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A New Family

ayyyyy I’m alive!! this was requested FOREVER ago by my bae @genericusernameblahblahblah (I hope you like it <3)

Pairing: washette + smol!hamilsquad

Premise: George and Lafayette meet the boy they’re adopting… and his friends.

Warnings: none :D

Word Count: 1331

a/n: I am very aware that this is not how adoption works… just… for the sake of the fluff…. <3

Laf’s leg jiggled up and down, his fingers drumming a frantic rhythm on his knee. George put a calming hand on his leg to cease the bouncing.

“Gil… you have to calm down,” George said soothingly.

“But, George! What if he hates us?” Laf asked frantically.

“How could he hate you?” he replied kindly, and a little smile pulled at the corner of his husband’s mouth. Before he could respond, however, the door opened, and the adoption agency worker (who introduced herself as Eliza) and a ten-year-old ball of energy walked in.

Laf stood up to greet them and was immediately attacked by the little pony-tailed boy, who ran straight into his legs, almost knocking him over.

“Hello!” Laf cried, a huge grin overtaking his face. “You must be Alex!”

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Poor Him

He refused to open his eyes.

If he opened his eyes, he would see the disgusting truth of his life and how it was going. He would see that he was in fact alone in his bedroom and that the world did in fact hate him. He would see the desk clear of all of John’s things. He would see all of his scarves and hoodies gone from the coat rack. He would see the dresser drawers open to reveal John’s clothes gone, leaving his.

Alexander Hamilton rarely bought clothes for himself anymore. He always wore John’s clothes because they were just one size too big and smelled like him. But John’s clothes were gone.

John was gone.

He opened his eyes for a moment and adjusted to the blurry vision the tears reduced him to. It was all what he thought it was going to be. Alexander was alone, just as he knew he would be.

John and every trace of John were gone, just as he knew they would be. Alexander let out a shaky breath and walked over to his bed, Even the sheets, that John had bought for their shared bedroom, was gone.

An even worse part of the situation was that there was nothing Alex could do. He had moaned another man’s name, somebody that John and the others didn’t even know. He had been cheating on John with another, some black haired young dark and handsome beanie wearing boy. Somebody that John was probably disgusted to think about now.

Alex pulled his hand away from the bed and walked over to the dresser, slowly shutting each drawer. He searched to see if John had taken any of his clothes, a small hope that John still loved him. But none of his clothes had been touched, and all of his hoodies were still on the coat rack.

Alex sighed and looked up into the mirror. He was a mess. His hair was disheveled, there were bags under his eyes, and his lips were turned down into a permanent frown. Alex was broken without John here with him.

A few tears rolled down his cheeks as he looked away from the mirror. Even he was disgusted with himself, and so was the rest of the world. When everybody found out about what he did, he had lost everything.

Washington and him weren’t friendly at work anymore, strictly business.

Jefferson wouldn’t even look his way let alone argue with him.

All of his friends were comforting John. The last time one of his friends talked to him it was Lafayette to completely roast him for what he did.

They all blocked his number.

John wasn’t broken though. His snapchat story was all about how much happier he was without Alexander tying him down. It was him being happy and getting over some stupid boy that didn’t treat him right. Some guy that nobody should have sympathy towards, because Alex was the one that cheated and lied to John.

Poor him.

Poor John.

He was the victim, and Alex was the one at fault. He was the one at the chopping block. Obviously Alexander couldn’t feel hurt because he wasn’t the one that was cheated on. So there was no way that he could be felt sorry for. He was the villain in this story, not the damsel in distress.

Alex sighed and walked over to his shelves, picking up a photo of him and John. The picture had been taken on John’s polaroid.

They went on a date to the park, some time in the Spring. It was the two of them laying in the grass, noses touching and eyes closed. Alex picked up the frame and held it to his chest, like that was all he had left of John.

Scratch that, that was all he had left of John. Alex kept the frame tight against his chest as he slowly walked out of the bedroom and into the kitchen.

On the counter was a bouquet of flowers. Lilac and red roses. He bought them as an apology to John, but was instead met with John’s car gone in the driveway and a feeling of dread inside his heart

He picked up the roses and put them in the trash can, letting out a sob as they hit the bottom. Next he went to the living room, finding that most of the movies were gone from the shelves.

He took all of the good ones, but was Alex allowed to complain?

Alex was the cheating ex boyfriend that deserved to be treated like this.

He was the kind of guy that was ranted about on tumblr.

The epitome of catchy breakup songs.

No, Alex wasn’t allowed to complain.

So, he went back to his room and shut the door, taking another deep breath before setting the frame on the shelf and shutting the curtains. He didn’t deserve to look out the window at the rain and think about John. He didn’t deserve to look like a helpless damsel in distress. Alex didn’t deserve that.

So he took one last look at his half empty bedroom and crawled into bed, pulling the covers over him. It was the only blanket that John hadn’t took with him.

Even the pillow John always slept on was gone. Alex had nothing to hold, and some part of his brain told him John did that on purpose.

As if John had known that Alex would want to cry about it. As if John had known that Alex would want to curl up in a ball with something that smelled like John, As if John had known Alex would be broken.

