paul friedman


Screencap #1: The Prism Award, which has the following text on the plaque:

‘Entertainment Industries Council presents this PRISM AWARD to Elementary “No Lack of Void”/”End of Watch” which best exemplifies accurate depiction of alcohol and tobacco use and addiction in a Drama Series Multi-Episode Storyline July 16 2015′ [twitter source]

Screencap #2: Tweet by Robert Hewitt Wolfe (@writergeekrhw) at 7:28PM on 16 July 2015:

‘Honored that “End of Watch” won a Prism Award (along with “No Lack of Void” by @JeffreyPaulKing & @LizFriedman)’ [twitter source]

Robert’s tweet screencaps the original tweet by the Elementary Writers (@ELEMENTARYStaff) which reads:

‘Some new hardware for our Writers’ Room! We’re honored to have won a 2015 #PrismAward!’