paul factory

Factory workers, including (top row, in front of the Jackson Pollocks) Paul Morrissey, Edie Sedgwick and Gerard Malanga, and (middle row), Danny Williams, Andy Warhol, Lou Reed, Sterling Morrison and John Cale, December 1965. Photograph: Nat Finkelstein


More goodies from guitar shopping this week…

1) Fender Limited Edition “Sandblasted” Tele

2) FSR Paisley Deluxe Reverb

3) Trini Lopez reissue 335.  I love the diamond f-holes!

4) Pair o’ pretty ‘Pauls

5) Flying V Standard.  I would do awful, awful things to have this guitar…  ;)

6) G6122 Country Gentleman

7) Gibson USA gold ES-335, along with that V from my dreams and a lovely ES-390.


New video!

In which we explore a few of Minnesota’s many fantastic art offerings. Let’s take a trip through the Twin Cities!

Featuring the Minneapolis Institute of Art, Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Soo Visual Art Center, Soap Factory, Law Warschaw Gallery at Macalester College, Burnet Gallery at Le Meridien Hotel, and Walker Art Center.

E.G.G.M.A.N. Doc. Robeatnix Mix
  • E.G.G.M.A.N. Doc. Robeatnix Mix
  • REMIX Factory and Paul Shortino
  • Shadow The Hedgehog

TITLE: E.G.G.M.A.N. Doc Robeatnix Mix

ARITST: Remix Factory & Paul Shortino

You can’t celebrate Sonic without celebrating his long term rival. Here’s on officially licensed remix from the people at Sega that has been absent from this blog for too long.

This is an electronic rock remix of the vocal Eggman theme song song from Sonic Adventure 2, featured in the game Shadow the Hedgehog. Interestingly enough, this is when Bentley Jones was working with the Remix Factory under the handle “Lee Brotherton”. While I definitely love how this remix gives the song an even more powerful industrial feel that it deserves, I could do without the part that says “Eggman” in a warbled and indistinguishable way. I’m surprised Bentley didn’t try to sing in this remix, might have made it better…

Please support the original release.
Buy a copy of the “Lost and Found: Shadow the Hedgehog Vocal Trax” album.

-Samurai Echidna

Closing statements:

Kasich: Made an excellent case for why he should remain Governor of Ohio.

Christie: Something about the Breyer’s ice cream factory.

Paul: He’s a different kind of Republican, whatever that means.

Rubio: “New American Century” *shudders*

Cruz: He’s gonna have a busy first day making symbolic gestures.

Carson: He made a great case for why he should have never wasted his talents in the political arena.

Huckabee: Made a good case why Hilary Clinton shouldn’t be president.

Walker: Made a good case for why he should be Governor of Wisconsin.

Bush: Said some boring stuff about how he’s gonna rise above politics.

Trump: He’s gonna make America #1 in our softball league!