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[SPOILERS] Scarlet Vision and the Infinity theory

All this rumor of Wanda saving and holding an injured Vision in her arms makes me wonder if these two will have something between the movies, I say, it is likely that the relationship of these two would be developed off-screen and what we will see in Infinity War would be the revelation of the relationship they have been having for some time. 

If Tony and Steve do not want to talk with each other, it could be another couple who bring the team together again

Vision could easily have helped with the escape from the raft, even if he had not, he could have located Wanda, why else would Wanda risk her freedom and being recognized by the authorities to save Vision ?? yeah, because they are friends, but even that, following the logic of command of all this since Civil War broke our hearts, she is in Team Cap, and in Civil War she obeyed Clint because she felt that it was the correct thing to do, she wanted to be free of the goverment. But on the character cards in the preview of IW, she apparently is not with Cap, but with the Avengers, while Bucky and Sam are with Cap

So she may not be obeying Steve or even any Team Cap member, but obeying what she believes is the right thing to do, saving the ones she love the most.

In Edinburgh is also Chris Evans as Steve, in his suit of Captain America, and Johansson as Natasha, in civilian clothes, according to what have said the fans who have been watching everything. We can only speculate that because of the extraterrestrial invasion of the Black Order (allies of Thanos who are attacking Vision in the leaked video), Tony and the Iron Man team are in need of going to the place, obeying the orders of the government, but seeing that things might get out of control, Tony calls Steve for help, or it is possible that Steve is there without giving prior notice.

That would be theorizing a lot. But it would be very logical to think that both teams would still be in conflict due to the break between Steve and Tony, but would it be the same among other characters?

I can only imagine a scene in which Steve tells his team to stay at a distance if something goes wrong, do not intervene without previous order in case the authority is ready to arrest them all again, and Wanda jumping into action despite Steve’s orders, because Vision has been injured by the Black Order.

In the images of the filmation in Edinburgh her stunt double is dressed in civilian clothes, with a winter hat and a long coat, clearly to pass unnoticed. 

If their relationship has grown before Infinity War, there is no way to know until the movie premiere, so there is no way to know the reasons behind all of what is happening in the filmation, unless they give us little hints in other films like Homecoming.

That would overrule the excuse of “it’s too soon” regarding Billy and Tommy. Damn it guys, Wanda could be pregnant in Infinity War.

Okay, someone stop me.


Nothing normalizes the new quite like seeing it on screen. A culture can change its mind about something almost subconsciously after they just see it in a movie or on TV a few times in something that doesn’t really call attention to it.  A Conversation with Paul Feig and Kate McKinnon at Athena Film Festival

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