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Geoff Jhons teases “Gambi Cleaners”

Gambi was the name of ‘Paul Gambi’ a tailor artist in Starling City, who also being called 'Crime Tailor’. Paul Gambi is a tailor who works out of a small shop in Central City. He is infamous for designing and providing costumes for Central City’s most notorious super-villains, particularly the “Rogues” super-villains team. Later he designed costumes for Justice League Europe, a team which included the successor of the arch-foe of many of his former clients, Flash.

This is confirmed the villain will be costumed on this DC Comic “FLASH” CW live action series.

Who’s gonna take 'Paul Gambi’ role on the series?
With the “Rogues will this series gonna made it’s own version of "Suicide Squad” super-villains/anti-hero teamate like “ARROW” had did"?

Maddy pinchin’ the cheeks!

Of all the Boxx photos on their website, the ones of Maddy mushing the guys’ faces were my favorites.  I love the looks on their faces and how much she enjoys loving on the guys.  I want to be Maddy when I grow up.

They can’t do anything about it except let it happen.  It’s awesome.