But no. Of course he didn’t think Alex would feel bad or sorry.

Alex was the one that had been yelled at and then stormed out in a rush of anger and sadness. Alex was the one that had cheated and moaned another man’s name in the first place. Alex was the one that had lied to John on so many different occasions. Alex was the one that would be forgotten in the story.

He was the obstacle John had to get over to get to the rest of his love story. Alex was the minor conflict, nothing important to the storyline at all.

His story was over, ending on a sour note. Alex didn’t deserve to have any type of story arc or redemption. Alex didn’t deserve the happy ending that John deserved and would 100% get in the end.

Poor him.

Poor John.

“Don’t you ever go near my brother again, jackass.”

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The fic (Wrong one - part two) is about an AU where Thomas and Laf are identical twins. Read the fic, it’s really cool and angsty.

Trick or Treating


“It’s fine.” John muttered knowing that the holidays were a sensitive topic for Alex as is. Thomas nodded and gave him a look of worry.

“I guess I just want to know why.”

“Because I want their Halloweens to be as special as my first one was.”

“What made it so special?” Thomas asked with a confused look on his face. Alex grinned. He couldn’t wait to tell them…

Note: Happy Halloween everyone!! This story was written by myself and my friend @cjwritesfanfiction!! She’s awesome and if you arent following her I highly recommend you do! She writes amazing stories and she’s just a super cool person in general :D

Thomas noticed there was something about Halloween time that really got Alex going. Ever since the first commercials came on television on a new fall flavored drink or Halloween costumes at the nearest Party City, Alex would perk up and become… Well, he would become almost un-Alex. Instead of staying up all night working on papers, he actually went to bed at a decent time so he was able to get up earlier in the day. Instead of getting the same black coffee he always got, he would get a caramel spiced drink and sip it slowly instead of gulping it down like some kind of mutant freak. At first, Thomas thought it was just the fall season. Alex did say he thought the leaves were pretty. However, as they got closer to Halloween, Thomas noticed that it was the holiday Alex got excited for.

Now, Thomas wasn’t sure of his thesis was correct. He had only been dating Alex and John for a couple months. Honestly, he didn’t know much about his partners, which was sad to say. However, after observing the look on John’s face as Alex hung up pumpkin shaped lights, he knew that John was just as confused to Alex’s behavior as he was.

These activities went on and eventually became the new normal. The small house the three of them rented was slowly becoming a Halloween store. Neither John nor Thomas said anything about the numerous decorations until one morning when they realized Alex wasn’t there. They had seen people standing outside their house and looked out from the window.

“What are they doing out there?” He asked giving John a confused look. John shrugged and tugged on the string connecting him and Alex.

“I don’t know. We should probably go check it out.”

They walked outside towards the crowd realizing that the small gathering of people was looking up on their room. There they saw their soulmate standing on the roof hanging elaborate orange and black glowing lights. Thomas’s and John’s heart nearly stopped and they screamed up at the man on the roof to get down. Alex was a clutz sometimes and the last thing they needed was Alex falling off the damn roof.

Alex turned to look at them and slipped on a loose tile. Thomas and John screamed when they saw Alex hanging on the room by his foot, which had become wrapped around a cord. The people on the streets yelled and pointed, while Thomas and John scrambled to the latter to help Alex before he fell to the ground and broke his neck. Thomas was a little faster than John and was thankfully able to reach him before Alex started to fall to the ground. The small crowd clapped as Thomas carried Alex inside with John right behind him.

“Alex, what the hell were you thinking?!” Thomas yelled clutching his shirt and trying to contain his beating heart. Alex had scared him to death and he knew John felt the same way.

“You could have gotten yourself hurt!”

“You could have gotten yourself killed!”  

Alex frowned and looked down at the ground in shame. He didn’t want Thomas and John mad at him over something this stupid. “I’m sorry. I just- I wanted the kids on the block to enjoy the Halloween lights.” He muttered not having a single ounce of regret. It was something that Alex never got as a kid. When Alex was a kid, he was lucky to have the lights on at all, let alone Halloween lights.

John and Thomas sighed, each one of them taking one of Alex’s hands. They couldn’t stay angry with Alex for long. Even if he was an idiot sometimes. They took turns giving Alex a kiss on the cheek and sighed.

“It’s fine.” John muttered knowing that the holidays were a sensitive topic for Alex as is. Thomas nodded and gave him a look of worry.

“I guess I just want to know why.”

“Because I want their Halloweens to be as special as my first one was.”

“What made it so special?” Thomas asked with a confused look on his face. Alex grinned. He couldn’t wait to tell them…

“You’re kidding right?” Lafayette asked as they sat on Alex’s bed, working on homework. Alex shook his head, shrugging as he worked on a math problem.

“No. I’ve never been trick or treating. Whats the big deal?” He asked and Laf, always one for dramatics, flug himself back onto the bed.

“Its simply a crime! Its a day to dress up in costumes and get free candy! Its just-” Alex tuned him out as the french boy ranted and raved on about the holiday. Alex didn’t really know what the big deal of it all. Halloween was cool and all, but he was too old to dress up now..or well..thats what he had been told from the time he was 12 to now. He had never gotten to participate when he was with his biological mother. She was working all the time and Alex couldn’t go out by himself.

