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“Tis The Season For Scenarios!!”

[Merry Crimble]

Is banging on the door singing Christmas carols: Benmont Tench

The two playing football with the fruit cake: Bob Dylan x Micky Dolenz

The one spiking the eggnog: Ron Blair

The one drinking straight from the bottle: Ringo Starr

The only dressed up as Santa: Tom Petty

The one stripping to Let It Snow: Charlie Watts

Is making snow angel outside: Brian May

Is putting inappropriate appendages on the snowmen: Stevie Nicks

The two who want to have a snowball fight: Roger McGuinn x Chris Squire

The one wrapped in a cocoon of blankets: Joan Baez

The one who set the oven on fire: Howie Epstein

The two who are stealing cookies: Steve Howe x David Gilmour

The one walking around with mistletoe having out of their pants: Davy Jones

The one dressed as a sexy elf: EmmyLou Harris

The two fighting over what Christmas movie to watch: Bill Wyman x Rick Wakeman

The one passed out caressing a slipper: Rick Wright

The checking the presents by shaking them: Stu Sutcliffe

The one forced to be at the party: Bonzo

The one who forced them: Roger Waters

The ones yelling about going out sledding: Paul McCartney

The one who is going on about streaking in the snow: Roger Meddows Taylor

The one fighting with an inflatable decoration: Freddie Mercury

The one swearing at the tree after they’re tangled in the lights: Tony Kaye

The one singing Halloween songs: Stan Lynch

The two chucking ornaments at each other: Brian Jones x Carl Palmer

The one taking pictures of everyone: Alan White

The one trying to seduce a poinsettia plant: Bill Bruford 

The one offering to make everyone hot chocoa: Ian Anderson

The two who can’t stop being loving to each other: Keith Moon x Gram Parsons

The one bitching about the amount of snow: Nick Mason 

The one making inappropriate Christmas puns: George Harrison 

The two dressed in animal onsies and cuddling on the couch:  Jon Anderson x Pete Townshend

The two wrestling on the floor: Mike Nesmith x John Entwistle

The one recording them: Syd Barrett

The one cooking the dinner in a Tis the season to be naughty apron: Chris Hillman

The one pissing their name in the snow: Todd Rundgren

The one realing “A Christmas Carol” while acting out all the parts: Suzi Quatro

The one walking around holding candles to their chest saying light me: Peter Tork

The one having lost their pants but found a sweater: Michael Clarke

The one wearing a Santa hat that says “Jingle These”: (I actually have this hat!!😂) Keith Emerson

The one throwing candy coins at the carolers: Gene Clark

The one stuffing everyone’s stockings with porn: John Deacon

The one trying to smoke a candy cane: Jonesy

The one drunkingly serenading the cat: Roger Daltrey

The one rolled up in the area rug chanting “They are a Christmas burrito!”: David Crosby

The two decorating naughty gingerbread men: David Cross x John Lennon

The two who have eaten the whole gingerbread house: Mick Jagger x Robert Plant 

The one wearing the wreath as a crown: Jim Morrison

The one fascinated by the jingle bells on their slippers: Mike Campbell

The two eating Santa’s cookies: Jackson Browne x Greg Lake

The one telling the kids there is no Santa: Jimmy Page

The two giving kids bag of candy coal: John Densmore x Pete Best

The one mooning the carolers: Keith Richards

The one who decided to sleep on top of the table: Robby Krieger

The one who decided to nap in the dog’s bed: Ray Manzarek

The one throwing spraying passerbys with the hose: Robert Fripp

John Lennon was easy to interview. If he was in the right mood, in the right humour and didn’t just say, get lost; if it didn’t happen to be a day he had decided was a day for not talking, then he was easy.
Paul loved talking, but could be careful and calculating, not really giving himself away. George had hobbyhorses, from which it could be hard to unmount him, some of them very boring. Ringo was amusing, but in the end had not a lot to say.
John, at the right time, told you everything, asked or unasked, bashing and lashing out all over the place, his friends and enemies, rubbishing himself as much as anyone or anything else.
—  Hunter Davies, The Guardian, September 2007

Does anyone recall…

That one episode of spongebob where the Flying Dutchman is like “DAVY JONES’S LOCKER” and it like switches to the inside of a gym locker and Davy Jones is just standing there and they’re playing fucking Day Dream Believer?

Like, this exists right? I didn’t make it up??

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Happiness and love can be found wherever you look. Things may seem bleak right now, but everything will be fine and there are people in the world who will keep you upright. From myself and the fellas above, have a brilliant day, love one another and spread all the peace and love you can manage :)


~ These past 2 Christmas’s, my sister, @take-a-giant-step , has made me a scrapbook of all my ‘husbands’ and it’s my favorite gift to get, so I thought I would share! 


Photos by: Norman Parkinson

Ivor Davis (author of The Beatles and Me On Tour) on each of the Beatles:

JOHN: wickedly funny, who spoke his mind and it often came back to bite him. Witness that Jesus statement that landed him in hot water. But brilliant and like Robin Williams a bit of a genius.

