paul leahy

Case #29 - Alexandra Zapp

In the women’s bathroom of a Massachusetts McDonald’s restaurant, a regular volunteer at multiple charity organizations was found stabbed to death, the culprit caught almost immediately by an off-duty police officer who entered after seeing blood pooling from underneath the door. Paul Leahy, an employee of the fast food chain who never should have been permitted to walk the streets, stood at the sink washing away evidence from the gruesome murder of customer Alexandra Zapp. Following a cruise and concert, the deceased split ways from a close friend, choosing to grab a quick meal on her way home and ending up sleeping in the car until she felt the desire to eat and use the facilities.

Recently out of prison, Leahy had encountered a similar situation before. Stopped from strangling a woman in a pizza parlor by an incoming patron, he was sentenced for an aggravated rape at gunpoint, the sexual predator also accosting victims as young as thirteen by demanding underage oral. Although it was recommended for him to stay behind bars, a judge allowed him to go free; that same man presided over the court case of Alexandra’s murder.

Now, the family that lost their loved one runs the ALLY Foundation, furthering a movement to prevent other crimes from happening and informally giving dangerous person laws in the state a relevant nickname. Every year, friends sail to honor the unrealized dream Zapp had of relocating to New Zealand and pursuing boating as a life passion.