“Are you even listening to me?” Laf’s voice broke through his thoughts and he looked up

“Of course not. But anyways, I’m too old to trick or treat, so why worry about it?” He shrugged again. His lisp from his new braces was still there, but far less annoying than the week before when they were first put on.

“You are not! I go every year and I’ll be damned if I go out and leave you alone here. We still have a week to get a costume. You’re going with me, no if ands or buts” Laf huffed and Alex smiled some.

“Fine, fine. I don’t have the energy to argue with you. I’ll go out, but Im not promising that I’ll dress up” He agreed and laughed as Laf almost squealed in delight, tackling Alex in a hug.

“Oh my god get off me!” Alex laughed, pushing him off and into the floor.

“Everything alright in here? You boys aren’t killing each other in here are you?” Alex looked over as his mom peeked her head in the room.

“Not yet, but he’s sure testing me today” Alex laughed and Laf stuck his tongue out at him.

“Alex is gonna go trick or treating with me this year! We gotta get matching costumes, mom” Laf said, sitting up. Martha looked excited then.

“Oh we should go see if there’s anything good left in the stores!” She said and Laf nodded.

“Its not that big of a deal, really” Alex huffed and then closed his notebook.

“I’m gonna work on that essay, math is giving me a headache. Laf can I borrow your computer?” He asked and the taller boy nodded.

“Yeah, no problem…if you come look at halloween costumes with me tomorrow~” he bargained and Alex paused, weighing his options.

“Deal.” Little did they know that would lead to Alex getting absolutely no sleep that night, but he was still wide awake when the sun rose and Saturday rolled in.

“Morning mom, morning dad” Alex hummed as he walked down to the kitchen, headed straight to the coffee pot to steal the first cup of it. It was always the strongest.

“You’re sure up early” Martha commented as she made breakfast, the smell of eggs and bacon filling the air.

“Mm. Yeah I couldn’t sleep. Stayed up all night and worked on that Essay in English. The topic was really simple, so it wasn’t hard to reach the minimum requirement for pages and words..but ugh. I wish there wasn’t a maximum page cut off. I could have done a lot more if she hadn’t told me I needed to cut my draft from 15 pages to 10..” He huffed and sat at the table, drinking the still scalding hot coffee

“Alex, dear you need to get some rest!” Martha said in shock, turning to face him with a worried expression. Waving her worries off, he smiled some.

“I’ll be okay. I promise” he said and his dad spoke up next.

“Its really not healthy for you to do that to yourself, son..not to mention drinking all that coffee will stunt your growth.” George was not a man known for joking, but Alex noticed the slightest smile on his lips.

“I’m probably not going to get any taller anyways” He shrugged as he took a large gulp of his coffee just to make a point. The conversation seemed to be dropped for now as Laf eventually awoke and made his way into the kitchen.

“Morning Laf” Alex said as the tall boy sat down, looking half asleep.

“Mm..” Laf murmured something, but Alex couldn’t make it out. Laf wasn’t normally a morning person, but he wasn’t grumpy like Alex tended to be in the morning.

“Are you sure you’ll be okay to go out today?” Martha asked and Alex nodded, taking the plate of food she brought over for them.

“I’m okay. I’m not even tired” He assured her, digging into the breakfast. He still didn’t eat as much as he should, but he was getting better at it.

“You didn’t sleep last night did you?” Laf asked sleepily and Alex just shrugged.

“I’m gonna ban you from my laptop after a certain times” the other boy chuckled, shaking his head.

“I’m not letting you out of shopping with us today. We should get the decorations out too and start putting them up” Laf suggested, stealing Alex’s cup to sip on his coffee. Alex scoffed and rolled his eyes.


“Eat your heart out Alex” Laf replied evenly, taking the last few drinks of it. Alex gave an exasperated sigh, before taking the cup back, going to refill it. This was going to be a long day.

Not long after their breakfast, Alex and Laf went up to the attic  to look for the halloween decorations. Although Alex wasn’t going to admit it, he was thoroughly enjoying it. Two hours later and Laf was leading Alex by the hand through the costume isle at the halloween shop. Many stores around their area had costumes, but Laf had asked their mother to take them to this one specifically. He could see why now. The selection was pretty big. He still wasn’t all that interested, but the excitement on Lafs face did help to hold his interest on the packaged costumes.

“We’re gonna do a matching costume thing, so what kinda theme sounds good to you?” Laf asked, looking through the costumes that were hanging up.

“I dunno. You can pick. I still haven’t agreed to dress up” Alex reminded him and Laf waved him off.

“Details details” He said and pulled out one costume that looked like a generic vampire costume

“We could do super cheesy movie monsters” Laf suggested and Alex teasingly made a cross with his fingers.

“Come near me with that and I’ll be cutting you off from cheating off my homework for a month” Alex said after making sure Martha wasn’t within hearing distance. Laf huffed up and put it back.

“Alright then mister picky pants, what do you like out of these?” He asked, arms crossed over  his chest.

