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Paul D. Andrews | on Tumblr - Dichroic visions & aberrations

Paul D. Andrews is a Dundee, Scotland based photographer and uses film and analogue cameras (35mm and 120 medium format and polaroid) in addition to an iPhone 4S and digital SLR. Photography become part of his life as a teenager working in film with his Zenit E. taking pictures of anthing and everything. He enjoys being outside and close to nature, and being based on the east coast of Scotland gives him opportunities to explore the hightlands, the lowlands and the beautiful beaches and coastline. However, the beauty of humanity in its urban environment is eqully fascinating to him and he enjoy the buzz of this photographic genre. Please visit artist’s Flickr or follow his Tumblr for more work.

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The Winners and Losers of Comic Con 2015

Before Comic-Con, it’s safe to say not many people were talking about the umpteenth reimagining of Mary Shelley’s enduring story of a mad scientist’s drive to reanimate the flesh of the dead. But after director Paul McGuigan (Sherlock, Push) said that the movie was really a love story between Dr. Frankenstein (McAvoy) and his assistant Igor (Radcliffe), that was all the actors needed to launch one of the most warmly homoerotic panels in memory, capping off with McAvoy and Radcliffe unforgettably recreating a scene from the movie that, well, just see for yourself… -X