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Why are the files around the US invasion of Cuba still held as secrets? Because GHWBush was the CO of the invasion & that was the main motive for the Bush-CIA to assassinate JFK.

The Bay of Pigs was the worst blow the CIA ever suffered in history. The CIA lost 666 of its best killers.

Because President Kennedy stopped the invasion of Cuba,
the military industrial complex decided to “fire” JFK.

This was the first victory against US war machine.
Che was very proud of the way JFK helped Cuba defeat
the US war machine.

When the Bush CIA began secret trainning at Lake Pontchartrain.
LA, RFK & JFK arrested 22 CIA agents, seized all the weapons and closed the camp.
This is how DA Jim Garrison figured out that Bush killed JFK.

Che & JFK shared this common victory together.
Felix Rodriguez, Miami, was part of the Alpha 66 team from Miami in Dallas that helped kill JFK.

Felix Rodriguez personally killed Che.

Felix still wears the wrist watch of Che.

Oliver Stone was very brave to do the movie JFK.

The Cuban 5 accidently uncovered that Geo HW Bush was the commanding officer of the Bay of Pigs.

That is why the Cuban 5 were sent to prison for life.

Live like JFK. Battle Wall Street. Occupy. Live like Che.

I’ll tell it like it happened, it was Darius and Noland and me, 
Just a few po’ boys trying to get up out of Missouri. 
Took 55 to Louisiana, stopped down by the highway to eat. 
They both had crawfish. Strictly chicken for me. 
Back out under thunderheads, the radio was Southern soul. 
They interrupted Clarence Carter with a strange-ass local show. 
They were sayin’…

“Come down to Lake Pontchartrain. 
Rest your soul and feed your brain. 
That’s where you will get to see 
Everything the water can be.”

The rain was comin’ down, the wind was howlin’ outside of Slidell. 
It was the kind of night that makes you think the whole world’s goin’ to hell. 
We got off on an exit ‘cause we couldn’t read the map so great. 
Near the Choctaw Motel, we parked to deliberate, 
When out of the bayou came a man like the lake had a tongue. 
He was right up on the glass, all yellow-eyed, black teeth, bangin’ on the windshield, 
Screamin’ like a demon at the top of his lungs,

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This playlist if from my Youtube Channel titled: Reflections on Change May 2009.  On April 11th, 2009, I was kicked out of the Democratic Party, by the new Obama people when they took over the DNC.  There were debates inside the Whitehouse about what to do with this guy who organized the grassroots?  Good question.  What does the Whitehouse do now with the Occupy Movement, the grassroots organized our own selves?  I knew Obama was a fraud and a sell out on November 5th, 2008.  We were had by one more slick willy, one more tricky dicky, one more charlatan, but none of us realized then that Obama intended to govern from a position to the right of Richard Nixon.  Obama is no legacy to the Kennedy’s, nor is he a change agent.  Obama works for JP Morgan Chase and Goldman Sachs, as well the controlling oligarchs in the Bilderberg Group.  Within a few years after Mitch Stewart and David Plouffe deleted my account and all record that I had really delivered to elect Obama, one half of the videos on this playlist were deleted from Youtube.  I replaced the Bobby Kennedy speeches with far better statements.  When I state that I oppose Organized Crime, I am serious like a heart attack.  When I state that I want to serve to deliver for everyone, I mean that as well.  I do not listen to others further who tell me my life is marginal and I do not matter.  Everyone matters.  You matter.  These words and this music is from my heart to you.  Let go of the second rate cheep imitations, and embrace and hold on to the 24 carat gold real deal.

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Alan Grayson highlights the inequity of wealth in this country. He calls out Republican Party, calling them the tool of corporate America.


OWS is not part of any two party system, nor is OWS any “ism”.  Here is one spokesperson from OWSNY.  Occupy Wall Street is one month old. The protests displayed their enormity this past weekend when Occupy movements went worldwide and also stopped up Times Square. Katie Davison, a member of the Occupy Wall Street Media Center, gives us her thoughts if Obama matters to the movement or its demonstrators.