“Alright then, I will” Alex said defiantly, sifting through the costumes. He was grumbling the whole time he was looking, but he froze slightly as he saw one in particular. It was a prince costume, though it was too small to fit him.

“Find something?” Laf asked, peeking over his shoulder.

“A prince costume? Well, it is cute, but I havent seen anything that might go with it..hmm..lets see if we can find one of these in your size and something to match it for me” Laf suggested and Alex took another look at the costume before nodding. Ten minutes of searching held no results for the costume in Alex’s size. They had, however, found a knight costume for Laf. Without the costume for Alex, though. They were back at square one. Like before, Alex wasn’t going to admit it, but he really liked the costume. He didn’t want to pick another..if he dressed up, that is.

“Well..the costume looks pretty simple” Martha commented when the boys told her their delima

“I’m sure we could make it from regular clothes..A blue button up, pants, knee high boots and gloves. We can make a sash too for it..” She hummed as she looked at the one they had found earlier. Alex didn’t know the colors she reference, but he was excited nonetheless

“You really think we could do that?” Alex asked, not even noticing how hopeful he sounded. Martha smile and patted his shoulder gently.

“Of course. Let’s get as much as we can here and then we’ll go find the right clothes for your costume. You’ll be the most handsome prince on the streets on Halloween” She said and Alex’s face just seemed to light up like a kid on Christmas.

“Alright..” He said, going back to looking for accessories for Laf’s costume. It had everything besides the sword and shield that was presented on the front  of the costumes picture. That, thankfully, wasn’t hard to find..well..the plastic sword wasn’t hard to find. They didn’t find a shield for the costume, but Laf assured him that it would be fine without it. Alex wasn’t sure how long they spent out shopping that day, but by the time they got home, they had two costumes and a backseat full of decorations for both inside and outside. They had been decorating lightly over the month, but it looked like they would be doing even more once they got home.

By the time Halloween actually rolled around, the house was ‘spookified’, as Laf put it. Halloween lights hung from the roof and the yard was filled with fake gravestones, the porch had fake spider webs with spiders in it, there were even strobes that were recently placed on the path to their porch so that it would look a little creepier at night. Alex was slowly learning that the Washingtons were the ‘go big or go home’ family, but it wasn’t so over the top that it was annoying from an outside view. It was mostly Martha, but Alex knew his Dad enjoyed her antics. He hoped if he met his soulmates, that their relationship would be similar.

“You almost ready to go Alex?” He heard Laf from outside the bathroom door.

“Yeah, just gimme a second!” He called back, looking at himself in the mirror as he carefully tightened the ace bandage around his chest. It wasn’t uncomfortably tight, but it was noticeable. His chest was now flat, using the clips to hold it on his body. Taking a deep breath, he slipped his shirt back on  and buttoned it up, admiring how he looked in the mirror. The greys blended together in his vision and the costume started to look dull in the mirror, but he remembered what Martha said. He was gonna be the handsomest prince on the streets. Damn right he was. He wished they had  time to make a crown, but they didn’t think it would have taken as much time as it would actually take. Despite the original costume having been too small, they had bought it to use the cape it came with. Okay so it wasn’t a cape, but Alex didn’t feel like googling what it was actually called in the near or distant future. He looked awesome in it, though. Pinning the cape into place, Alex finally left the bathroom, pulling his hair up into  ponytail as he walked out.

“Alright, I’m ready” Alex said, seeing Laf leaning against the wall, waiting for him.

“Do I look okay?” Alex asked and Laf grinned at him, bowing and kneeling with a flourish.

“You look perfect, your highness” he said and Alex laughed, his face heating up. Laf laughed as well, grinning up at him.

“You look awesome” He said, getting up and dusting himself off.

“Its about time to go. You wanna get a snack before we leave?” He asked and Alex hummed.

“Sure, I mean we can eat candy if we get hungry, but mom’ll probably fuss if we do that” Alex snickered, walking downstairs and to the kitchen. Martha had managed to convince George to dress up with her. He was frankenstein and she was the bride of frankenstein. With the stern expression that his dad wore all the time, the costume suited him well.

“Are you boys ready to go?” Martha asked as she filled a bowl filled with candy.

“Almost. We’re gonna have a snack before  we go” Alex explained, sitting on a at the counter as Laf raided the fridge, getting out stuff for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Laf was making one with strawberry jelly for himself and grape for Alex, since Alexander was allergic to strawberries. They were tasty and all and he wasn’t deathly allergic, but he didn’t want to get all red and puffy before they left.

“Thanks” Alex thanked him as the taller boy brought him his sandwhich.

“Try to eat all of it tonight, alright? We’re gonna be doing a lot of walking” Laf said and Alex huffed, but nodded

“Alright, alright” He said, taking a few bites. The two talked some as they ate and Alex did managed to finish most of his sandwhich. There was only one bite left and Laf took that one for himself when Alex insisted he couldn’t finish it.

“Come on! Lets go before all the good candy gets taken!” Laf said, bouncing on the balls of his feet excitedly. Alex smiled some and hopped off the stool.

