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"In Tartarus?” (aka when Sally finds out)

I saw an old post about how Sally doesn’t know about Percy being in Tartarus, and then I remembered we never find out when and how Sally was told her son was in Tartarus with Annabeth. So of course I wrote these headcanons straight away. 

  • It’s nearly midnight when the phone rings in the apartment
  • Sally has only just managed to fall asleep, but she gets up immediately, because the last time she missed a phone call at this time she missed the chance to talk to her son
  • She answers the phone without waking Paul
  • “Hello?”
  • “Hi, Sally, it’s Rachel”
  • “Rachel, what’s wrong?” Sally asks, her heart in her mouth, because she can recognise the pain in Rachel’s voice
  • “It’s… It’s Percy and Annabeth”
  • Rachel explains the situation, how they got a message on a napkin from Annabeth in the fire, explaining where they are
  • Rachel goes on to try and convince Sally it will be okay, because they’re alive and she’s certain they’ll get out
  • Sally drops the phone
  • She immediately calls for Paul, and she think’s she might faint
  • Paul rushes out of the bedroom, still groggy
  • “Sally, what–”
  • “Paul, get the car keys, we need to leave now”
  • Paul doesn’t ask any more questions because he sees Sally’s face and he can figure out something bad has happened
  • When they’re in the car driving at top speed to Long Island in their pyjamas, Sally finally tells Paul
  • She feels about a million times worse after saying it out loud because suddenly it feels all the more real
  • Paul’s face whitens when he understands
  • “Percy…and Annabeth…in Tartarus?”
  • Sally almost cries there and then but she holds it together, she closes her eyes and focuses on what she’s going to do next
  • Soon enough they’re at Camp Half-Blood, despite the fact it’s dangerous because the Romans are marching there from Camp Jupiter
  • Sally marches to the Big House and wakes up Chiron and demands to know what he is doing about the situation
  • “Sally…” Chiron says gently. “What do you expect me to do?”
  • “Anything!” Sally practically yells. “He’s in there, him and Annabeth, all by themselves, facing all those monsters! You must be able to do something, anything!”
  • Chiron has never felt this sort of pain in all his immortal life
  • “There’s nothing I can do, Sally. Nothing anyone except Percy and Annabeth can do”
  • That’s when Sally cries
  • For all these years she’s held it together but it’s impossible tonight
  • Chiron tries to convince her that it will be okay, that if anyone can make it, it’s Percy and Annabeth
  • But Sally can’t be consoled
  • She’s a wreck for the next two days
  • Paul isn’t much better
  • It comes to the point where Sally won’t eat, and she ends up vomiting a couple of times
  • At that point Paul decides to take her to the hospital because he think’s she might be ill, he’s worried about her
  • Sally’s too worried about others to worry about herself
  • When the doctor examines Sally, it turns out she’s not ill
  • When they find out, it’s the first time they smile in days, but it’s short lived because hearing another child is on the way reminds them of the other child that might never return
  • But as they go home, Sally feels better than she has in days
  • When they go home, Paul notices Sally’s smiling
  • It’s a weak, watery, faint smile, after days of anguish, but it’s there
  • When Paul asks her, she explains
  • “We’ve got a baby coming,” she says softly. “Our family is expanding. And you know what that reminded me of?”
  • “What?”
  • “That Percy always, always comes back to his family”
  • And the sheer faith Sally has in her son, and the strength that takes, makes Paul smile too
  • They make it through the next few days, and finally they get an iris message
  • It’s good news

Yes, Josh is a ‘bully’. Yet, most of his fights have been under Paul’s order. Why? He knows if he goes against Paul he WILL go home. Cody tried, he went home twice. Jessica tried. Mark tried. All went home. If I were him, I’d gain his trust and at the best moment just backstab the fuck out of him. Imagine how iconic it will be when Josh wins the final HoH and takes Christmas over Paul?

Josh doesn’t deserve to be called worse then the Codiac Killer. Codiac Killer has said racist and transphobic remarks and believes men shouldn’t show emotion. Of COURSE he’s gonna hate Josh. Josh is a man of color who shows emotion.

before you bring up the Megan thing, he apolgized. Him and Megan made up and Megan was even rooting for him.

He’s not the best to root for, but he’s the only one left that I believe is Veronica Sawyer Voice a good person.

