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A Woman Seated Beside a Vase of Flowers (Madame Paul Valpinçon?), 1865 by Molly

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<br />A Woman Seated Beside a Vase of Flowers (Madame Paul Valpinçon?), 1865

Hilaire-Germain-Edgar Degas (French, 1834–1917) Oil on canvas ; 29 x 36 ½ in. (73.7 x 92.7 cm) H. O. Havemeyer Collection, Bequest of Mrs. H. O. Havemeyer, 1929 (29.100.128)

Called “Femme accoudée près d'un pot de fleurs” when the artist sold it in 1887, the painting is possibly a portrait of Mme Paul Valpinçon, wife of Degas’s childhood friend. The bouquet is composed largely of asters. A pencil study for this portrait, also dated 1865, is in the Fogg Art Museum, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Here’s one of the things I’ll be doing at this year’s San Diego Comicon! If you’re planning on going, maybe check this out. It’s not just me doing a panel so I don’t vouch for the quality or entertainment value of it, but if you absolutely hate my usual panels then it’s a good thing there are other people on this one to make it more tolerable!

Happy Happy! Joy Joy!: 25 Years of Nickelodeon Original Animation (Thursday, July 21, 11:15 a.m.-12:15 p.m.; room 6A)
For 25 years Nickelodeon has produced some of the most innovative and memorable animation in the history of television. Nick Animation Podcast host Hector Navarro finds out how and why four of the network’s most influential creators did what they did: Craig Bartlett (Hey Arnold!), Jhonen Vasquez (Invader Zim), Butch Hartman (The Fairly OddParents, Danny Phantom) and Arlene Klasky, who along with Gabor Csupo and Paul Germain, created Rugrats. Don’t miss the chance to see production art from the upcoming TV movie Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie; animation from Hartman’s new Bunsen is a Beast!; and the world premiere of Don vs Raph, a TMNT animated short written and produced by Jhonen Vasquez.

Portrait of Mme de Vermenoux
Louis Carmontelle (Frenc; 1717–1806)
ca. 1770s
Red and black chalk, with watercolor (on two conjoined sheets)
The British Museum, London | © Trustees of the British Museum