“Alright, lets go then” Alex said, grabbing his bag for candy while Laf grabbed his own. The shorter boy still wasn’t sure about this whole thing…but if Laf was happy, he’d still go out and walk for a few hours to get candy.

“You two have fun! Be safe and be back before 9!” Martha said as she opened the door for them.

“We will!” Laf said as he led Alex out the door by the hand. They stopped outside once the door was shut, Laf turning back to the door and knocking.

“What are you doing?”  Alex asked, his face twisting into that of confusion. Laf motioned for him to wait. Alex did so and after a moment, the door opened, Martha grinning at them.

“Trick or treat!” Laf said with a grin, holding his bag out. Despite his confusion, Alex still held out his little pumpkin for candy.

“Well don’t you two look cute!” she said and  dropped a handful into their bags.

“Thank you!” Laf said and Alex thanked her as well before the door was shut.

“So, would you like to explain or..?” Alex asked and Laf snickered.

“Kind of a family tradition. When mom took me trick or treating the first year I was here, she said we always have to start with the best house in the neighborhood. Ours is the best obviously” Laf said with a soft laugh. Alex nodded slowly.

“Oh” he said simply and left with Laf. He saw a lot of kids and their parents out on the sidewalks. He felt extremely out of place amongst all the kids out and about. He already knew he wasn’t going to have a good time.

He was wrong. Alex couldn’t think of a time he had had so much fun in one sitting. The night had started off slow and boring, a few places not wanting to give them candy, but then they went to some overly decorated houses that fascinated Alex. He hadn’t see so much stuff in one place. He had thought their house was overdone..but these homes really took it. Alex was a little spooked, but was still laughing from all of it. His favorite house had to be the one at the end of the block where someone was sitting next to the candy bowl like a prop, jumping at them when they went to grab candy. Had it scared him? Hell yes it did, but he enjoyed the moment afterwards when they moved on.

By the time it was getting really dark, Alex and Laf had filled up their bags and were walking home, already eating some candy.

“Wanna see if the haunted house is open? I went to it last year, its not too shabby” Laf said as they walked, sucking on the dumdum sucker he got from the last house. It wasn’t his favorite flavor, but it was still good.

“Eh, I dunno. I’m getting kinda tired. Maybe next year” Alex said with a shrug, yawning.

“Alright, alright. I don’t wanna spill any of my candy if something makes me jump” Laf agreed. haunted houses could wait until next Halloween. They walked past the ominous looking house, laughing some at the kids that ran screaming from the front door. Yeah, next year for sure.

“Ahh, home sweet home” Laf hummed as they walked up the porch steps of their house.

“Ah…shit I forgot my key, lets just knock” Laf sighed, giving the door a swift knock.

“Mom! I forgot my key lemme in! Me and Alex got a lot of candy to sort and eat” Laf called, Alex already digging into his candy as their mother opened the door, scolding them gently for forgetting their key to the house, but then laughing at how Alex had chocolate smudged on his cheek.

“Did you boys get a lot of candy?” George asked from where he was eating a kitkat from a nearly empty bowl of candy.

“Yeah! Look at all this we scored!” Laf said sitting on the floor in front of the couch and dumping it on the floor. Their dad gave a low whistle.

“Like bandits, huh?” he mused and Laf nodded vigorously.

“Yep! Alex add yours to the pile too” Laf insisted and Alex nodded, moving to sit next to him and then dumping his candy out too.

“Nice. We got a lot of chocolate this year” Laf hummed and Alex nodded, grabbing another piece of candy to eat.

“Don’t make yourselves sick with all that, now” Martha laughed, before murmuring something about a camera and hurrying off. Laf replied something, but Alex didn’t quite hear him. He was totally going to eat all of this in one sitting, no doubt about it.

“Hey! Look over here and smile!” Martha said and Alex looked over to see she had a camera.

“Alright! Say cheese!” Alex grinned at her and so did Laf

“Cheese!” they both said at the same time as she snapped the picture, the old polaroid camera shooting out the picture. Alex still wasn’t sure where she even found film for that ancient thing.

“Oh this ones a keeper for sure.” She said as she left them to eat away at their candy, Alex turning on the tv to watch whatever horror movie was on that night.

They were both sick from candy by the end of the night, but Alex was happy

Alex finished his story, sitting on the couch with the picture in his hand. He had went off to dig through old albums to find the picture sometime in the middle of the story. John hummed, resting his head against Alex’s shoulder.

“You were cute with braces” He commented, looking at the picture.

“I’m cute now” Alex pointed out with a snicker as John rolled his eyes and kissed his cheek.

“So yeah, that why I really like Halloween. It was the first real holiday I ever had with a family. I mean..I know I had them when I was a kid with my mom, but I don’t remember them. Anything before she died just doesnt feel real..ya know?” He hummed and Thomas draped his arm over the back of the couch and around them.

“I get it..but next time, when you wanna go all out on the decorations, at least let one of us help you. Only you could threaten your life in the most stupidest of ways” He sighed and Alex laughed.

“ long as I get what’s left of the candy this year after the trick or treaters come” He said, leaning up to steal a kiss from him. Thomas shook his head in exasperation, but pressed their lips together, John waiting for his kiss after Thomas.

