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This NBA season has been unbelievable so far!

-Russell Westbrook averaging a TD w/ 30 pts!
-James Harden averaging 29 and leading the league in assists at 12 per game!
-Kevin Durant scoring 27 a game on 68% TS and still shooting a career low in field goal attempt!
-LeBron James averaging career highs in rebs & asts.
-Chris Paul with one of the most offensively efficient seasons of any player in NBA history.
- Anthony Davis leading the league in scoring!
-DeMarcus Cousins and Joel Embiid splashing 3’s!
-Brook Lopez with more 3’s this season than he’s had for the majority of his career.
-DeMar DeRozan averaging 30!
-LA Lakers are winning games!

Who said the NBA is watered down!?


2016 NBA All Star game teams. | West and East

John/Paul AU Collab: Paul is a Vampire and John is a Human.

Paul is supposed to be dead.

It’s the rule, the very first thing they’re taught before going out on a hunt: If your partner gets bitten, you kill him. But maybe Paul wasn’t bitten hard enough, maybe the venom didn’t take, maybe—

Paul is screaming from inside the safe room, a thick, reinforced door between them, and John can hear Paul’s hardened nails scraping against the metal surface. He’s been like this for days now, yelling the most obscene insults in a voice that’s hardly human, but every now and then he’ll be sweet, so sweet, “please John, love, just open the door for me, baby, I promise I won’t hurt you.

John almost believes him every time.

The night the screams stop, John is almost relieved to think Paul might have finally died. Then comes a voice, human in a way John hasn’t heard in so long: “John? I think I can control it now.”

John turns the latch before he can think better of it, and the next thing he’s aware of is a hard wall behind his back, pinned there by an immoveable force. Paul’s breath is on his neck, teeth grazing his skin, and John doesn’t fight; he deserves this. He should have known better—vampires can’t change.

Then Paul releases him, steps away. “I’m sorry,” he says, “I’ll try harder.”

That’s all John can hope for.

twinkpaul [graphic] | twinkjohn [fic]