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Let’s talk about the concept of a non-apology.

Most of us have heard a non-apology in our lives. The key features of a *true* apology include:

-An admission of wrongdoing.

That is, a specific acknowledgment that you fucked up, in a way that lets the other person know that you understand how you fucked up.

-A lack of excuses/defensive behavior/pity partying.

The person can’t say “sorry” and then defend themselves. Doing this implies they still agree with their prior actions. If this is true, then the “sorry” is an attempt to APPEASE. It isn’t REGRET. Such an apology means nothing. Without regret, the person can and probably will continue the behavior. The phrases or sentiments “I’m sorry, BUT…” or “I’m sorry you feel” is common.

-A retraction and details on future behavior.

Talking about regret again, here. They offer a concrete attempt to amend thier actions, mostly because they recognize that they were wrong. If they were misunderstood, they attempt to FIX this misunderstanding in a way that lets the other person know they regret the original interpretation. And give specifics on how they will avoid this behavior in the future.

Now let’s hear a few quotes from Logan Paul’s apology.

“This is a first for me.”

“I’ve never made a mistake like this before….I’m still a human being. I can be wrong.”

“That’s never the intention.”

“I was misguided…I still am.”

“I do this shit every day…one may understand it’s easy to get caught up”

“…for the first time in my life I’m regretful to say I handled that power incorrectly. It won’t happen again.”

Did you hear him relating understanding as to how he messed up? I didn’t.

Did you hear an acknowledgement that he even messed up, apart from a “monsoon of negativity” (translation: bad PR)? I didn’t.

Did you hear him express regret or acknowledgement of the incorrect content of the video? I heard him defending his side.

Did you hear him make excuses saying he’s uploaded a 15 minute video a day for a little over a year and that’s how he lost perspective? Because I did. I know multiple YTers who’ve uploaded several times a day for many years - and what Logan did would never even cross their minds. Shout-out to morals.

Did you hear him expressly say that he will amend his behavior at all in the future? Because I didn’t. I heard “I won’t handle my Very Great Power incorrectly again.” Which means shit-all.

Did you even hear an attempt to amend the behavior he’s apologizing for? I didn’t.

But did you catch the attempt to keep all his subscribers with a community hashtag that guilts his young followers to keep him anyway? #StaywithmenomatterwhatshitIpullbecauseotherwiseyourenotarealfan?

Because I did!

Logan Paul doesn’t acknowledge what he did wrong or try to make amends in this “apology” because Logan Paul doesn’t think he did a single thing wrong, and therefore doesn’t think he should have to do anything to “fix” it. He wouldn’t have even given it a second thought if not for the backlash. He doesn’t intend to change his behavior.

This is a statement to attempt to cover his ass with Youtube advertising and his subs. If the story gets to main media, it might get to the parents of his subs or to the companies indirectly paying his salary.

Btw, if these guidelines to a non-apology sound familiar to you, it’s because non-apology is used by a LOT of manipulative people, including but not limited to abusers. Please do not be friends with someone who regularly gives out non-apologies.

You can’t defend Logan Paul. What he did was absolutely disgusting and the pinnacle of him making a jackass out of himself in Japan. Throughout his visit he has been obnoxious to the Japanese. Tourists like him are why people from other countries dread when Americans visit. 

There is a process to making videos. You have to go back and edit them. If he was truly that troubled by seeing that hanging, he would have most likely edited it out. He would have cut the footage there. 

But, Logan wanted to see a suicide. That’s the reason why he came into that forest with his crew, that’s the reason why he purposely went off the designated trail (they have that in place so tourists don’t see anything). And the worst part of it is, he exposed his very, very young audience to an actual hanging. He blocked out his face, but he still zoomed in, he still showed the purple, swollen hands to children. If he was truly that shaken, he would not have put the man’s corpse in his thumbnail. He put that there to get people’s attentions and views, to prove he wasn’t click baiting. 

What about the children who watch his videos who did lose someone they loved to suicide? That could be extremely triggering for them. 

If he had really cared, he would have stopped recording and he would have alerted the park. But, no, he and his friends laughed and joked and focused on the corpse. Remember, his audience is mostly consisted of kids and young teens. If any of them were struggling with their mental health, what kind of message does that give them? 

And for that poor man, we don’t know why he did it. Maybe he had mental health issues or maybe he struggled with a chronic, physical illness and didn’t want to hurt anymore, but not long ago, he was a breathing, living human being with family and friends. Those that knew him would be able to recognize him immediately from the video, and to have this dumbass American and his merry band of idiots put his hanging corpse all over the internet and make a complete joke out of it must be the worst feeling in the world. No matter what they do, that video will never go away. They saw their friend, their brother, their husband, father, son, boyfriend’s corpse in a thumbnail of a viral Youtube video, used to get views and coverage. 

He chose a secluded spot to end it all, hoping not to get any attention, and look what happens. His struggle and lost battle was turned into a joke for millions of people to see. I hope he found peace because even in death, he couldn’t get it. 

Logan is twenty-two. He’s not a kid, stop babying him. He’s a grown ass man who knows right from wrong, and he should face consequences for his actions. He purposely exploited a suicide victim. Even a teenager can tell you that’s fucked up. He knew what he was doing. 

Most importantly, though, parents seriously need to start monitoring what their children see on YouTube and be aware. Between this and Elsagate, their children are being exposed to horrific images. YouTube needs to get their shit together. 

Relatedly, HOLY GOD, look at this. They made a marker showing exactly where they sat for the photo, so you can re-create it.

When people dig this shit up in 3,000 years, they are deadass going to believe we worshiped the Beatles as deities. And I’m not even sure they’ll be wrong.

Archaeologist 1: Metal buttprints?! What in the HELL?

Archaeologist 2: Ah yes. From the Bug Cult. Intended for ritual purposes.

what a good day to remember that logan and jake paul aren’t just annoying fuckboys that look like toes, they’re disgusting racist phobic ableist asses who will do anything for attention, even recording a suicide victims’s actual dead body and laughing about it For The Lols

they’ve done too much to just say sorry, and the apologies they give are always weak non-apologies. they don’t mean it, they are never sorry for the things they do, they’re just sorry that they keep getting called out. those guys are beyond trash, anybody who supports them is trash, and honestly what logan paul did today should warrant his social media being deleted or at least suspended. just erase him please.


TBT the time Paul McCartney sang “Michelle” in the White House and the President of the United States was like a high school teenager with a crush.[x] 


Evolution of how different boarders draw Peridot.

Note: a rotation refers to a group of episodes (4 in SU’s case), one for each board team slot. Episodes are boarded in a specific pattern with teams, and both production seasons 2 and 3 have 13 rotations

Alice In Chains filming Man in the Box. Malibu State Park, 1990.

“I started writing about censorship. Around the same time, we went out for dinner with some Columbia Records people who were vegetarians. They told me how veal was made from calves raised in these small boxes, and that image stuck in my head. So i went home and wrote about government censorship and eating meat as seen through the eyes of a doomed calf.”
- Layne Staley about Man in the Box

Everyone: *kicks down door* ALRIGHT 2018, BRING IN YOUR WORST SHOT!

Logan Paul: Disrespects Japanese culture and makes jokes about a guy who committed suicide.

Everyone: *closes door*