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WOW. If any of you like eddsworld go check out Patryks blog! Jesus fuck you people are hilariously disgusting! I knew Tumblr was bad but this was just sickening. Paultryk was fun, yeah, but oh dear christ- you people took this too far. I feel incredibly awful for Patryk and Paul but OH WELL- YOU PEOPLE WANTED MORE AND PUSHED IT BEYOND ITS LIMIT BECAUSE YOU ARE SO SELF CENTERED AND SELFISH YOU DIDN’T THINK ABOUT HOW THESE PEOPLE FEEL. I’m just done here, i’m done with eddsworld, i’m done with Tumblr- everything. You sick fucks just don’t know when to stop- take your gross, taboo, fetishsizing asses away from me.

With my sincerest “love” 


  • Paul: If John was gay, he would've hit on me along time ago.
  • Reporter: What about the time he-
  • Paul: If he was gay, he would've hit on me along time ago.
  • Reporter: I know, but-
  • Paul: IF HE WAS GAY, he would've hit on ME along time ago.
  • Reporter: I understand Paul, but what I've heard John-

Q: “Hi Paul, we’ve heard a story about you appearing on a Beach Boys song ‘playing’ a stick of celery. Is that true?”

Paul: “Yeah, that is true, yeah! I mean it was wild and wacky days, you know, and I just went round to the studio because they invited me. I just thought it would be fun to sit there and watch them record, ’cause I’m a big fan. And so I was there, and then it was, I think, Brian who came over and said, ‘Oh Paul, got a favour to ask: would you mind recording something?’ I thought, ‘Oh, no! But great, I could do that’. Oh God, I’m gonna be singing on a Beach Boys record or something, you know! I got a bit kind of intimidated and thought, ‘Okay, here goes nothing’. And they said, ‘Well, what we want you to do is go in there and just munch!’ …Well, I can do that! So, if you hear somebody munching celery, that’s me!”


(Paul x Reader)

Request:  Can you write a one shot where the reader plays the violin and one day while she’s playing, Paul heard and goes to watch and then when she turns around he imprints on her? Thanks! Btw, I love your blog

Changing schools in the middle of the year should be something you’re used to by now but you weren’t. You were shy and didn’t make friends easily, so moving every few years or even months hadn’t helped you change that fact. Every time you finally managed to get to know people better you had to move away again. There wasn’t any other way because of your fathers work, you knew that so you never complained, though you weren’t happy about it at all. You always felt lonely, having no one to turn to or even talk. It wasn’t really the life you dreamed about but surely things would be better once you finished school and could live on your own.

Your first day at school would be tomorrow and you couldn’t have been more nervous. No matter how often you had been through this, it was something you’d never get used to.

Trying to distract yourself and stop thinking about your inevitable doom you took the car and started to drive. You had no idea where to but it didn’t matter, you just needed to get out of the house for a bit.

You stopped in the middle of nowhere and go out of the car to head into the woods. The place was near the ocean and looked nice and relaxing, so you hoped it would calm you down and take some of your fears away. You get out your violin and start to play while facing the ocean, the music carrying through the woods.

Paul had been on his way home when he suddenly heard the noise. Well, more like music than noise but still, it was odd. There usually weren’t people that far out here.  

He walks into the direction of the music and sees you standing with your back to him. The sound was actually quite enjoyable so he stayed for a bit and listened while he watched you.  

“Is someone there?” You suddenly ask and put down your instrument after hearing something behind you. You spin around and look at a boy, leaning against a tree.

“Damn it…” Paul mumbles, his eyes growing bigger as he stares at you. He knew exactly what it meant that he was feeling when he looked at your face. He had just imprinted on you and didn’t even know who you even were.

“Are you okay?” You take a step towards him with a worried expression, “You look really pale.”

“What’s your name?” He suddenly asks and you give him a confused look.


“Do you live here?”

“I just moved here, why?” You weren’t sure why he was asking all these questions and it was a bit weird.

