“Boys? I’m home.” You called out.

No answer.

“Hello? Anyone home?” you yelled.

No answer.

You began to walk dwn the corridor that led to the bedrooms.

“Jack?” you said while opening his door. Empty.

You closed his door and walked to Josh’s door, “Josh?” Empty. You shut his door as well and walked to the last room.

“Con?” you said while opening the door.

“Hey!” they all shouted. They were all crowded around Conor’s laptop.

“Why didn’t you answer me?!” you laughed.

“Sorry love. We were answering questions.” Conor answered.

“Questions? Are you filming a Q&A?” you asked sitting on his bed.

“No, a livestream,” Josh answered. “It was fun guys, but I have to shower.” He said towards the camera, then got up and left.

“I better leave too. It’s late.” Jack said quickly.

“Late? It’s only half past 8,” you gave him a weird look.

“Night!” he shouted while running out the room.

“Idiot.” Conor muttered, turning back to the computer.

You slid close to him and looked at the camera, “Shall we?”

“Sure,” he smiled.

“Okay, let’s look at what you guys want to know.” You said reading the comments. They weren’t what you had expected.

Y/S/N! I ship it so much!

They’d be so cute together


The boys left so they can finally admit their feelings!

Y/n and Conor!

conor so likes her

You had liked Conor since you met him. But you soon learned that he didn’t return the feelings.


“Y/n these are my roommates, Conor and Jack.” Josh, your longtime best friend said.

“Hi! It’s so glad to finally meet you! I’ve heard so much about you.” You said hugging jack.

“I wish I could say the same thing,” Jack laughed, hugging you back.

You went to hug Conor but he stepped back, “I have to go grab something.” he left the apartment and didn’t return for another few hours.

Once he came back you two began talking and clicked.You two never brought up the awkward first meeting. He quickly became your best second friend, after Josh of course. You thought you might actually have a chance with Conor.

Then a few weeks after that you realized how many girls he brought home, a new one every night, or just about.

That wasn’t what made you completely bottle up your feelings. One night at the club he said something that broke her heart.

You had come back with a round of shots and heard him say, “Y/n is like a sister to me, nothing more, nothing less.”

After that you shoved your feelings so far down, sometimes you forgot you had them. But that was rare.


“Where was Y/n earlier?” you read aloud. “I was in Brighton hanging with two really good friends.” You sent the camera a wink and the comments blew up with ‘Zalfie’ comments.

“How long have you known each other?” Conor read. “Uh…” he looked at you, “almost a year and a half.”

“Yeah. The 18 month mark is on the 6th of June, I believe.” You said giggling, “Don’t ask why  I know that.”

“Who is y/n’s celebrity crush?”

“Conor Maynard of course.” Conor laughed giving his signature goofy look.

“It’s a tie between Dylan O’Brien and…” Conor glared at you. “And Conor of course!” you finished, giving him a big hug. And a small kiss on the cheek. You immediately back up, realizing that it was a live video, not something you could later edit out.

“Uh…” you both said.

“Well that’s it for tonight! Thanks for watching, love you guys so much.” Conor said shutting his laptop.

You stood up, “I’m sorry.” You walked towards the door but a hand stopped you from opening it.

“Don’t be.” He whispered into your ear.

“Conor, stop.” You turner around, both of his arms were up by your head.

“What’s wrong?” he sighed, dropping his arms.

“This can’t happen. I don’t want a pity kiss.”

“Pity kiss? What are you on about?” Conor gave you a weird look.

“I know how you feel about me! I’m a sister to you, nothing more, and nothing less. You’re words exactly!” You lightly shouted.

“Is that what you think?” he stepped back, rubbing the back of his neck.

“You said it.”

“Y/n I’ve been crushing on you since Josh moved in. He never shut up about you. You sounded perfect. Then I saw you, and I was whipped. But the way you hugged Jack made it clear that I never had a chance.” He sighed, sitting on the side of his bed.