Alex grinned and kissed him as well. Even 5 years later, this was still his favorite holiday..maybe now more than ever with his soulmates by his side.


Rating: General! There’s no smut here to worry about, it’ s just a cute and fluffy little fanfic!

JULY 6, 1957

Sounds of laughter drifted in through my open bedroom window. I looked down at the street below to see a crowd of teenage boys goofing about. I rested my head against the window pane as I watched them go about their antics, fake punching each other and running off in mad circles. A few of them were carrying guitars.

“Ay Johnny, I betcha two ciggies that yer fat arse is gonna crack the flatbed on the lorry!” one lad shouted.

He cackled while the others collapsed on the ground around him, crying tears of laughter. I snickered. One of the older looking boys in the gang walked over to the smart lad and tapped him upside the head.

“Shut yer fat gob up Shotton before I crack you one with my guitar!”

The boy held up his instrument and shook it at the lad who bolted away playfully in fear. That must be “John.” I could hear an engine rumbling up the street, backfiring a few times and the boys scrambled to gather up their gear.

“It’s here!”

The old jalopy pulled up to the curb and the boys hopped on the back. “John” paid the driver and climbed up on the back. They rearranged their equipment on the flatbed and slapped the cab of the lorry, alerting the driver to pull away slowly.

“LONG LIVE THE QUARRYMEN!” They yelled as the lorry took a left turn at the end of the street.

Quarrymen? Where have I heard that name before…? I suddenly remembered seeing a sign around the neighbourhood advertising the annual Garden Fete at the Woolton Church with some group called the “Quarrymen” that were topping the bill. That must be where they’re headed. A flash of excitement ran through me as I thought of joining the afternoon’s festivities. I’ve got to get there! I jumped up and grabbed my purse, catching a quick glimpse of myself in the mirror before I left my room. I ran downstairs and shouted to my mother that I’d be home later before she had the chance to ask me where I was going and disprove my plans and out the door I went.

I walked up the street, remembering the trail of the vehicle and went off in the direction of the church. As I neared the church, I saw the lorry parked in the courtyard. In the distance, the boys were standing on an outdoor stage. I made my way to the front of the crowd standing around. As the setup came into full view, I saw that there were five boys all together. Each of them looked to be about sixteen or seventeen, hair greased back in the Ted style, guitars slung around their shoulders. The boy named John was standing at the front of group, his back turned to the audience. Cigarette perched between his lips, he was quietly talking over some chord changes with his mates for the opening song. When he turned around, my heart almost stopped beating. He had on a pair of black drainies and a faded, red plaid shirt. His darkish blonde hair was quiffed up in an ode-to-Elvis style and framed his mature face. His jawline and scowling expression cut the air as swiftly as his handsomeness took my breath away.

Lost in daydream over his looks, I snapped back into reality when the microphone screeched. John rocked the microphone back in forth in its stand to resolve the technical difficulty.

“Ello boys and girls. I’m John and this is me band the Quarrymen. We’re mighty glad to be here and we hope you enjoy the show yeah!”

And with that, they counted off and kicked into “Come Go With Me”. Still focused on the leading Ted, I watched as he plunked out the chords and half shouted the song because of the terrible amplification. I loved this song but something about it sounded off. Come little darling, come and go with me… Down, down, down, to the penitentiary… He’s singing the wrong words! I giggled at his comedic lyrics as only a true git could forget the words to a song this badly. He squinted as he scanned the crowd with his eyes and then he suddenly stopped in my direction. He opened his eyes wide, a smile cracked at the corner of his mouth and he winked at me! My heart skipped a beat and I found myself beginning to smile like crazy.

“What a great little band, eh?”

Someone beside me nudged my elbow. I turned and locked eyes with a boy in a white jacket. His wide hazel eyes sparkled in anticipation of my answer.

“Yes of course!” I cheered.

He smiled back at me with delight, the jerry-curl of dark hair on his forehead raised with his kind expression.

“Say, whaddya think if we hang around a little while and see if we can chat up with the band after the show? The name’s Paul by the way.” He charmingly stuck out his hand for me to shake.

There was just something in his eyes I couldn’t resist.

“I think that would be an absolutely wonderful idea, Paul!” His touch felt like an electric spark and in that instant, I knew I was becoming the witness of something much bigger than just a friendship with these two lads.

I turned back to the band. John was still focused in my direction with a smile on his singing lips. I beamed a smile back at him and I think it made him blush. Paul and I jumped up and down to the music, feeling the beat of the drum in our souls. Would the lads I met that day ever change the world with their music? Two teenage hooligans with beat-up guitars and Rock ‘N’ Roll in their hearts could never do such a thing. But then again, maybe some day they’d break hearts around the world just as they broke mine that summer day in Liverpool.

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here’s a quick George imagine for the day, it’s a little cheesy but I think you guys might like it!

