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“There’s ninety-nine ways to makin’ money off of rap, and ninety-nine of them doesn’t require any rap”

As he preps his upcoming EP “Die Iconic” sideways artist Shan Vincent de Paul unveils the self-directed “Water Water, Money, Power”.  A striking and unsettling video depicting the vicious cycle of greed and power.  Inspired by the likes of Wes Anderson and Michel Gondry, SVDP demonstrates he’s equally as capable at the director’s chair as he is in the studio. “Die Iconic” drops early October, we’ll be waiting.


Polaroids by Curtis Kulig 

It seems artist Curtis Kulig, notorious for his ubiquitous “Love Me” tag, has one more fetish in addition to painting all over the world – Polaroids. Here’s just a tiny spattering of friends who’ve rolled through his New York studio. To see the vast collection, visit his Polaroid gallery

(Photo: 1. Soko 2. Paul Gondry 3. Todd Selby 4. Terry Richardson 5. Rogan Gregory 6. Yael Aflalo 7. Camilla Deterre. Text by Jauretsi)


Videoclip directed by Michel Gondry`s son Paul Gondry

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