You walked and sat next to him, “Conor Paul Maynard, you are the most oblivious boy I have ever met. I’ve liked you since that night on the couch where we played 20 questions and watched 21 Jump Street.” You smiled.

He looked at you, a smile spreading across his face, “Really?”

“Yes really!” you laughed, leaning closer to the beautiful boy next to you. “Now are you gonna kiss me or what?”

He closed the space between you two. You put your hands on his cheek, snaking them around his neck to his hair. He put his on your waist.

When he pulled away you frowned. You never wanted that to end. You went in for another kiss when his door flung open,

“He bloody did it! He kissed her!” Josh shouted.

“That’s my boy! Mikey owes me 10 pounds!” Jacks yelled.

“Get out!” Conor shouted, standing up and pushing out the door.

“Sorry ‘bout that.” He shyly smiled.

“It’s okay.” You stood up and backed him up against his door. “Now kiss me again.”

“Gladly.” He smiled as he once again put his lips on yours.

You didn’t want to pull away. So you didn’t. You ended the night cuddled on Conor’s bed watching a movie.

Neither of you said it, but you knew that this night was only the beginning of many more to come. And that was perfectly okay for both of you.

Netflix |Conor Maynard|

|Word Count - 307|

|Request - Yes|

“Conor Paul Maynard, I can hear you shuffling around. Sit down on the couch and stop moving!” You shouted from inside the kitchen to your boyfriend. He huffed in annoyance before sitting onto the couch. 

“I want to see what you’re doing.” You let out a laugh only making Conor feel more incapable of doing anything. Ever since Conor came back from the hospital with a brace on, you told him he was to sit in bed and not do anything until the doctor cleared him. 

“Making some popcorn. Pick a movie and surprise me.” You rolled your eyes in amusement when you heard Conor let out a little squeal, the things he did sometimes. Dropping the warm popcorn into the bowl, you grabbed your drink before exiting the kitchen. 

“Grey’s Anatomy?” He offered flashing the selection on the TV. You playfully rolled your eyes at him as you took a seat beside him. 

“You have a fractured ankle and you want to watch a show about bloody broken people?” Conor nodded his head agreeing with you as he searched for another. 

You glanced over at Conor as he flicked through the various movies on the screen. His hair was messy from the continuous tousling he had put it through but it still looked fluffy and pretty. His eyes seemed bright and alive but you could tell he was tired. 

“Are you okay with this?” Conor asked you with a sloppy smile on his face. You looked at the screen as a small smile etched it’s way onto your face.

Finding Dory

“Oh my god yes.” Conor let out a low chuckle selecting the movie. He leaned his head onto your shoulder letting his worries wash away for the time being. You had to admit that even if Conor had hurt himself, it had a good outcome. 

Stop and Stare - Mikey Pearce Imagine

Summary: Most of your childhood had been spent at the Maynard’s house, and most of your adult life was spent at their apartment. One interaction with a friend of theirs makes you appreciate their influence in your life.

Requested: yes!

Word Count: 2077

Trigger Warnings: none

Author’s Note: I’ve never written about Mikey before, and hadn’t ever really considered it, but I absolutely fell in love with this request and had to write it! Even though i’m operating on about an hours sleep in the past thirty six hours, I am determined to continue posting one story a day. As per usual, please send your feedback/criticisms/requests towards me. Update - I actually fell asleep writing this.

Originally posted by iheartmyyoutubers

“Conor Paul Maynard, don’t you dare!” you shrieked as you backed away from your oldest friend carefully, eyeing the flour and eggs in his hands with clear distrust in your eyes. You did not trust that boy as far as you could throw him.

“Don’t do what, Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N?” he snickered as he approached you, a dangerous glint in his eyes. Your eyes flickered from his flour-covered hands to your brand new shirt and squeaked uncomfortably, “Come on! All I want is a hug!” he cackled as he lunged towards you, his laughter only growing as you turned and ran as fast as you could towards Jack’s room.

You had been friends with Conor and Jack Maynard for as long as you could remember, having been in the same year as Jack in school and bonding with him over funny videos on YouTube when you were both in year nine, now nearly ten years later, you couldn’t imagine your life without them, or the friends that they’d picked up along the way.