Imagine George being interviewed. You stand on the sidelines watching and waiting for all the cameras to stop flashing and all the manic reporters to quit asking their silly questions. George and the rest of the boys politely answered their questions though.
“Is fame what you imagined it would be?”
“What was America like?”
“When will your next album be released?”
It seemed like they never stopped. George called on one reporter who stepped up and asked, “George, would you like to comment on your relationship with Ms. (y/l/n)?”
George smiled and looked over to you. His brown eyes brushed over you as he thought about his reply. He kept his eyes on you all the while, “Well,” he began, “she’s the loveliest bird in the world and I still can’t believe she’s mine,” he finished, making your cheeks turn bright red. Paul and John laughed and began whispering to each other. George’s head whipped around to the both of them, “Oh, come off it you two,” he said in his Liverpudlian accent, making the room erupt with laughter. The reporter continued, “People are saying she’s the luckiest girl in the world, what do you have to say about that?”
George laughed and grabbed the mic and quickly said, “I can assure you, I’m the lucky one.”
He looked over and gave you a wink and you wanted nothing more than to hold him so tightly in that moment. This interview couldn’t end soon enough and as soon as it did he jogged over to you, a smirk on his face.
“Did you enjoy yourself, darling?” He asked sarcastically.
But really you did.
You grabbed him by his tie and pulled him into a hallway near by.
“What’s all this-”
But you kept hold of his tie and dragged him into a long kiss. You could feel a smile on his lips as he wrapped his arms around your waist.
“Alright lovebirds, not in front of the children,” John said, playfully shielding Ringo and Paul’s eyes. The two of you laughed as you walked back to the taxi with the rest of the boys and onto the next interview.


John gets sick and Paul cares for him. Fluffy McLennon…

1964 – After a long and exhausting concert, in which the fans had been louder than the actual musicians, which wasn’t a surprise anymore, the four lads stumbled down the stage. The screams were still reverberating through their heads, ‘causing a shrill and thumping headache, their foreheads were covered in sweat and limbs were wobbly and idle. And though they all wished nothing more, than to get into bed, after a sparse supper and a warm shower, there was one, who definitely felt the worst. John tried his best to hide from his mates that he wasn’t just feeling floppy, but really properly sick. Chills sent shivers down his spine, cramps and bellyache made him flinch, and although he was hiding his pain very well, behind a forced grin and inappropriate, as well as bad jokes, he couldn’t prevent Paul from realizing that something was wrong.

It was on their way back to the hotel, that the bass player voiced his concern, a frown adorned his flawless face, and he furrowed his brows. “Are ‘ye alright, Johnny? Lookin’ bit pale.” John, who looked out the car’s window, watching as the houses and bus stops and pedestrians flew by, only shook his head, no, he didn’t want to look Paul in the eye. Paul knew when he lied. To John’s relief, Paul just shrugged and didn’t ask any further.

Arriving at the hotel, George, Ringo and Paul agreed on having a last drink, to review the evening and maybe have a laugh before going to bed. John refused their offer, to accompany them and, left, hastily explaining, that he was tired, heading towards the elevators. After disappearing in his and Paul’s room, he undid his tight tie and threw his jacket over the rest of the sofa, loosening the buttons of his shirt, noticing that, albeit he was shivering from the frostiness in the room, he was sweating like a swine. John didn’t like the thought of getting sick, to be honest, nobody really enjoys being ill, but in his case, it was a huge disaster. They still had to play about five or four shows until he would be able to head homewards, where Cyn and Julian would be waiting.
He plopped down on his bed and decided just to have a nap, preferably even sleep, though it was very optimistic, to think of proper sleep in his condition. Cramps were still rummaging in him, his head ached like a bitch and he was freezing as if it was middle of December. After half an hour of lying and turning over and over, until he felt slightly dizzy, he regretted having eaten a burger for lunch. Soon he jumped out of bed, as fast as his wobbly knees made it possible and ran towards the bathroom, where he vomited in the toilet. Still kneeling over the bowl, he rubbed his eyes and combed damp strands out of his face.

He was feeling shite, really shite, as if he had just been run over by a truck. All he wanted to do, was to fall asleep and not wake up, until he wouldn’t feel so sick anymore. John didn’t realize, he wasn’t alone anymore, until he brushed his teeth in front of the mirror. Paul stood in the door frame; his reflection was smiling knowingly at John. “Sure you are alright?” John rolled his eyes at that, but would probably have laughed at it, if he wasn’t so ailing. He spat out in the sink, happy to taste fresh peppermint instead of the sour bile. “Well…” He stated but decided, not to go on. There wasn’t much to say about his state.

“You should have said something! I wouldn’t have had a glass with Geo and Rings… take a bath, that will make you feel better, I promise.” Paul ordered and left the room before John could’ve retorted anything. He shrugged at that, predicting that he could catch some sleep later.

A few minutes later, John lie in the hot water, and though his head ache got better, his cramps were still clamoring. Paul came in, carrying a book, one of John’s pajamas and one of the fluffy towels that they had in hotels. He folded the towel neatly over its holder and placed himself on the closed toilet lid. Without any explanation he opened the massive book on a seemingly random page and started reading. “Cinderella was a beautiful girl, though she hid her beauty and adorableness involuntary behind the soot that covered her face and clothing…”, ignoring John’s questioning look, he continued reading.