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mclennon beach au//modern day ✨the revised edition✨

-john works at a local pizza shop
-paul’s staying at his family’s beach house for the summer
-rehoboth beach/ocean city??
-john is paul’s family’s waiter
-they’re makin Hella™ googly eyes at each other 👀👀
-paul n family leave the restaurant n he keeps thinkin abt john
-john’s like “fuck,,,my gay ass thought love at first sight didn’t exist”
-paul returns a few days later to pick up pizza for the fam
-john helps him and before he leaves, he shoves a paper w his number into paul’s pocket
-“since you’re not gonna ask for it, i guess i’ll just have to do it myself”
-our boys start texting
-paul has to keep it on the dl tho cos his fam is super homophobic
-they hang out on the beach a couple of days a week
-they go out for crepes vv often
-boardwalk fun!! they go on a lot of rides n share funnel cakes!!
-paul’s fallin rly fast but he can’t do anything abt it cos a: he’s leavin in september and b: his fam will literally disown him
-paul plays sick n invites john over when his fam has to go to another state to visit relatives for a few days
-a shit ton of sexual tension
-they kiss n one thing leads to another n,,,,,,yall already know
-john wakes up after paul n finds him cookin in the kitchen with his shirt on
-“bitch what r u doin with my shirt?”
-“it smells like u”
-john melts into a puddle
-he stays over at paul’s another night
-they kiss a lot
-paul is rly happy but he knows that they’re gonna have to break it off eventually
-they talk abt it n decide that they should enjoy it while they can
-john eventually saves up enough money to rent a boat for a couple of hours n they go out in the bay
-blowjobs on a boat>>>>anything
-did i mention loads of hickeys?
-lots of trips to dumser’s for banana milkshakes
-paul’s cousin lillith catches them smoochin in his room
-“i’m not gonna tell anyone. i think it’s cute!”
-“thank fuck
-john always surprises paul on his balcony and they like to watch the moonlight fall over the waves
-paul always brings his record player outside n they listen to music wrapped in each other’s arms
-paul’s fam is always like “bitch where are u always goin?”
-paul n lillith just giggle n he says “i like to go for long walks”
-lots of butt touching 🍑
-beach picnics at night ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
-paul is a basic bitch (as always) and steals one of john’s sweaters
-fam: “where’d that come from?”
-paul: “i’ve had this for years!!”
-john actually has the best beach hair it’s always so ruffled and fluffy and paul can’t help but run his hands through it all the time
-john sometimes ends up staying at paul’s so long that they’ll be up to watch the sun rise over the horizon
-✨⛳M I N I G O L F I N G⛳✨
-“i wish you’d give me a fucking chance sometime”
-“it’s not my fault that i keep getting hole in ones!”
-i’m willing to fight for the fact that john rode a lil green scooter around town
-they send each other shitty memes on an almost hourly basis
-paul likes to trace his fingers around john’s face n //especially// over his nose
-vv soft relationship between two vv soft boys
-until paul has to go home lmao

Oh, the Woes of Imprinting
  • jared / kim one-shot 
  • around 3000 words 
  • part 2 of an imprinting series that can be found here 
  • rated T for language, and Paul 
  • link to my fanfiction profile here 



 Paul rolled his eyes for the fourteenth time in a single hour.




 Paul had been patient for too long. Annoyance was beginning to bubble up inside him and he found himself wanting to rake his claws across his best friend’s face.

 “Jare.” Paul sighed, looking at the wide-eyed boy next to him with exasperation.

 “Don’t you think she would be here by now if she walks this way?” Paul slumped against the tree and ran a hand through his dark, newly cut hair.

 Jared shrugged.

 “She walks home this way– I think.” Jared muttered, his exceptionally sharp eyes peeled back for any sign of the stunning goddess he’d laid eyes on in class.

 “You think.” Paul rolled his eyes again. He may as well just keep them rolled all the way back into his head. His best friend was an idiot.

 Jared Cameron and Paul Lahote had gone back to school three days ago, after two weeks of missed school. Both were on edge the whole day, and it was their very last class that turned everything onto its toes.

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Honestly… I don’t think Jess (and Cody) nominating Josh and Ramses and making Josh their target is as dumb as everyone thinks it is.

Think about it… at this point in time, there really isn’t anyone in the house that could be put up against Paul and have enough people like them to where those people will go against Paul.

Ramses v. Paul = Ramses going home
Josh v. Paul = Josh going home
Alex v. Paul = a close vote, but Alex going home
Mark v. Paul = another close vote, but Mark going home

The list goes on. Anyone you put against Paul, they’re going to get voted out and therefore, why would Jess and Cody take another shot at Paul and have it fail when they can take a shot at Josh and not get a bigger target on their back