You could hear Conor closing in behind you and squealed frantically as you bolted down the hallway to Jack’s room, sighing in relief as it came into view. Conor’s laughter could be heard down the hall behind you as you basically ripped open the bedroom door and all but threw yourself into his room.

Letting out a breath of relief, you slid down the back of his door, hands clutching your chest from where your heart was currently thumping against your rib cage erratically. Hearing the sound of someone clearing their throat obnoxiously, you looked up from your spot on the floor to see Jack and Josh looking at you suspiciously, next to them was a guy who reminded you oddly of Michael Buble.

Offering them an innocent smile, you let out an awkward giggle, “Oh um, hi guys, what’s happening?” you asked in what you hoped was an adorable manner. You could feel the heat of a blush crawling up your neck as all three boys looked at you as though you had three heads.

“What are you doing on my floor?” Jack asked abruptly, his hand already reaching down to pull you up off the floor, “I didn’t even know you were back from Brighton,” he commented as he helped you up. You took his hand with a small and bashful smile, hopping to your feet and smoothing out the creases in your jeans.

“Got back this morning, and then Conor tried to ambush me into baking with him,” You pointed out as you looked up at him before your eyes flitted over to the other two boys. “See you haven’t gotten a haircut yet, Joshua,” you quipped at the ginger boy, raising a single eyebrow at him as you crossed your arms over your chest.

“And deny you the pleasure of cutting my hair? I would never, Y/N!” he smirked, placing a hand over his heart jokingly. “Besides, I don’t want to put you out of a job, god knows how much you love cutting our hair,” he snickered, making you roll your eyes dramatically.

“Oh yeah, Josh, nothing brings me greater joy than having to stand on your toilet in order to cut your hair,” You huffed exaggeratedly before tugging him into a quick hug. “How’s that girl of yours? You gonna introduce us anytime soon?” you asked in a more serious tone of voice.

“And give the Maynard’s the opportunity to turn her off? Not bloody likely!” he snorting jokingly, making Jack squawk indignantly and shove Josh’s shoulder, muttering about how girls adored him and his charm.

Letting out a small laugh at the two roommates, you turned to the unknown boy and offered your hand to him shyly, “I don’t think we’ve met before, I’m Y/N,” you introduced yourself, “You must be Mikey,” you guessed, knowing that he was the only one of Jack and Conor’s close friends that you hadn’t met yet.

“Uh yeah that’s um,” he stammered adorably before taking a deep breath and grinning, “What tipped you off?” he asked and you felt yourself about ready to melt from the adorableness of it all.

“The leather,” you giggled, gesturing to his leather jacket, which admittedly made you want to melt even more – you were a sucker for a boy in a leather jacket. “Jack and Conor are always going on about you and your leather,” you explained shyly, your fingers tugging at the loops of her jeans awkwardly.

You were no stranger to beautiful boys, being friends with Jack and Conor had ensured that; all of their friends that you had met were lovely people with hilarious personalities who were unfairly attractive. Some of your friends and family members, namely your mother, constantly questioned why you hadn’t ever tried to get with either of the boys, and your answer was always the same – because it’d be gross.

And that was the truth; you didn’t want to date either one of the Maynard’s, they were like annoying brothers to you and to date either of them would be super gross. You didn’t even want to date any of their friends, despite your co-workers’ commentary that it would undoubtedly advance your career. As attractive as they were, though, you would never use someone like that, they just weren’t your type.

Mikey though, you hadn’t reacted to a boy like this in a long time. You didn’t know whether it was his easy laughter or the twinkle in his eyes, but something about him calmed you. You couldn’t help but to smile up at him shyly as you both talked about the boys and how annoying they both were. It was obvious that he was nervous and flustered, but that only made him even more attractive to you

Your attention was disrupted when Conor came crashing through the door and lunged at you, catching you off guard and hauling you over his shoulder. “Aha! Got you!” he cackled, wiping his hands on your black jeans as he spun around with you slung over his shoulder, your body bouncing around like a rag doll in his arms.