John smiled at that, just lying in the bathtub, trying to forget about the fever that made his blood boil, or the throbbing pain, that made him wince, and listen to the sound of his lover’s voice. It seemed so ridiculous, a grown man listening to Cinderella’s tale, but he still enjoyed it, because Paul seemed to enjoy it.

After Paul had dried John with the towel, although John had insisted, he could do it himself; Paul dragged him to bed and tucked him in the silky covers. The younger lad then excused himself and later returned with wet hair, dressed in his loosely bundled dressing gown and carrying a tray with tea. He put the tray down on the bedside table and then watched him with a stern expression.

John’s forehead was covered in sweat and his breathing was heavy, his need of handkerchiefs increased. “How d’you feel now, little Cinderella? Need anything?” He asked and sat down beside John’s numb body. The guitarist’s eyes opened fluttering at the sound of Paul’s voice and gave him a weak smile that was actually meant to be strong. “Nah. But the tea will do me good, love.”
Paul allowed himself a loving grin and gently rubbed John’s forehead, to distract him from the pain. Minutes later, John had emptied his first mug of tea and curled up into a ball, the tea’s warmth filling his slightly shaking body. Paul smiled dreamily at him, not less concerned, but happy to see John in such a settled condition, after he had felt so bad.

He turned out the light and quietly crawled under the blankets next to Johnny. The younger Beatle wrapped himself around John and his warmth spread all over his body. John cuddled up to the welcoming body around him and felt less lost, Paul’s content humming steadily sending him to sleep.

The Music Assignment (McLennon High School AU. Requested by Anonymous.)

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John and Paul in detention. AU. Requested By Anonymous.

“Lennon.” The younger boy hissed. “Shut up, we’re not supposed to talk.”

Lennon, that being John Lennon, laughed and crossed his arms that combined with his grin and crossed legs over the back the chair in front of him depicted Lennon as a ‘bad boy’. He had the look down, slicked back hair, black leather.
Paul scoffed at the try hard.

“Don’t be a baby Macca me boy, what’s gonna happen? He’s gonna punish us? News flash: we’re already in detention.” John flashed a grin at Paul.

The teacher that was supposed to watch them had left the room, Paul had glared at the door for several minutes before John began to talk to him. Although ‘talking’ wasn’t the right term, ‘flirting’ would be more appropriate.
It annoyed Paul that he and Lennon were the only people in detention.

“We’ll get in more trouble.” Replied Paul cooley.

“I think you’re lookin’ for a bit of trouble McCartney.”

The tone of John’s voice made Paul flush slightly and shift his position, he coughed and tried to turn his head towards John lest he be trapped by that grin.

“Don’t get shy.” John teased almost affectionately.

“Don’t flirt with me then.”

“I make you shy?”

Paul’s blush darkened.

“Oh I do.” John laughed, the sound rang in Paul’s ears and it wasn’t gloating or mean, It simply sounded astounded and a little happy.

“Shut up.”

“Hey, look at me while I’m flirting with you.” John whined. He pouted and stared at Paul. “You’re rude you know.”

Paul rolled his eyes.

“I’m sorry you’re not used to people not flirting with you.”

“I don’t just flirt with anyone.” John defended slightly.

“Really.” Paul muttered skeptically.

“Only the pretty ones.” John offered.

Paul couldn’t muster up a reply.

“Which you are.” John continued. “That’s why I said that. I was alluding to the fact that I think you’re-”

“I get it.” Paul interrupted. A happy kind of breathless laugh escaped his lips before He could stop him.

John grinned.

“Why you in detention?” John changed the subject.
Paul was surprised at how sudden he did that.

“Some guy, Ritter was his name, tried to beat up my friend. I hit him, he hit me.” Paul pointed to the rather large bruise on his cheek, all dark purple. It stood out against his perfect white skin, made his hazel eyes shine in an odd way. “I’ve now got detention.”

John stared at Paul for quite a while, Paul stared back and it looked as though John was surprised by how long the other boy held eye contact for.

“You’re both free to go.”

An older male voice shocked both boys into the real world, their heads snapped towards the door and stared at Mr. Martin with wide eyes. He, Mr. Martin that is, was fighting back a smile at their shock.

The boys gathered their stuff and walked past Martin eagerly.
Paul smiled shyly while John grinned and winked stating he’d see the man tomorrow, ‘same time, same place’, Paul rolled his eyes at that (being surprised at the affection that came with the action).

“Hey.” Paul called out when they were about to part ways. “You never told me why you were in detention.”

John grinned, his eyes sparked up and his shoulders straightened almost proudly as if he had been waiting for that moment.

“Some fucker hit this guy I really fancy, gave him a nasty bruise, I hit him back. He deserved it, don’t ya reckon?”

John flashed one last grin at Paul’s shocked face and walked away. His hands in his pockets, his shoulders back to slumped but there was a spring in his step.

Paul face broke out in a smile. Small chuckles fell out and by the time he began to walk towards his house he was laughing. His sides and cheeks hurt but he didn’t stop. His face was red and happy and his eyes were shinning and there was a spring in his step and a happiness in his laughter that not even his father’s disappointed face could break.