PAUL: Very PR-oriented. The most approachable of The Beatles, who knew the value of hobnobbing with the media and being nice.

GEORGE: Really uncomfortable with strangers at first. He was a bit sullen at first and the kind of guy who warmed to you later – once he felt more relaxed and got used to you.

RINGO: The newbie in The Beatles pack. Definitely the fourth banana. But as Brian Epstein said later, America made Ringo. By the time they flew home in September 1964, Ringo had become the most popular Beatle.

- Interview with Marshall Terrill for Daytrippin’ magazine (2014)

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  1. Twelve Thirty (Young Girls Are Coming To The Canyon) - The Mamas & The Papas
  2. How Lucky Am I - The Lemon Twigs
  3. Stayin Alive - The Bee Gees
  4. I’ll Get You - The Beatles
  5. Daddy’s Song - The Monkees
  6. Yes It Is - The Beatles
  7. Touch Me - The Doors
  8.  Something - The Beatles
  9.  Mamma Mia - ABBA
  10. Goodbye Stranger - Supertramp

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On August 24, 1964, The day after their concert at the Hollywood Bowl, the Beatles spent the day as guests of honor at a charity event for the National Hemophilia Association at the home of Alan Livingston, Capitol Records President, in California. The event was attended by many Hollywood celebrities and their children eager to meet the Beatles

It was a perfect summer afternoon. When I arrived, the police, fortified by a large contingent of Burns security guards, were out in full force, and several hundred screaming fans already were lining the streets outside the long, bungalow-style home. Local television stations had set up cameras, and reporters breathlessly waited to interview the arriving guests, as though they were covering the Oscars red carpet.

Then the nervous cops, hired for the afternoon, decided to close off the street for three hours - which led to a fracas with an angry neighbour who threatened to sue Livingston. She relented when she was invited to come and see for herself what all the fuss was about.

 Some of the edgy police officers got a bit too carried away with their assignment. When Brian arrived alone in a taxicab, they refused to let him through. ‘No one gets in without an invitation’ an officious cop told him. ‘Your name is not on our list.’

‘I’m the Beatles manager,’ Brian declared. 'Yeah, and I’m the King of Siam,’ the officer retorted. Just as Brian’s blood was about to boil over, the band arrived and Brian was spared the indignity of having to argue his case.

The Beatles were in their Sunday best, shoes polished and nattily attired in their narrow-lapel suits - except for Ringo, who wore a bright blue jacket and no tie, a transgression for which he was taken aside and quietly scolded by Brian. John sported wraparound sunglasses, and Paul and George reluctantly stubbed out their cigarettes and prepared to face the inevitable.

'Is there a drink about?’ George asked. 'Later.’ Brian hissed. 'This is a children’s charity.’

- Ivor Davis (The Beatles and Me on Tour by Ivor Davis)


Everybody who has been close to The Beatles over the years says that George is the one who has changed most of all. Even fans who have followed George’s progress over a relatively short time say he has changed. He was looked upon by many as the most handsome Beatle at one time. Now fans are always complaining about George letting his hair and mustache grow too unruly and untidy.

That is a superficial change. The inner ones are much more important. George, through being the youngest, was for a long time considered the youngest in every sense. In comparison with John and Paul, most people who knew all three always looked upon George as just a boy. John and Paul were precocious, physically, sexually, and in their talent. They were writing songs long before George ever thought about it.

George did have a slight inferiority complex. Not seriously, more a hero-worshiping of John. Cyn remembers him always hanging around when she wanted John on his own. So does Astrid, when she was trying to be alone with Stu. George wasn’t academic in school and didn’t show many signs of being clever the way Paul did. Taking an ordinary apprenticeship, compared with Paul the bright sixth-former and John the art student, made people unfairly think George wasn’t as good as the others. Ivan Vaughan, who was at the Liverpool Institute with Paul and George, admits he couldn’t at first see what Paul and John saw in George. “He just didn’t seem as witty or as clever.” Julia, John’s mother, was horrified when John dragged along another baby-faced friend to meet her. She’d already thought Paul just a kid.

“He was a lovely little boy,” says Astrid, telling of their Hamburg days. “He was just little George. We never judged him in any way, the way we used to work out how intelligent or clever Stu, John and Paul were. He didn’t develop as quickly as the others had done. But he wasn’t stupid. No one thought that for one minute. He made lovely jokes at his own expense, sending himself up for being young. I gave them all their Christmas presents one year, all wrapped up. John opened his first and it was an Olympia Press version of the Marquis de Sade. George picked up his and said, ‘What’s in mine then, comics?’”

George of course always had his guitar, if apparently nothing else. He was even more fanatical about mastering it than Paul or John and was much better than they were. He hardly smiled onstage, he was so busy concentrating. But he wouldn’t try to do anything else for a long time, such as drawing. He thought he wasn’t clever enough.

- Hunter Davies, The Beatles