“Conor!” you groaned, squirming in his grip as he spun all over the place, “You’re going to make me sick!” you whined, already feeling slightly nauseous from being semi-upside down over his bony shoulder. “And Jack will kill me if I vomit all over his floor,” you added, sighing in relief when you ended up feet first on the floor again.

It was at that moment that you had the very harsh realisation that you were supposed to be picking up your niece for lunch in fifteen minutes, on the opposite side of the city. And she would not be impressed if you were late, the little priss that she was.

“Shit! I’m meant to be picking up Y/N/N in ten minutes!” you squealed as you tore out of Jack’s room, picking up your stuff from the couch and shrugging on your coat. “Conor, call me after your date tonight!” you called over your shoulder while shoving your feet into your shoes. You couldn’t believe you had been in that room, in that conversation with Mikey for so long.

“Alright, love you!” your best friend’s voice called back, alongside Jack’s and Josh’s, making you smile. You were blessed when you thought about it, and you wouldn’t have sacrificed it for the world.

“Not as much as I love Jack,” you shouted, giggling loudly at the argument that broke out between the Maynard’s over which one you loved more at that moment in time. You rolled your eyes at them both as you let yourself out, a small smile on your face as you thought of the happiness that a simple morning cuppa could bring.

It was much later that evening, after you had returned home from meeting with your niece and sister, and were busy watching Captain America for the billionth time in a row, that a sharp knock at your door interrupted you. Looking down at your ripped leggings and an oversized sweater, you realised you probably weren’t suitable to have company, but seeing as it was most likely Conor with a six pack of beer and Chinese food, you got up to let him in.

Turns out you should have changed.

To say that you were surprised to see Mikey there and not your best friend would have been a gross understatement, and you were sure that was evident in your tone of voice. “Mikey!” you exclaimed upon seeing him on the other side of your door, “This certainly is a surprise,” you commented, feeling more than flustered at the sudden appearance, “Do you want to come in?” you asked him shyly.

“No, no, it’s fine I just um, well you see, uh I didn’t have your number, otherwise I would have called, and then Jack blurted out that you lived at the end of the hall and I wasn’t sure if you would be busy with Conor but then he sent Jack a snap chat of the girl he’s with so I figured I’d just stop by –“ he rambled before shaking his head quickly, seeming to realise that he was waffling. You doubted he realised how cute it was, though.

“And then today, I kind of thought you and Conor were a thing and it was shattering because you’re so beautiful and all the pretty girls love Conor but then you and Jack were close too and I didn’t know what to think and how could I have lost my chance so quickly,” he rambled out, his face growing redder and redder with each passing second.

“Mikey,” You interrupted him, a small and shy yet fond smile on your face as you looked up at him. “First of all, I’d never date Conor or Jack; Conor is basically my brother and Jack is too much like my actual brother, and he’s obsessed with his reflection,” you giggled softly, “Secondly, Do you want to grab lunch sometime or like a cup of coffee or something?” you asked him shyly, whether it was a date or not, you felt the inherent need to spend more time with it, and he did seem to be quite interested in you. You just hoped that you weren’t misinterpreting the situation.

“Like a date?” he blurted out, his cheeks turning the most wonderful scarlet colour at your invitation, the amazed grin on his face making you want to melt into a puddle.

“Yeah, like a date, unless you’d rather just be friends, which is fine too, I just thought that you might want it to be a date since you are standing at my front door with no shoes on,” you giggled softly, leaning against the half-open door as you looked up at him.

“Um yes, I’d like that a lot, are you free on Thursday?” he asked, seeming to gain a bit of his confidence back as you watched his back straighten up a bit and his chest puff out. You also noted how broad his shoulders were … and how great your legs would look slung over them. You blushed deeply at that thought, before realising that you hadn’t answered him. And fucking hell, if that smirk on his face wasn’t the hottest thing you’d ever seen.

