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Fairytale Of New York
  • Fairytale Of New York
  • Paul F. Tompkins (feat. Aimee Mann)
  • 2009 Paul F. Tompkins Show Christmas Special


From The Paul F. Tompkins Show, live at Largo at The Coronet, December 19, 2009

“Fairytale of New York,” featuring Aimee Mann

This is a super-sloppy cover of one of my favorite songs. Towards the end, “That was a disaster” refers to our attempt to waltz.

Melodica: Eban Schletter

Piano: Jebin Bruni

Guitar: Todd Spahr

Bass: Brandon McCulloch

Drums: Mark Rivers

“Fairytale of New York” written by Jem Finer & Shane MacGowan

Frank Doyle: I am Frank, God over my wife.

Sadie Doyle: Under.

Frank Doyle: Quite. And this is Sadie, Lord of all she surveys.

Sadie Doyle: We’re on safari. And Frank said I could shoot whatever I wish. A veiled threat. Thinly.

 —“White Hunter, Drunk Heart” (Beyond Belief, The Thrilling Adventure Hour #42)


Here you go. A sketch from the new series, With Bob and David, coming to Netflix on November 13th.

I like pizza!

anonymous asked:

Would you still watch a Howard the Duck TV show if he was voiced by Paul F. Tompkins and it existed in the same super serious universe as Jessica Jones and Luke Cage?

…Considering that the character’s always kinda existed in terms of contrast (Hence his old tagline “Trapped in a world he never made”) yeah, I think they could still keep him in that suite while keeping the classic tone.

Tho, BTW, if I were doing a Marvel series, I’d go the opposite direction and do a kid-friendly Red Ronin show. If ya don’t know, he was a giant robot Marvel created to fight Godzilla when they had the license to publish him, and they still own the rights to RR even though they don’t own him.

I’d do it as a monster-of-the-week series where he fights various monsters from Marvel’s history, done in glorious toku-y suitmation and with the ultimate villain being a not-tangled-up-with-Fox stand-in for Sublime from the X-Men comics, (with the original villain being Mojo, since believe it or not the MCU can actually use him, and he’d make a perfect monster-of-the-week creator and patsy for not-Sublime)

I know this will probably never happen, but SHUT UP I CAN DREAM!

Sadie Doyle: Ohhh, a situation such as this magnifies all of the negative feelings we’ve ever had about each other to a murderous degree.

Frank Doyle: Oh, certainly. Every slight or disappointment becomes a churning tidal wave of anger and violence.

Sadie Doyle: We shall get back to you if we ever encounter one or the other.

—"Dead & Breakfast" (Beyond Belief, Thrilling Adventure Hour #30)

  • Skyfall
  • Paul F. Tompkins
  • Paul F. Tompkins & Friends Real and Fake


From Paul F. Tompkins and Friends Real & Fake, live at Largo at The Coronet, December 16, 2012

Since performing it at Christmastime two years ago, this has become a Christmas song to me forever.

Arrangement: Eban Schletter

Piano: Eban Schletter 

Bass: Brandon McCulloch 

Drums: Scott Rodgers 

Guitar: Todd Spahr

Keyboards: Peter Adams 

Trumpet: Jamie Adams 

Trumpet: Jordan Katz 

Tenor sax: James Eason 

Baritone sax: David Ralicke

Trombone: Gabriel Feenberg

“Skyfall” written by Adele and Paul Epworth

Original arrangement: Paul Epworth & J.A.C. Redford

Album art by Sara Pocock

See video here.


I stopped by my friend Paul F. Tompkins show “No You Shut Up” to tell some funny anecdotes and mess around but immediately got judged and faced elimination. Watch the full interview by clicking above. It’ll start right at the top of my interview.


This was A LOT of fun.