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Around The World In 80 Days: United States Of America, New Hampshire

Walk In The Woods
Photo Credit: (Rob Davies)
A Rush Of White To My Head
Photo Credit: (Ioana Davies)
Wagon Wheel
Photo Credit: (Paul Klenk)

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The Rutles were founded in 1975 as a Beatles parody for Eric Idle’s Rutland Weekend Television. It starred Eric Idle as “Dirk McQuickly”, after Paul McCartney, Neil Innes as “Ron Nasty”, after John Lennon, Ricky Fataar as “Stig O'Hara”, after George Harrison, and John Halsey as “Barry Wom”, after Ringo Starr.


“It was like getting a new family. The cast of ER is very close and everyone has treated me so well. I thought working in Hollywood was going to be cut-throat, and the producers would be like characters from Dallas who would sit behind big desks, smoking cigars and bullying people. But everyone was easy-going and made me feel at home.”  - Alex Kingston

Favourite and Least Favourite Things About The Gilmore Girls Revival


- Rory and Logan
- Life and Death Brigade Scene, it was wonderful and magical and I love those boys, especially Finn (getting offended at being called a New Zealander)
- Luke’s speech to Lorelai
- Luke giving out fake WiFi passwords
- Lane and the band still rocking
- the wedding which made me cry
- the ending (this may be controversial)
- Rory and Jess as friends
- using “Reflecting Light”
- Michel being married to a man
- the part where Gypsy was like “you can’t think of ANY OTHER GAYS” lmao
- everything about Luke and Lorelai


- how Emily and Lorelai didn’t seem to have made any progress at all. Like come on.
- they tried to make parallels with Luke/Jess Rory/Lorelai Logan/Christopher but that so does not work, they’re completely different (Rory’s an adult, not a pregnant teen, Logan would drop everything and raise a kid with her he was just waiting for her to ask, and Jess pining after Rory for years seems so bad, like what the fuck, he’s not Luke) (the storylines would be okay if they weren’t pushing the parallels… Except Jess pining, he deserves better)
- Lane’s band not being more famous, though I guess it is realistic
- we need more Lane and more Paris
- Lorelai should have bought the Gilmore House and turned it into the extra part of the inn
- the Paul thing, not because I thought she treated him badly, because it seemed as though he wasn’t exactly chasing after her, but because it was annoying
- probably more but I’m still absorbing