“Thursday would be perfect,” you smiled shyly, sure that if the open door hadn’t been there then you would have been on the floor in a puddle of your own tears and giddiness.

Grinning, he ducked forward and pressed a soft kiss to your cheek, causing that area of your face to burn bright, “See you on Thursday,” he smirked again before disappearing down the hall again.

You closed the door with a happy sigh, sliding down the back of it and wrapping your arms around your knees tightly as the warm feeling in your chest spread over your entire body. You let out a loud laugh as you heard the faint sounds of Mikey yelling, “She said yes!” in The Maynard’s apartment a few doors down. Something about him gave you hope that things would be good, that maybe your non-existent love life was about to improve.

Your laugh only deepened as you then heard the sound of heavy footsteps thundering down the hall and the sound of someone banging on your door frantically.

“Whattaya mean you’d never date me?! I’m fucking handsome!”  

Thank you so much for all the requests and feedback/responses to Shape of You, it’s been so great, I currently have about four requests to do, of which 3 are about Jack, 2 are about Joe and 1 is about Conor, so if you have any Josh/Oli/Mikey/Caspar one’s then send them in!

p.s Oli is actually my favourite of all of them


So, something came in the mail today…
It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything but I thought I’d start again and change things up a bit.
This is the beginning of a collection of rare and vintage t-shirts I’ve planned to start for a while, and I honestly thought I’d never get my hands on one of these but, by luck has it, I did!

Snow |Conor Maynard|

|Word Count - 498|

|Request - Yes|

“Conor, Jack is trying to hug the warmth out of me.” You whined to your boyfriend as his brother scooted closer to you. Conor sent a playful glare towards Jack before looking back at the road. Alex snorted from the front seat laughing at your complaints. 

“I can’t help it, she’s so warm.” Jack mumbled leaning on your shoulder. 

“Oi Jack, watch it.” Conor warned making Jack stick his tongue out at his brother. The boys decided that they wanted to play soccer in the snow and Conor felt the need for you to come along. You told him that you didn’t do well with snow but he insisted his girlfriend cheer him on.

“We’re here.” Conor informed you guys as he parked on the curb. You zipped your jacket already knowing it was freezing outside. 

“Come on Love.” Conor ushered you out the car into the cold London weather. He gave him a side hug trying to catch on to his warmth. He chuckled leading you towards the soccer field. Jack and Alex got their gear out of the car and set up near the nets. 

“It’s so pretty.” You mumbled looking down at the white fluffy snow beneath your feet. Conor nodded looking around at the ground. You whined when the brunette backed away from you to crouch to the ground. He hesitantly touched the snow rolling it under his fingers.

“Your fingers are going to fall off.” You warned watching Conor pick some up with his hands. He cupped the snow forming it into a snowball. Widening your eyes, you started to back away from Conor.

“Where you going?” He asked cocking his head to the side. You hesitantly backed up giving him a warning glare. 

“Conor Paul Maynard.”

“(Y/F/N) (Y/M/N) (Y/L/M).” Conor taunted moving faster. Turning around, you started to sprint towards Jack and Alex. Not watching your steps, you tumbled falling into the soft snow. Jack laughed watching your attempt to run. You turned around to find Conor standing above you. 

“Don’t you dare throw that snowba-, goddammit!” You exclaimed as Conor threw the snowball at your chest. Instant cold covered you making you shriek. 

“Asshole.” You muttered grabbing snow in both fists. Conor wiggled his eyebrows before turning back and running. You quickly got up chasing the boy and forgetting about the cold. Conor slowed down letting you catch up to him. When he crouched to get some snow, you pushed him down into the snow. He whined as his face met the cold ground. 

“Revenge.” You mumbled shoving the snow into Conor’s hoodie. He went stiff as the cold substance found it’s way to his collarbone and chest. You continued to straddle him holding up your other hand of snow. You quickly pulled up Conor’s pants up and shoved the snow down his pants. 

“Bloody hell.” He whined rolling over to get the snow out. You fell back on your butt watching Conor get the snow off.

“You had it coming.”