“My name’s Paul.” He nods, “I’m sure I’ll see you around.” He tells you before he turns around and leaves you standing there.

You didn’t realize it back then but your life had just changed fundamentally.


“your fate has been adjusted…”

● the adjustment bureau.
Mary Berry 'to lead new rival' to the Great British Bake Off on the BBC
Mary Berry is being lined up to join Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins in a new BBC cookery competition, after Paul Hollywood became the only Great British Bake Off presenter to follow the programme to Channel 4.

This article is great. Highlights include:

- Mary Berry refused to even enter formal talks with Channel 4. LOL. 

- The BBC have told Mary she’s going to be there go-to cookery host until she chooses to retire

- The BBC is already in talks with Mary, Mel and Sue to produce a competition for next summer

- The BBC rushed to put out Mary’s announcement she wasn’t going with the show because they heard Paul was putting out his statement that day and wanted to undermine him

- Channel 4 have said that the show will run longer than 60 minutes so that the adverts don’t eat into the show’s running time (called it)

I’m now firmly in the camp of being so resentful of Love Productions for imploding my favourite show that I’m hoping the BBC will twist the knife by exercising the stipulation in their contract that says they can’t have the GBBO main format on another channel until 2018, giving themselves time to launch their new, sure-to-be awesome show. Stick it to ‘em, Auntie Beeb. 

Another time, John and I were chatting in my office when he suddenly paused in mid-sentence: “Is that Paul?” I was taken aback, because there was no one else in the office or visible on the sidewalk outside the window. I asked John whom he meant. He had heard Paul McCartney’s voice singing from my radio upstairs. I wasn’t even aware the radio was on. I realized then how finely attuned John was to the music of his former band mate.

- John Lennon’s eye doctor, around 1975

Then one day during a typical emotional tirade, Marilyn’s temper exploded and she shouted at Paul: “You’re just a bastard!”

“What do you mean by that?”, Paul asked.

“Do you think that’s your real father?” she said in a snide tone pointing to a photograph of Ken. “Look, he doesn’t even look like you.”

She paused to seek out a photograph of her old sweetheart. “This is your father.”

She then related to Paul the story of how she had dated a boy through high school but had dumped him for Ken Bernardo after he had thrown the towel in on a college or university career. After she and Ken were married, Paul heard she gave birth to David and Debbie, but then in the early 1960s she returned to Kitchener and had a brief affair with her former lover. Marilyn then told Paul the shocking news that she’d become pregnant and Ken had reluctantly taken her and her illegitimate baby back into his life.


Marilyn’s revelation clawed at Paul’s soul. The feeling of betrayal by the woman who should have loved him more than anyone in his life would not leave him ever. Tension rose dramatically in the Bernardo house. Paul became less obedient and openly ridiculed his mother. Whenever her name came up in a conversation he mocked her, calling her a “slob,” a “big fat cow”, a “fucking cunt,” and a “whore.”

(source: “Deadly Innocence”)


I just watched Cat People which features this awesome track by David Bowie…

19th September 1969 | David Wigg interviews Paul McCartney at the Apple offices in London, one day before John Lennon announced he was quitting. Their discussion would air a few days later on the BBC Radio-One program ‘Scene and Heard’

David: “Paul, what about the future of Beatles? I happen to know that the organizers of the Isle Of Wight pop festival are going to ask you and the rest of Beatles if you will top the bill next year at the Isle Of Wight. Now, what’s your reaction to a thing like that? Are you likely to go back on stage and perhaps do a show like that?”
Paul: “I don’t know, you know.”
David: “Does it appeal?”
Paul: “I’ve never known. I didn’t know when we were playing the Cavern that we’d be on the Royal Variety Performance. And after that all the papers said, “Well, what’s left for them”. So then we went to America. They said, “What’s left for ‘em’ then”, you know and we got into making better albums and stuff. I mean, I just don’t know what’s gonna happen, it’ll be alright though.”